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Mike Regenstreif: The Brothers Nazaroff / The Happy Prince

Here's a new one from Mike Regenstreif

photo of 'cd cover'

The Happy Prince is my favourite album of Jewish music for 2015

Nov 28, 2015 by Mike Regenstreif

About six decades after the release of Jewish Freilach Songs, some of today's most accomplished klezmer musicians - including Michael Alpert, Daniel Kahn, Bob Cohen (not to be confused with Bob Cohen, the Canadian guitarist), Psoy Korolenko, Jake Shulman-Ment and Hampus Melin—gathered as The Brothers Nazaroff to record The Happy Prince, a joyous tribute album to Nazaroff. [review continues on Mike's blog]

Get your copy/download of the CD from Smithsonian Folkways, or wherever fine music is purveyed.

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