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June 18, 2015

Musician Jane Peppler Wins 1st Place at "Yiddish Idol"

Dobe Ressler spotted this in the Forverts and passed it along. Congrats, Jane!:

Musician Jane Peppler Wins 1st Place at "Yiddish Idol"

דעם פֿאַרגאַנגענעם זונטיק האָט דזשיין פּעפּלער, אַ מוזיקערין פֿון צפֿון־קאַראָלײַנע, געוווּנען דעם ערשטן פּריז אינעם יערלעכן מעקסיקאַנער פֿאַרמעסט פֿון אַליין־געשאַפֿענע ייִדישע לידער, „דער ייִדישער אײַדאָל‟, פֿאַר איר ליד, „איך קען שוין ניט מיטהאַלטן‟. בעקי קאָכאָקאַרו, פֿון מעקסיקע, האָט געוווּנען דעם צווייטן פּריז.

June 3, 2015

Coolidge Corner Cafe Crawl rescheduled: tomorrow night, Jun 4, 2015, Brookline, MA

festival logoCoolidge Corner Cafe Crawl
Rescheduled from last spring!

June 4, 2015, 8-10pm

Ehud Ettun & Haruka Yabuno at Panera Bread
299 Harvard Street

Two of Boston's outstanding jazz artists, Israeli-born bassist
Ehud Ettun & pianist
Haruko Yabuno bring their prodigious talent together for an unforgettable evening.
Here's a taste:

Thalia Zedek at 16 Handles
1309 Beacon Street

Boston indie legend
Thalia Zedek brings her soulful, poignant sound and guitar to this gig--to be joined by a cellist! Don't miss something different at a yogurt/smoothie joint.

The Rosenthals at Blue Hills Bank
1337 Beacon Street

Bluegrass meets jazz. Dan and Phil Rosenthal bring unique their mix to our sponsor's location, Blue Hills Bank. When's the last time you heard a banjo and a trumpet together? Or heard really great music at a bank, for that matter.

Di Bostoner Klezmer at Kolbo
437 Harvard Street

Well-known Boston musicians Dena Ressler and Corey Pesaturo bring their lively and wonderful music to one of Boston's favorite Judaica stores. A shidduch made in heaven.

Part of the Boston Jewish Music Festival—who can always use your contributions, your help as volunteers, and heck, don't forget to attend this coming spring!

Ger Mandolin Orchestra, NYC, June 18, 2015

You begin to sense when an event really matters when you realize how many people have forwarded notices to you about it. I've gotten a slew about this one. What I don't understand is why this is being promoted as a klezmer concert—I mean, I assume there will be lots of klezmer, but if I had an assembly of world mandolin masters this good playing anything from kid's songs to the Sun Ra songbook, I'd probably reach out to the broadest possible audience, from bluegrass to acoustic music fans, on out. If you live anywhere that can reach this concert, you will kick yourself if you don't attend:

The Ger Mandolin Orchestra will make its NYC debut on June 18, at Skirball Center NYU, as part of KulturfestNYC. This is a really unique ensemble representing a little-known but quintessential Jewish musical tradition. Sheesh, this was popular entertainment even in this country with dozens of Workmen's Circle-sponsored mandolin orchestras a century ago. Ger Mandolin Orchestra features an amazing all-star cast of musicians from North America and Europe whose specialties include klezmer, Yiddish, bluegrass, jazz, classical, Brazilian music and much more. It is very rare for this group to come together and we're looking forward to sharing this amazing story and our unique music with NY audiences. Best way to get a taste of what they're about is to check this mini-doc about their Toronto show two years ago, or this short AFP news piece from the band's trip to Poland in 2011. Like them on Facebook to keep up with latest news.

Jewish rapper Y-Love defies stereotypes

Via Clare Kinberg on Facebook. The KlezmerShack reviewed Y-Loves first album, This is Babylon, in 2008:

Jewish rapper Y-Love defines stereotypes: Baltimore native says that just "blending in" was never an option, Elaine Durbach, NJJN, May 27, 2015

Blending in "was never an option," Yitz Jordan says. From the start, beginning his journey to Judaism as a brown-skinned seven-year-old, then becoming a hasidic hip-hop performer, and finally coming out as gay, he was unlike anyone around him.

Better known as Y-Love, the 37-year-old, New York-based performer who describes himself as "trans-Semitic," is sharing what he has learned with young people facing similar challenges. [more]