April 30, 2012

"Klezmer Melody Book" - iPhone app

Daniel Ori writes:

Since the release of our Classical Melody Book, we've had many people ask in regards to Jewish sheet music on the iPhone/iPad, and we're happy to introduce this new app.

The Klezmer Melody Book comes with a free compilation of sheet music for over 100 Jewish Traditional, Religious, Klezmer, Sephardic/Ladino, Chasidic, Yiddish, Cantorial, Simcha Party and Israeli folk melodies/songs (we are constantly expanding our archive). The sheet music is reliable and clear, and provided by the well known Tara Publications ( We have a great melody search feature that allows a quick find for any forgotten Jewish melody you may have by playing the first 6 notes of the melody. You can also import and share sheet music via email or print as well as create personalized set lists for performance.

More about the Klezmer Melody Book app at

Here is the iTunes store link:

The Melody Book—We are a New York based start up software development company, Our goal is to release music related applications that will enhance and support amateur and professional musicians in their creative work.

Shalom ve Toda,
Daniel Ori

Tel: 857-488-0127< br /> E-mail Daniel Ori

May 23, 2010

New CDs available from JMI, UK

Sent in by the folks at JMI:

New Music releases and additions to our website, 2010

CDE coverSongs of the Bible
A wonderful 5 CD box, with songs inspired by the Tanatkh (the Bible), sung by many of the most famous Israeli singers, such as the Army band, Nehama Handle, Avram Fried, Noami Shemer, Parvarim, Arik Enistein, Shoshana Damari, Arikl Lavi and many more. Total of 125 songs! 5 CD box £28.99

CDE coverShir / Ashk'farad—Vilna, Slonika, Afula—Klezmer and Ladino
New release from Shir, a brilliant UK based band, previously released CDs of Israeli songs and Klezmer music. All songs are traditional and arranged by Shir (exept track 8). Tracks: Hakdama; Silver Wedding; En El Café De Amanacer; Chossid Wedding Dances; Bukovina Freylechs; Cuando El Rey Nimrod; Kishiniever Bulgar; HaKlzmer; Di Sapozkelakh; Skocne (Nifty Freilachs); Scheharchoret; Tanz Tanz Yidelekh; Yo M’enamori D’un Aire; Russian Sher; A Nacht in Gan Eydn; Adio Querida. CD £14.50

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January 18, 2009

New 4-CD Haim Effendi set from Jerusalem via Joel Bresler

Eva Broman spotted this wonderful new set:

A Must-Have Recording for Anyone Interested in the Sephardic Musical Heritage

CD coverAn Early 20th-century Sephardi Troubadour: The Historic Recordings of Haim Effendi of Turkey

In 1907, the Odeon recording company in Turkey released the first record by Haim Effendi, one of the very earliest recordings of Judeo-Spanish music. The name of Haim Effendi (1853–1938) was known among devoted aficionados of Sephardic music, but to this day virtually none of his recordings were available to the general public. This re-release of almost 60 of Haim Effendi's songs offers the public a rare opportunity to hear his voice and appreciate the variety of his repertoire.

This new edition includes liturgical and paraliturgical pieces, romances and other songs in Judeo-Spanish from Turkey and the Balkans as they were recorded in the first three decades of the 20th century. In this format, these songs and prayers were probably heard in the private homes, synagogues, social gatherings and cafés of Sephardic Jews in the late Ottoman Empire.

The present recording was twenty years in the making and was made possible thanks to Joel Bresler, the founder of Bresler collected Haim Effendi's 78 rpm records from various sources and initiated their digitization. Dr. Rivka Havassy from Bar-Ilan University and Prof. Edwin Seroussi from Hebrew University added extensive notes on Haim's life and work.

Price: $30 (4 CDs plus 100 pp. booklet)
The recording is available at the “Eight Note” stores throughout Israel or At the Jewish Music Research Centre through the website,, or by mail, at POB 39105, Jerusalem. Israel 91390. You can order by fax, at: 972-2-5611156

Joel Bresler adds: "The notes by Dr. Havassi and Prof. Edwin Seroussi are truly a landmark." Anyone who knows of the work of these scholars will find this likely to be an understatement.

June 29, 2008

New releases at UK's "Jewish Music"

CD coverAs long as I'm directing folks to this country's Hatikvah Music, I should also mention some excellent and intriguing new releases across the pond from Jewish Music Distribution. These start off with Moshe Berlin's great new release from Israel, "Melodies from Jerusalem, cd cover The Musical Tradition of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Communities of Amsterdam, London and New York. They also have the new Veretski Pass CD, Trafik, of course, and lots more. Check them out.

May 6, 2003

new JMD-UK site

Rainlore's World of Jewish Music calls our attention to a new site design by the UK's Jewish Music Distribution Co. Although there is still no shopping cart feature (you order by pasting the vital info into an e-mail and sending it off, or by calling), the site is less harsh on the eyes than some of the other online Jewish music websites. I don't know the old design, but it is reasonably easy to find information and to find albums, now. Compare to Hatikvah or Tara Music, both based in the USA. The JMD site also showcases links to vital UK Jewish arts and culture pages, which is nice. I'd still like to know why the one group of people supposedly earning money off of Jewish music (sadly, the artists certainly aren't) - the CD stores - have the least attractive, least functional websites. This one is at least reasonably attractive, and Jewish music fans in the UK, or in Europe, should know that there are local sources of good music.

RAS also notes that the e-mail address for JMD has changed. The current e-mail address is:

February 28, 2003

Jozef Jankowski tsimbl article

Jozef JankowskiPete Rushefsky posts to the Jewish-music mailing list:

Some of you had the pleasure of meeting tsimbl player/maker Jozef Jankowski at KlezKamp. Just wanted to let you know that he's the coverboy of the latest issue of Dulcimer Player's News. Yes-- shameless self promotion-- I did write the article. Can see the cover and read an excerpt of the article at the following link:

For more on Jankowski tsimbls, see his page here on the KlezmerShack.

April 27, 2002

Berkley's Boaz Accordions moves

Boaz Accordions is moving at the end of April. As of May 1, our new address is 1041 Folger St., Berkeley CA 94710. Telephone, email, website all remain the same. Tel. 510-845-1429 / fax 510-845-1430. email