June 8, 2009

Drupal testing, at last

Long-time readers of this blog will remember that several months ago I won a copy of the rather impressive O'Reilly book, Using Drupal , based on my plans to upgrade the KlezmerShack to Drupal. As I finish my current degree, and try focus attention on my full-time job at the Jewish Women's Archive, there isn't much time to get started.

Nonetheless, I have finally gotten Drupal up and running on my development laptop. This is critical to me, personally, for several reasons: First, I made a commitment to update the KlezmerShack—that's why they gave me the book, and until that happens, I will continue to be reminded of the fine 1990s code on which this current site is built. Not fun. Second, cutbacks at work mean that it's just our web developer and me, so I need to dig into Drupal if I want to speed up things at work. Third, our web developer is attending a workshop in Providence, RI, this week, and I'd love to show up at the Drupal meet-up and be able to talk about having opened the book and gotten started.

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