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Koukias brings opera "Before the Flame Goes Out" to Hobart

This came from a post by a friend on The WELL. Sounds fascinating:

Koukias brings opera "Before the Flame Goes Out" to Hobart, by Matthew Westwood, The Australian, January 14, 2017

"… [H]is new multimedia concert piece, Before the Flame Goes Out, will be performed at Hobart Town Hall this month and Koukias is thrilled that it will have its premiere in his home town. [Th]e piece is about a region of northwestern Greece that was the land of his forebears: a place of hard light and mountainous beauty, of religious and cultural diversity, and with a terrible episode in its history. Ioannina was home to the Romaniote community of Hellenic Jews: people with their own religious customs and a distinctive Greek-Hebrew dialect. They are said to have lived and worshipped in Ioannina since the 9th century, possibly earlier, and endured under a long sequence of Byzantine, Norman and Ottoman rulers, and then the Greek kingdom.…