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August 31, 2005

First round, KlezKanada photos

klezkanada logoBob Blacksberg, who supplied the best pictures for the KlezKanada newsletter, but has been known for years for documenting KlezKanada in general, writes:

The first round of my KlezKanada pictures can be found at:


There will be hundreds more, plus video, as I get the chance to work on it. I will try to post full resolution versions of the group pictures in the next day or two, and perhaps select different ones than those that appear here.

I can barely find the words to express the learning, joy, khevre, affection of this week. I hope the pictures help to capture it.

If you would like to send a caption or description for any of these pictures, or others that I post, please write. I will add them to the web pages to enrich the experience for all.

A sheynem dank!!!!
Bob Blacksberg

August 30, 2005

Montreal Gazette on KlezKanada 2005

[article seems to have disappeared!

klezkanada logoKeith Wolzinger pointed this out to me: "Fresh country air for old-world klezmer", by Irwin Block, in this past Sunday's Montreal Gazette.

August 19, 2005

LA Landmark - Hatikvah Music - threatened by gentrification

This article from the LA Times says it all: Fairfax Area Losing Its Kosher Flavor, by Bob Pool.

Simon, the store owner (and a mainstay of the Jewish-Music mailing list) says that he will probably end up selling CDs on the Internet only, but what happens then? What happens when the place where people can be told about and listen to the world's largest selection of Jewish music disappears? Hatikvah is the place everyone visits in Los Angeles to find out what is happening in Jewish music (or just to pick up old favorites as gifts). If you can help, send E-mail email to Simon.

This is the message that Simon sent to the Jewish-Music mailing list.

Hatikvah Music -- and other Judaica stores on Fairfax Ave-- are being pushed out of business, and we need your help!

Unfortunately we made the front page of today's Los Angeles Times due to such a sad event. Our purpose for this message is to be able to keep our doors open through the Hanukah Season.

Please read this article on the LA Times web site (see above) THEN read our message below.

Thank You
Hatikvah Music
(323) 655-7083

Dear Friends,

For the last 2 months, we have been in a kind of limbo. We are being forced out of business. This shop has been on Fairfax Ave. since 1948, and in its current location since 1954. I first started working here while still in school, in 1964 , and took over ownership in 1989.

The property was sold 2 months ago to an inverstor named Harkham (named in the article) and his partners. He and his various partners have been buying up the properties on the 400 North block of Fairfax Ave, predominately Judaic shops, and raising rents to the point that none can pay the rents. This is an effort to get rid of the Jewish businesses and bring in 'young sophisticated shoppers'. The irony is that this person is a major contributor the Hillel Academy in Beverly Hills --they now call it Harkham Hillel Academy......

Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
9120 West Olympic Blvd.
310) 276 - 6235
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

.....and gives huge $ to Israel, yet is destroying the Jewish Cultural life of Fairfax, the only Jewish commmercial area the caters to ALL the Jewish communities, orthodox, conservative, reform, and secular.

The above web address is to an article in todays Los Angeles times about the situation. Thought I was interviewed as well as my neighbors, the situation is much graver than what is told and the reporter really made it a "softer" article than what who was told and therefore reported.

I am asking your support---if you believe in maintaing The Fairfax district, Please write a letter or e-mail the Los Angeles Times and voice your opinion.

Even though we will be closing the (retail) store, we must support the other Judaic stores on theis block.

Los Angeles Times E-mail address:
E-mal: letters@latimes.com
fax: 213) 237 - 7679

LA Times address:
Letters To the Editor,
Los Angeles Times
202 W. 1st St
Los Angeles Ca 90012

Thank you
Hatikvah Music
(323) 655-7083

August 10, 2005

Taking a vacation due to overwork

Several of you have noticed that I haven't had time to do review, update the calendar, or otherwise keep this site up to date recently. It's true. I have been overwhelmed with other commitments, and the deal is that this has to come after work and family. Please bear with me. I hope to see many of you at KlezKanada, and hope to start returning to normal in the Fall.

Note that this especially means that the extra notes asking why I am ignoring you only are especially unhelpful. Sorry. I need an acknowledgement system, but for now, it's just me, and when I have no time, I really, really, have no time, and if I don't have time to do the work, I even more don't have time to tell you about how I don't have time to do the work.