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August 25, 2009

new blog for KlezKanada 2009

We have internet access working pretty reliably, so we have re-established the KlezKanada blog. Nothing fancy, but we'll get up the contents of the newsletter, some workshop materials, and whatever else comes our way, online.

Check out the KlezKanada 2009 blog

August 18, 2009

Memorial: The Night of the Murdered Poets

Listen to Itzik Gottesman narrate, in Yiddish, a memorial held on August 12 in NYC to commemorate the night of the murdered poets. Music by Hy Wolfe, among others.

August 17, 2009

new video - Hip Hop Hoodíos’ “Times Square (1989)”

Raising the eternal question, is real seediness preferable to Disney veneer? I'm with them—give me seedy instead of Disney. Might feel differently if I lived in the area—until gentrification made the issue moot ;-).

August 4, 2009

Afro-Semitic Experience, tonight in Watertown, MA

From David Chevan—I've seen the band live and intend to be there if I can:

band photoThe Afro-Semitic Experience will be in Watertown this Tuesday evening for one of our all-too-rare Boston area concerts. We are going to be in Watertown at the Arsenal Center for the Arts to give a concert at 7:30 that evening. Here is some info about the Arsenal Center: Arsenal Center for the Arts, 321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, Massachusetts for more information please call 617-923-0100 or visit www.arsenalarts.org

We are going into the recording studio on Thursday and Friday of this week so we will be trying out some of those pieces at this concert. I hope that you can make it. We'd love to have a good turnout at this event.

August 3, 2009

Bronya Sakina - live in 1986

As long as I'm stealing a few minutes at lunch, let me get up this video posted by the amazing Mark Rubin, last seen live by me just a week and a half ago, with Frank London and the Klezmer Brass AllStars at the Lowell Folk Festival. Man, two years ago it was Stephen Greenman. This year, Frank London. That festival is doing well at scoring Jewish performers worth seeing. So, where was I … Itzik Gottesman sent Mark this VHS tape about 15 years ago. It's from a conference in 1986. It's just a fragment, but a long enough fragment that you get a sense of why Michael Alpert and so many others credit her with being a primary influence on learning Yiddish song. It matters a lot, now that she's gone, to have something online that helps memorialize her and helps convey at least this couple of songs.

SoCalled - You are never alone (live)

I spotted this on Teruah blog. Josh is in fine form performing one of his most original songs—one for which I happen to own an actual LP single.