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February 3, 2010

"Beyond the Pale" podcast

Beyond the PalePostcards, by Beyond the PalePerhaps pre-celebrating the California tour of Beyond the Pale this week, Keith Wolzinger announces Klezmer Podcast 60, featuring Eric Stein and Beyond The Pale. It is available on the website, iTunes, and Blubrry

Two US Jewish Music Fests Imminent--Klezmerquerque, KlezCalifornia

If you are anywhere in the Southwest, you must make your way to Albuequerque weekend after next to join Jeff Warschauer and Deborah Strauss and a stellar class of local and imported teachers and musicians at the 12th Annual "KlezmerQuerque" (my all-time favorite festival name). Find out more at the Cong. Nahalat Shalom website: nahalatshalom.org.

Klezcalifornia logoOn the other hand, if you are California Dreamin', what could be better than checking out the new Veretski Pass "The Klezmer Shul" on Feb 14 as part of the grand KlezCalifornia extravaganza which runs from Feb 12-15. Questions? 415.789.7679. www.klezcalifornia.org

February 1, 2010

The Sway Machinery and Super 11 in Timbucktu

The Sway Machinery traveled to Mali in January to play at the Festival of the Desert. It was quite an exciting moment for the band. You can check out some of what transpired in this video of The Sway Machinery and Super 11: