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January 31, 2004

KlezKamp 2004 announced

Dear KlezKampers and friends of Living Traditions, We are thrilled to announce the dates for the 20th annual KlezKamp: December 26 – December 31, 2004 at the Swan Lake Resort Hotel in the Catskills. Please click on the following link for more information and a report about KlezKamp 19: www.livingtraditions.org/docs/index_kk.htm In addition, you will find a links to KK 19 Lost and Found and to newspaper articles about KlezKamp 19. Please contact our office (212) 532-8202 if any of the items belong to you. Any items not claimed by the end of February will be donated to charity.

Online Study Guide for Klezmer Music

Oh, right - you thought that would be the KlezmerShack. Well, I like to think that it is, but someone at the Chicago Public Library has created this great list of sites for learning about Klezmer Music: www.chipublib.org/008subject/001artmusic/jewish/jewishlinks.html. I found out about it when I was checking out the new website by a Virginia band called the "Vulgar Bulgars". If you check out their website, be sure to go to the "links" page and try the link to the Moon Song. Not klezmer, but damn ... well, damn something.

Oi Va Voi big hit in Israel

album coverHere's something new: A "Diaspora" Jewish band making a big pop spash in Israel: The Haaretz review of Oi Va Voi's new "Laughter Through Tears", an interesting Jewish-tinged dance album that made several of last year's 10-best list here and in the UK notes: "... Israeli radio has not been too taken aback by the album's decidedly Jewish overtones. To judge by the number of times 'Refugee' and another track, 'Yesterday's Mistakes,' have been played already on 88 FM (Israeli and world music) and Army Radio's Galgalatz traffic-music station, it seems Israelis are also finding Oi Va Voi's stuffed kreplach quite tasty." Read more via the English-language version of Haaretz, The Jewish Cry of Joy, by Sagi Ben-Nun.

Israeli fusion band to tour US, Canada, in summer 2004

band photo

Based in Tzfat, Israel, Ben-Canar & Shvil Hehalav advertise themselves as playing "Progressive Hassidic Funk, Desert Jazz, full of humor, spirituality, virtuose improvisation and crazy rhythms. A renaissance of a"new" old tradition. Quality-proved. Made in Israel."

The band has two CDs out (see OrangeWorld Records) and has performed at many jazz and ethno festivals including:The Red Sea Jazz Festival, Klezmerim in Safed, Bereshith, Shantipi, Festival Israel, Bumbamela, Jaffo Nights, Shoni Jazz Festival. They are hoping to tour the United States and Canada, in an Israeli-government-sponsored tour in the summer of 2004. They are open to inquiries regarding performances at: cosmicevent80@hotmail.com

January 27, 2004

More reviews from Richard Sharma

Richard Sharma writes to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

There's another bunch of new album reviews up on Rainlore's World of Music

Wolf Krakowski / Transmigrations

Wolf Krakowski / Goyrl

Yaffa Yarkoni / Rumania, Rumania

Pete Rushefsky and Elie Rosenblatt / Tsimbl un Fidl

CeiliZemer / Shalom Ireland

January 20, 2004

Klezmer Workshops begin, NYC, Jan 27

The Workmen's Circle Announces New Series of Klezmer Workshop Sessions with
Jeff Warschauer

Special 4 week series of sessions begins Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 7:00 PM,
and continues through February 17, 2004.

Study with an internationally recognized master instructor
Learn tunes from the diverse klezmer tradition
Work in ensembles with other instrumentalists
Develop tools for improvisation
Guest instructors from the cutting edge of the contemporary klezmer scene

Open to players of any instrument who play and read music at at least an
intermediate level

Course Fee:
Member: Per session $25
Non-member: Per session $30

Please note that the next free open house will take place on February 24,
2004 at 7:00. More information about the open house to follow!

For information or registration call: 212 889 6800 x270

January 18, 2004

Adrienne Cooper in Ghetto Tango, NYC, Jan 18

Adrienne CooperAdrienne Cooper is possibly my favorite singer. Certainly, my favorite Yiddish singer. She is also an incredible performer - the singing is just an excuse. To see this show, therefore, in a small setting like Satalla, is a real metzia - a find.

Sunday, January 18, 2004
Adrienne Cooper, Dan Rosengard & Frank London
Ghetto Tango
8 pm
Admission $15
:::::: S A T A L L A ::::::
37 West 26th St. NYC
:::: 212.576.1155 :::::
Satalla.com :::: home

If you've already seen the show, you'll probably be there to hear it again. Most reviewers put the album containing much of the music for the show in their annual Top Ten lists - the KlezmerShack, did as well. But however good the recording is, it doesn't begin to describe how good this show is. Cooper is one of the great vocal interpreters of Yiddish music appears with Dan Rosengard, pianist/arranger, late of Saturday Night Live; & Frank London, famed trumpetter/Klezmatics/ All-Star Brass Band. Together, they bring to life the extraordinary cabaret music of war-time Eastern Europe. In the Nazi-mandated ghettos during World War II, audiences gathered in makeshift clubs and theaters to hear newly-created songs, rooted in Jewish folk song, European cabaret, American jazz and Argentine tango. Jewish performers tuned these cosmopolitan songs in a local key: satirical and elegiac, political and personal, angry and heartsick, creating something scarcely conceivable: art at the edge of the abyss. Don't miss it.

January 14, 2004

Shalom Ireland film in NY

To those of you in the New York City area interested in the Jews of Ireland:

The film "Shalom Ireland", to which we (Ceilizemer) did the musical soundtrack (available from www.cdbaby.com), will be playing at this year's New York Jewish Film Festival. The screening schedule is as follows.

New York Jewish Film Festival screenings of "Shalom Ireland":
Jan. 28, 2004 6:00pm
Jan. 29, 2004 1:00pm and 6:00pm
The Lincoln Center�s Walter Reade Theatre

Jan. 31, 2004, 5:00pm
Feb. 1, 2004, 3:00 pm (this screening will be followed by a discussion with
Rabbi David Rosen)
Feb. 2, 2004, 5:00 pm
Feb. 4, 2004, 5:00 pm
The Jacob Burns Theatre, Pleasantville, NY

A lovely bit of a film, 'tis...

-Andy Rubin
Ceilizemer and The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band

KlezKanada scholarships available

Hi all,

Klezkanada is now accepting applications for youth scholarships for this coming year. Please visit their website (www.klezkanada.com) for more information.

Avi Rosenblatt

Cleveland paper reports on Steven Greenman's latest project

Lori Simon spots this one for the Jewish-Music list

There is a lovely article about Steven Greenman and his current project in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer: Cleveland brings out the best in a fiddler, by Tom Feran

Yiddish article on 'KlezKamp" 2003

Roger Reid sent this to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

In this weeks "In Der Velt Fun Yidish" column by Freynd Itzik Gottesman (January 9 2003) is a good spread with 3 photos from KlezKamp 2003.

There's even a picture of me (you need to know it was me because my head's about 1/8 inch in the picture) tsmibling along with Joshua Horowitz and Dan Wikler; under the caption "un di tsimbldike tsimblert". I'm the seated on at the rear; Josh is seated in foreground.

If your newstand doesn't carry it, and you don't subscribe, the article is also online with a picture of Christan David and kinderlach.

January 8, 2004

Krakauer "Live in Krakow"

album coverDavid Krakauer has released a live album, recorded last summer in his family's ancentral town, Krakow. The album, on France's notable jazz label, "Label Bleu", is due to be released in the US by Harmonia Mundi USA on January 13th.

Krakauer's "Klezmer Madness" ensemble will be making its Carnegie Hall debut on February 25th with guest artist jazz composer/pianist Uri Caine.

Rogovoy on Asia in Forverts

Seth Rogovoy notes to the Jewish-Music list his article on Daniel Asia. I had never heard of Asia before, but my knowledge of modern Jewish classical doesn't go much past Copland (love that klezmer "Carpathian Spring" piece!) or Bernstein or a touch of Messaien and Wyner, father and son:

This week's Forward includes an article by me about contemporary composer Daniel Asia, one of the premiere Jewish classical composers of our era. In honor of his 50th birthday, there will be a retrospective concert of his works at Merkin Hall in NYC on January 17th.

You can read the article here: Restoring Spirituality To Music ... And Life, English-language Forward, Jan 9, 2004, by Seth Rogovoy

January 6, 2004

Rainlore adds even more - updated UK calendar coming

Richard Sharma posted the following to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

There's a whole bunch of new album reviews up on Rainlore's World of Music ( www.rainlore.demon.co.uk ), plus a profile of fab Aussie band Monsieur Camembert who recently won another ARIA Award for their current album, Absynthe (reviewed earlier), plus other bits of news etc. - see


Reviews are of two more albums by superb Dutch Yiddish song duo Mariejan van Oort and Jacques Verheijen, "Brikele - A Concert of Yiddish Songs" plus their latest hot-off-the-presses "Mayn Fayfele - Songs of Gebirtig", a fab tribute to and musical portrait of Mordekhay Gebirtig. For something completely different, there's The Amazing Assaf's "Explicit Lifestyles" and "Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't". Assaf's truly amazing and will here be more familiar as the percussionist of Daphna Sadeh's new all-star Voyagers line-up. Also familiar from the same line-up will be multi-woodwind phenomenon Stewart Curtis, whose albums with Stewart Curtis' K-Groove, "Smoked Salmon Salsa", and with the Stewart Curtis Trio, "Saracubana - The Stewart Curtis Trio Plays B.B. Cooper" are reviewed.

Links to all these reviews at: www.rainlore.demon.co.uk/JewishMusic

A "silent" update to the Jewish Music UK Calendar ( www.rainlore.demon.co.uk/JewishMusic/JMUKCalendar.html ) is due to follow in the next few days - so if you have any forthcoming UK dates of any kind of Jewish musical events, please contact me off-list ASAP with as much detail as poss.

January 5, 2004

jmwc announcements - new weblog on the block

JMWC logoThere is finally another weblog devoted to Jewish music. Over the secular new year, my wife, Judy Pinnolis launched the Jewish Music WebCenter Announcements Weblog at www.jmwc.org/announcements/. Looks good, if I may say so, myself!