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July 20, 2009

Cooper and Lerner cap another great "Paper Bridge"

In a little of a week I will have finished the last course for a new college degree and may have time to think again. Despite the handicap of classes, Judy and I dashed out to Amherst last Thursday to catch Marilyn Lerner and Adrienne Cooper perform "Every Mother's Son", a wonderful multi-media piece featuring songs in Yiddish, Spanish, Hebrew, English, etc., about the human impact of war. The multi-media side is still not quite there, but the music was excellent—much improved over the first presentation I saw at Ashkenaz a while back. This is a show worth booking, especially in these times. I could listen to Lerner or Cooper any day of the week. Hearing them both working with each other is very special. And, as long as I am talking about rising young stars of Jewish music, I also want to call out the excellent guitar of Avi Fox-Rosen, and reeds of Mike Cohen.

We were out of town and missed most of the festival, but congrats to Nora Gerard for arranging another wonderful festival. Congrats also to the National Yiddish Book Center—this festival innaugurated their new hall which Hankus confirms is excellent for dancing, and whose classrooms are a delight to teach in. This is how Yiddish culture, however diluted by the Holocaust and assimilation, grows and thrives.

KlezKanada, Aug 24-30, full brochure now available

KlezKanada logo

KlezKanada 2009 Full Brochure Now Available for Download!

We have an unbelievably exciting, diverse program planned. Read the brochure, share it with your friends and family, and then come to KlezKanada 2009! See you there!

Here's the thing. If you look at the young people doing exciting Jewish music, a huge number, from Michael Winograd, Sarah Gordon, Dan Blacksberg, Kinneret Sagee, Joey Weisenberg, Lorie Wolf, Rachel Lemisch, Josh Dolgin, and Eric Stein are KlezKanada alumni. How does one week at a Bnai Brith summer camp have so much influence? I think it is the balance between incredible traditional programming, lots of people happy to push boundaries and try new things, and the physical space to explore. Or, it could just be that the nicest people show up and what else could happen exciting music and culture? I'll be there, documenting it as best I can in the daily, multilingual newsletter. See you there!