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January 31, 2003

More on "Oriental" Israeli music

From: "Eva Broman" on the Jewish-Music mailing list:

Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 +0100

For anyone interested in the development of "Eastern style" (Musica Mizrahit) music in Israel, here's an interesting piece from The Jerusalem Post, by Helen Kaye who has written several articles on the subject:


January 5, 2003

Jewish Music is Alive and Well in Toronto!

It is time to take the wraps off of one of the best-kept secrets in Toronto's Jewish community. Jewish music is Alive and Well in Toronto, Canada. Beginning on Sunday January 12th, 2003, Israel's Judaica, at 897 Eglinton Avenue West, will host, together with Mel Korn and Syncopated Services, a series of intimate presentations of the beautiful and diverse music flourishing in our midst.

"Klezmerwelten" Fest in Germany, Jan - Jun 2003

Jewish Klezmer music comes to life in the town of Gelsenkirchen between February and June 2003. The project named "Klezmerwelten" highlights not only Klezmer music itself, but also provides a broader view over the function of music in society. The department of culture of the town of Gelsenkirchen and various supporters of the project offer a programme that includes an exhibition, concerts, a ballet performance and dance-workshop, further training course, film showings, a symposium and lectures. The department of culture has worked in close cooperation with scholars from the fields of music and history to design this project.

KlezCalifornia: Yiddish Folk Arts Camp

KlezCalifornia: Yiddish Folk Arts Camp. To be held June 22-26, 2003 at the Jewish Community High School in San Francisco. Welcome to a celebration of klezmer music, dance, Yiddish, Jewish culture, and visual arts in an atmosphere of joyh and welcoming: four class periods, a full children's program and evening programs including concerts by renowned musicians. Teachers will include: Stu Brotman, Michael Alpert, Michael Wex, Joshua Horowitz and many others.