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June 7, 2011

Atomic Duo tribue to the late Gil Scott-Heron

I cannot thank Mark Rubin enough for passing on this bluegrass version of Gil Scott-Heron (z"l)'s "Whiteys on the Moon."

I suppose for KlezmerShack purposes I should have asked for the cantorial or klezmer version, though ;-)

June 6, 2011

Jewgrass in Durham, NC

My old friend, Riki Friedman and her band, Freylach Time! show off some of the "Jewgrass" they've been playing the last couple of years. Riki writes: "We are playing a fusion of the 2 styles we like to call "Jewgrass". There were a lot of problems with the sound system, so it's hard to hear the violin and accordian, but this still gives a good idea of what we have been doing. (Other than the corsets, which were special for this event.)"