January 22, 2018

Winograd klezmer dance set from 2008

From Michael Winograd:

Its always worth filming!! Inna Barmash-Zhurbin came across this dance set she filmed (I'm guessing Lev 'Ljova' was holding the camera?) from my 2008 "Bessarabian Hop" CD launch... amazing!!!

Ezekiel's Wheels, Fisher Lid, Live

Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band #rehearsing our arrangement of Fisher Lid. Enjoy!

#rehearsaltake of Fisherlid. We use the melody from The Klezmatics' setting of Aliza Greenblatt's words, combine it with a tune from the Amsterdam Klezmer Band and a whole lot of Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band magic. Enjoy! (And follow/like the page to stay up to date on the new recording as we take it from rehearsals into the studio. Lots more to come!)

November 20, 2017

Milken Archive - Ben Zion Shenker oral history project

One year ago today, the world lost Ben Zion Shenker, a rabbi, cantor and composer who had been dubbed "the greatest living figure of Hassidic music." Shenker devoted his life to niggunim--spiritual melodies used in Hassidic worship--in the Polish Modzitzer Hassidic tradition, starting with the melodies of Rabbi Saul Taub.

A new video from Milken's oral history project features Shenker's insights about the styles, inspirations and significance of niggunim in his own life, and in the various Hassidic traditions of Eastern Europe.

May 14, 2017

Frank London and students of Seoul National University

Michael Winograd spotted this one:

May 8, 2017

Yiddish song on Mongolia's American Idol

From Leonard Koenick on the Jewish-Music list:

We Can't Make This Up: Yiddish Song Performed On Mongolia's American Idol May 1, 2017, by Jordan Kutzik

May 3, 2017

Video: Klezmer in MA's Pioneer Valley

From flautist extraordinaire, Adrianne Greenbaum, on the Jewish-Music list:

A student of mine in the Mount Holyoke College klezmer band just finished this

April 16, 2017

Fleytmuzik, 26-Apr-2017, NYC

Adriane Greenbaum is the most amazing flute player I know. Pete Rushefsky posted this video on facebook: "Some of the amazing Edward Alpern's hi-def footage of Fleytmuzik's show at Museum at Eldridge Street this past Sunday. Ed's making a documentary film about our Poyln project called and contributions are welcome. Congrats to Adrianne Greenbaum on putting the musical parts of this wide-ranging project together."

Yiddish Summer Weimar: The Bobe Mayses Project video

Posted by Alan Bern on Facebook: "A short, beautiful documentary video about the Bobe Mayses project created during Yiddish Summer Weimar 2016, directed by Jenny Romaine with a wonderful team of artists (see the credits for a complete list). Thanks again to all who helped make this possible, from concept through grant application through administration through realization and presentation! It was an amazing and enriching experience!"

The Bobe Mayses project

More about Yiddish Summer Weimar

December 7, 2016

ePRHYME feat. Jon Madof—"Heavy Shtetl"

"Heavy Shtetl" is the second installment in ePRHYME'S series of Rap/Duets, which pair his densely packed poetic rhymes with a solo master instrumentalist.

For "Heavy Shtetl" ePRHYME has teamed up with Zion 80 front-man Jon Madoff to explore the creative process of "making music out of noise."

***Warning from ePRHYME: Acquired taste! Not for everyone.

August 31, 2016

Barry Sisters on YouTube

From Simon of Hatikva Music

The Barry Sisters performing live...Amazing!!! "Nu, Zug Mir Schoin Ven" (Live! With lyrics)

Does anyone have the translation to this song????

August 25, 2016

Yiddish song of the week: "Surele iz in vald avek"

Jeremiah Lockwood sings the Yiddish folksong "Surele iz in vald avek"

Little Sarah is off in the woods picking flowers for a bouquet.
In the forest a little bird comes to her and says: Tweet.
-Tell me little bird, how long will my life be?
-Forty, eighty, one hundred years.
-Thank you, little bird, very much.

August 16, 2016

Video: Pressberger Klezmer Band


August 12, 2016

Video: Klezfactor, May 30, 2016

I think this was recorded at Klezfactor

The "KlezFactor Trio" (Mike Anklewicz - cl, Brian Katz - gtr, Jim Sexton - bass) had a fan of our performance at Toronto's Jewish Music Week who posted some videos of our performance on May 30, 2016. Here's a medley of Mayn Tayere Odessa and a couple of Nigunim from the Beregovski Collection.

Video: Shirim Klezmer Orchestra, July 2016

Our old friends from Shirim Klezmer Orchestra at a recent wedding:

Bandleader Glenn Dickson posts: "This set went on for at least 45 minutes of intense dancing (as you can see), and was a heck of a lot of fun. In addition to myself on clarinet, Michael McLaughlin; accordion; Eric Rosenthal, drums; we had guest members Jim Guttmann, bass; and Tev Stevig, guitar.

Video: Talat Live from Savassi Festival! - Brazil

Alon Nechushtan - Dew Dance - live at Savassi Festival Brazil from alon nechushtan on Vimeo.

July 24, 2016

Alan Ginsberg and the Klezmatics (Berlin, 1993)

Thank you Alicia Svigals for linking to this:

Jewlia Eisenberg: Mahmoud Darwish's "Psalm 6"

Wouldn't it be nice if this were less timely?

Published on Jul 19, 2016
Voice: Jewlia Eisenberg
Accordion: Dan Cantrell

"The trees of my country are apprentices of greenness
and I an apprentice of memory."

Video: Schvitsy Simcha Band - Fiddle Tunes 2016

From Alicia Svigals:

Klezmer Band coached by Alicia Svigals & Patrick Farrell play the Band Lab concert on Saturday JULY 9 2016 - Fiddle Tunes Festival - Port Townsend WA. Tunes: Broyges Tants, Patch Tants, Lebedik Freylakh, Kishinever Bulgar

May 7, 2016

"Echad mi Yodea"

Send by the Boston Jewish Arts Collaborative during Passover, I am just catching up. This features the BatSheva Dance Troupe and Tractor's Revenge, and is a very neat visual take on the familiar Passover melody

Echad Mi Yodea from Batsheva DC on Vimeo.

May 2, 2016

new Iraqi Jewish music

Posted by Eva Broman to the Jewish Music mailing list:

t's been a long time since I posted the last time, but I really enjoyed these clips with Iraqi-Jewish singer Koko from Eilat, performing Iraqi classics at an Israeli haflah:

These "ethnic" Israeli singers remind me of Pontic singers in Greece, who often adapt original Turkish and Balkan songs in the Pontiac dialect, just like Israeli singers of Iraqi etc. descent adapt Arabic tunes in Hebrew:

First cut from new Sandaara recording

From Michael Winograd, best known for the Yiddish Art Trio and other klezmer/yiddish masterworks. His other band is also receiving recognition. After watching Southeast Asians and others dancing in the aisles at the Vilna Shul, I can heartily recommend them. Some bits will sound more familiar than you expect:

Sandaraa is pleased to release the first single from our upcoming album, "Jegi Jegi Lailajan". US CD launch tour dates: /

December 11, 2015

(א׳גיטען חנוכה שלום למר ומקהלת שירה (יידיש Shulem Lemmer, Freilach & Shira - Chanukah Medley

Posted by Benjamin Laden on Facebook. As he says, big hats ... and a big sound

Some Hanukka music from Charming Hostess

Jewlia Eisenberg shared these on Facebook. These were recorded in 2011 with Charming Hostess, then in 2015 with Book of J (Jewlia, Cynthia Taylor, and Jeremiah Lockwood)

December 1, 2015

Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus: "Rumania, Rumania"

A bit overblown and symphonic? Putting a suit on the blues? From Binyumen Schaechter

Performed by The Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus, Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor and Temma Schaechter, Soloist

August 23, 2015

"Fiddler on the Roof" + klezmer + The Temptations.

From Bert Stratton, whose band, is the true inheritor of the Mickey Katz-inspired mashup. This one has a bit of bite. Timely:

July 25, 2015

Theo Bikel, "Di zun vet aruntergeyn"

Theodore Bikel (1924 - 2015) sings "Di zun vet aruntergeyn" at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research 13th Annual Heritage Luncheon in his honor on June 18, 2015. Accompanied by Daniel Kahn and Lorin Sklamberg. Video shared by YIVO. I believe that this was his last public performance.

May 5, 2015

Roshel and Yakov Rubinov Ensemble, Live

From Pete Rushefsky, on Facebook (for details see the KlezmerShack calendar): Central Asian maqom masters Roshel and Yakov Rubinov will be performing tomorrow (Wednesday, May 6) at a free show open to the public at the New School Event Space - Lower level of 65 5th Ave. at 13th St. in Manhattan. 6PM start.

January 23, 2015

Marilyn Lerner & Friends (David Wall, Aviva Chernick & Mitch Smolken) - Volt ikh Gehat Koyekh

One of my favorites among the many tunes popularized by Adrienne Cooper, here played by Marilyn Lerner, with three of Toronto's most exciting vocalists. A good listen on a Shabbes eve on my way to a shul dinner where we'll hear a speaker from Israeli on the upcoming elections. May all have this song in their hearts as they vote:

November 9, 2014

New video: "I could have danced all night" in Yiddish

Now on YouTube, "I Could Have Danced All Night" in Yiddish! Performed by Temma Schaechter of Di Shekhter-tekhter

November 3, 2014

Joel Rubin Ensemble concert Geneva, "Midnight Prayer"

Joel writes: A nice video of part of my Midnight Prayer program with the Joel Rubin Ensemble in Geneva this past June 15 at Théâtre Cité Bleue, sponsored by Les amis de la musique juive. With Kálmán Balogh, cimbalom, Csaba Novák, bass, Claudio Jacomucci, accordion, Mark Kovnatskiy, violin:

He adds: (p.s. the CD of the whole program is on Traditional Crossroads and just went into a second printing :-) )

October 28, 2014

New Moors Video, "We're heading for a meltdown"

New video from The Moors. Not particular related to Jewish music, per se, but fun, nonetheless:

September 20, 2014

Marin Bunea video

Posted to Facebook by Pete Rushefsky

These musicians are from Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. Marin Bunea - violin, Mihai Sorocan - accordeon, Valeriu Cascaval - cimbalom, Ion Croitoru - double bass.

September 17, 2014

KlezKanada - 2014 student concert - Dave Tarras Ensemble

"Talk Dirty," the Yiddish version

Postmodern Jukebox presents "Talk Dirty"—Vintage Klezmer Jason Derulo Cover (with 2 Chainz Rap in Yiddish)

September 8, 2014

Join campaign for Litvakus CD @ Indiegogo

Litvakus: The Lost Jewish Music of Belarus CD Help release our first full-length album Dear Friends, Litvakus is recording its first full-length album, Raysn (a Yiddish name for Belarus) that includes incredibly beautiful and endangered Belarusian Jewish music discovered and revived after 70 years of oblivion, as well original songs to the poetry of Moyshe Kulbak and Zisl Slepovitch. We are asking our friends for support that would make this project happen. Please check out the Litvakus' Raysn Indiegogo page for the full story of this record and consider supporting us through that page.

May 6, 2014

From the Shtreiml CD release party

cd cover

From the CD release concert for the new Shtreiml recording, "Eastern Hora," featuring Ismail Fencioglu. The band also features famed Philadelphia trombonist Rachel Lemish, composer/keyboardist/harmonica player Jason Rosenblatt, the incomparable Thierry Arsenault on drums, and Joel Kerr on bass. This is the band's second release fusing Turkish and klezmer music into something delicious. Find out more at

April 11, 2014

Mu Asapru—Frank London & Deep Singh's Sharabi featuring Sarah Gordon & Manu Narayan

Passover without counting songs? A shande. Here is a familiar one, in Yiddish, with an updated musical setting, just in time for the seder. Video sent out by Joey of the Boston Jewish Music Festival:

April 1, 2014

Ofer Levi, live at Caesarea

From Eva Broman, on the Jewish-Music list:

March 7, 2014

New Sam Glaser album, video

From Sam Glaser to the Jewish-Music list:

Shalom Jewish Music Community. I am excited to release the first video from my last album, The Promise. Enjoy!

German Goldenshtayn video online from CTMD, NYC

From Pete Rushefsky, writing to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

"We've just put up a new archival video on Bessarabian klezmer clarinetist German Goldenshteyn on the CTMD Archives website: in anticipation of Tuesday night's Tantshoyz Yiddish Dance Party featuring Michael Alpert, Alex Kontorovich and Naum Goldenshteyn:

February 24, 2014

Figaro, oyf Yidish

From Sid Mintz on the Jewish Music mailing list:

Rossini's Figaro oyf yidish : Shvigaro. Mit a orkeste

January 13, 2014

Sway Machinery, "My Dead Lover's Wedding"

Filmed in Mexico City, roughly inspired by Jeremiah's grandmother's Transylvanian village, takes the inner life of a young girl as the jumping off point for a meditation on history, mythology and mortality.

A work-in-progress presentation of an excerpt from this new work will be presented at 4pm on January 25 at Congregation B'nei Jeshurun (257 W 88th St), on the upper west side. Please mark your calendars for this exciting event.

New Kleztory video from Montreal

Here is a short video about a performance by the Montreal klezmer band, Kleztory, with the "Nouvelle Génération" Chamber Orchestra. The performance was held at Salle Claude Champagne, Montréal, Canada, November 23 2013.

January 6, 2014

Movie about Michael Bloomfield coming!

Here's the trailer for a movie about one of the great Sixties Jewish Chicago blues guys, who, along with Danny Kalb, Barry Goldberg, and others, reshaped popular music. To me, his first solo album, "It's not killing me" was one of the ultimate fusion albums—the most Jewish blues album I have ever heard:

December 12, 2013

Anakronic Elektro Orkestra released Bagelman sisters remix

Nostalgia is alive and well and remixed!

new Winograd, et al, collaboration, Sandaraa!

I can't believe that I had to be prodded by Keith Wolzinger, of the Klezmer Podcast, to actually sit still and listen to this. Actually, I can't sit still while listening. Have you ever wondered what Bollywood films might sound like if the soundtracks were played by really amazing klezmorim? Yes, it might be this good. You can find out more about the band at Be sure to "like" them on Facebook:

December 5, 2013

A cure for too much of that other December holiday

Thanksgiving is gone, and we don't have Chanukah to hide behind any more. The best cure I know of is to bring out this video, surely posted here often, of Jewlia Eisenberg, left coast vocal genius, and Kugelplex:

Should that not be enough, you can always try "Oy to the World," but don't say I didn't warn you!

September 12, 2013

Zion80 CD release celebrated w/video

Jon Madof recollects a summer celebrating the release of the Zion80 recording (Carlebach meets African beats) with these videos:

From Krakov Jewish Culture Festival:

Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Austria:

You can get your copy of the CD from Tzadik Records

September 7, 2013

Selichot recordings from "Ha-project shel Revivo"

From Eva Broman on the Jewish-Music list:

I just found this recording of some classic selichot that I'd like to pass on. They are sung by "Ha-project shel Revivo", a trio of young Yemenite singers that is very popular in Israel (and 230.000 hits for traditional religious songs is pretty good!):

And here is an article about the group: 'Revivo's Project' brings Mizrahi pop back to its Arab roots, by Ophir Toubul, March 11, 2013, 972Magazine

September 2, 2013

Yiddish song video collection online

From Helen Winkler on the Jewish-Music list:

"... there is a large collection of Yiddish song videos taken recently: The videos are part of the Aheym project, described as: "The Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories (AHEYM--the acronym means "homeward" in Yiddish) includes approximately 800 hours of Yiddish-language interviews with 350 individuals, most of whom were born between 1900 and 1930. The interviews were conducted in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova." There aren't 350 up there yet, but there are quite a few to view.

July 4, 2013

"In a Jewish Moog" - Gershon Kingsley

While I'm catching up on amazing finds from Eric Krasner, here's one more, posted to the Jewish music list last August:

"Here's a fascinating clip of a performance of Gershon Kingsley's 'Sabbath for Today' (1971) performed with an early Moog synthesizer. Gershon Kingsley is the man behind the kitschy Moog classic, "Popcorn".

"Gershon Kingsley's 'Sabbath for today,' conducted by the composer, broadcast on Channel 13 in 1971 from Temple Rodeph Shalom. Ephraim Biran cantor/soloist, Rabbi Gunter Hirschberg, speaker, Alfred Drake, narrator, Kenneth Bichel, Moog Modular"

Catching up - remember Mickey Katz, born June 15 over a century ago

I was a bit out of it this past month (bicycle accident—see Google Plus). Among the things I missed were Mickey Katz' birthday on June 15th. Happily, Eric Krasner has shared some links:

104 years ago on June 15, 1909, in the city of Cleveland, a baby born was born, Mickey Myron Victor Katz.

/ (includes video w/recording of "Duvid Krocket")

Need some "Yinglish" translation? "Duvid Crockett" was actuall banned in Mickey's hometown! Eric found this gem to help us understand the fuss:

"Big Chief" Norman Wain, a disc jockey in Mickey's hometown of Cleveland banned Mickey's hit, "Duvid Crockett" from his radio show on WDOK back in 1955. Radio host, Phil Fink translates the Yiddish and Yinglish lyrics for us in a search to find out why.

You can find out more about Eric's Mickey Katz movie project at:

Here are two clips from a 1979 interview with Mickey Katz, plus a very short clip of Mickey posing for an album cover, put online by Eric this year—he has more—fund him!

Mickey Katz posing for the cover of "The Most Mishige" (1958) from CineGraphic Studios on Vimeo.

May 29, 2013

Molly Picon video, recordings now online via FAU

The Judaica Sound Archives at FAU Libraries honors the work and life of Molly Picon. Compiling 58 of her earliest songs produced on 78 rpm records and four of her LP albums produced later in her career, the JSA invites you to revisit the talents of a truly great Jewish female icon. Who was Molly Picon? She was an actress, singer, and comedian whose career spanned over 70 years. Debuting in the Yiddish Theater at the age of six she emerged as a respected American actress, performing with Frank Sinatra in Come Blow Your Horn (1963) and starring on Broadway in Milk & Honey (1961) and the film, Fiddler on the Roof (1971). Molly Picon's career followed Yiddish culture from the shtetl into mainstream America. Small and very youthful looking, she often had to fight to be taken seriously. She wore male clothing as a disguise through most of her breakout performance in Yidl Mit'n Fidl (1936) and several of her other early roles as well, including the well-known "Yankele." You can read more about Molly Picon at the Jewish Women's Archive. ClickClick here for Molly's LP albums. ClickClick here for Molly's 78 rpm recordings.

Film clip of a very young Molly Picon singing the title song from Yid'l Mit'n Fidl.

August 2, 2012

Klezmer Idol winners, Ezekiel's Wheel, captured live

It was a drizzly, rainy evening as I rode my bicycle to the library for a delightful concert by Ezekiel's Wheel. The band is young, skillful, and inventive. It is a pleasure to listen to people in love with the music explore it live. I also realized how much klezmer has changed, even in the hands of relatively traditionalist players (without speaking of yeshivish or djs and the rock/jazz bands with the one "hava nagila" set—I have never, in fact, heard Ezekiel's Wheel play "Hava Nagila"). Nobody is trying to imitate old '78s any more. The tunes are longer, more danceish, more improvised. And even here, Sephardic music and other influences find their way, both explicitly and otherwise, into the playing. As I said, a delight

May 12, 2012

חוויות לג בעומר במירון Meron Sketches

Getting more into the current holiday spirit, Moussa Berlin sends the following from Lag B'Omer celebrations past at Meron, in Israel.

אוסף סקיצות מחגיגות לג בעומר במירון על רקע נגינתו של משה (מוסא) ברלין

Meron celebrations sketches with Moussa Berlin playing at background

Josh Nelson w/Leon Gurvitch project

It must be the day for Jewish gospel--here is a really nice trailer of a project by Leon Gurvitch with Josh Nelson:

May 1, 2012

Reincarnation of a Niggun

From Talat's Alon Nechushtan, "Reincarnation of a Niggun," as performed by the Ayn Sof Orchestra, live from the six street synagogue in downtown New York, December 24th 2011.

Alon Nechushtan - "Reincarnation of a Niggun" for Big band from alon nechushtan on Vimeo.

April 28, 2012

Klezmer Fats, the interview

From Eric Krasner on the Jewish-Music list:

I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Sokolow a/k/a Klezmer Fats, for a few hours in his home last week, at his piano. Here's a 3 minute peek:

I apologize for the unavoidable back-lighting in advance. Look for our Kickstarter campaign so I can hire a decent cameraman in the near future.

Eric Krasner
The Mickey Katz Project
CineGraphic Studios - CGS Films
E-mail Eric Krasner.

April 26, 2012

Punk Jews - sneak preview

Last night we saw a sneak preview of a new film, Punk Jews at the MFA. It was part of the film series from the National Center for Jewish Film.

Adapting a wonderfully expansive view of the concept "punk Jew" the film featured some wonderful montages, including Gay Pride events in Israel, and also included six more focused clips ranging from "Moshiach Oi," a one band that fits the more traditional hardcore definition of "punk," (but also making the connection to outliers as we realize that bandmembers are also enthusiastic follows of Reb Nahman of Breslov), to many of our friends playing at a fringe Jewish NYC gathering called "cholent," to a segment on child abuse in the Shver UltraOrthodox community in upstate New York. Other segments included Amy the Yoga Yenta, a segment featuring Y-Love and African-American Jews, and my favorite, a closing segment featuring Jenny Romaine's "Sukkos Mob," a wonderful troupe that takes to NYC's streets during Sukkos each year. If the Boston Jewish Music Festival folks are really on their toes (something I think we can take for a given), they'll find a way to bring the Sukkos Mob to Boston next year. Imagine Yiddish street theatre in Coolidge Corner or Harvard Square! (Of course, how this would happen given the mob's post-Sukkos commitments and the fact that they are pretty committed to being in NYC for the holiday, I dunno.)

The Q&A session revealed that much of the audience identified strongly with the film's themes—a surprising number of people are really Punk Jews, or have websites connecting Punks to mainstream Jews. We are all outliers. We are all, apparently, punks.

It's a very good film. Eventually it will be released and readers of this site should make a point of seeing it. You can find out more at

April 23, 2012

Sound and Light Cinematic Duo trailer

From Polina Shepherd:

At last I've managed to upload a short demo of our silent film programme - you may have seen Merlin and myself accompanying these fantastic earliest cinematic representations of east European Jewish communities. Thought I could share...

Sara’s Grief “Cine-fono” magazine 1913 #25

Sara is a beautiful Jewish woman, granddaughter of the local rabbi who is loved by two brothers, Itzik and Borukh. They are sons of a wealthy Jew, Rabinovitch. They both love her deeply but she loves Itzik. Her parents consent that she marries him. Borukh loves both Sara and his brother and wishes them happiness in their family life, but he leaves the shtetl. It would have been too hard for him to keep seeing Sara and realising that she doesn’t belong to him.

Itzak and Sara are happy in their mutual love but God didn’t bless them with children, which they desperately wanted. Ten years past since their marriage but there are no children.

So Itzak’s parents and other Jewish shtetl authorities decide that they have to divorce. For her grandfather the rabbi it is a shame that his granddaughter is childless, it means that she doesn’t have God’s blessing. The authorities insist on it but Itzak fights against their opinion. Eventually he is too weak to struggle with everybody and agrees to sign the get (divorce certificate). The get has been ready for a long time, so Itzak has simply to sign it and take it to Sara. From that moment, they would be considered to be officially divorced, but the question is how to get this paper to the wife that he loves to death. She wouldn’t agree to the divorce, but the Jews have a special trick in this case; one can bring this paper to the wife using deceitful means. The most important thing is to have witnesses. As soon as she takes hold of this fateful paper and the others witness it, she is divorced.

The authorities decide to use his trick. One of them dresses as a pauper and whilst taking mitzveh geld (alms) from her, drops the document. Sara picks it up and already whilst opening the document realises that trick, too late!

She is in despair. She shares her grief with her husband but at the same moment, the Jewish authorities announce that she has to leave her husband’s house, and he is a stranger to her fro now on. This terrible outcome affects the weak Itzak so much that he takes a rope and ties it to a hook on the wall and ends his bitter existence.

Itzak was buried according to strict Jewish traditions. And Sara is inconsolable. She moans and longs and yearns and after gets seriously ill. Her father and mother invite a doctor to see their dear daughter. The doctor having examined the patient announces categorically that she is absolutely fine and is going to become a mother soon. So if Itzak had waited to define his destiny, they would both be happy.

And this is a play of ruthless fate.

New "Shondes" single

My favorite Brooklyn rock band, the folks who put "transgression" into "shonde," have become much too good for niche labels. It's probably time to stop championing them as GLBT and to accept that they help fill a hole left by the breakup of Sleater-Kinney. Fine by me.

"Give Me What You've Got," is the second single off their September release, Searchlights (Exotic Fever Records, 2011). Directed by Emily Millay Haddad, the video premiered last month on!

March 31, 2012

Kickstarter: Document wooden synagogue painting recreation

This is a wonderful new project that I've heard of via the wonderful Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett:

Please put out the word! Help us document on film the creation of this extraordinary wooden synagogue's exquisite painted ceiling and timber-framed roof. More about how you can help:

February 1, 2012

Ensemble Saltiel's "Wedding Songs" project - video

From the Jewish-Music mailing list, Ates Temeltas writes (about a very exciting project from Aron Saltiel):

This video includes parts of a performance by Ensemble Saltiel¹s Sephardic Wedding Songs project.

More information about the project

To which Howard Eisenberger adds:

Bonjour a tous,

The 52 minute Paris concert of June 2011 can be found here. There is a download link for the audio.

January 4, 2012

Adrienne Cooper Memorial video online

I have put up most of the video from Sunday's Memorial on YouTube . It includes Michael Wex's eulogy, and all of the singing and poetry. I will be linking to better, and possibly more complete video when it becomes available. I just felt that something should be up as soon as possible for those who were unable to attend and who miss her as painfully as do those of us who were able to gather and take comfort from each other in person.

October 14, 2011

Recent video

Since getting an iPad for my birthday, I have been trying it out as a recording device with varying success. It is more cumbersome and creates video/sound of slightly less quality than I get with the Flip camera from work. But, alas, Flips have been discontinued and the iPad is often with me, where the Flip is not. And, the iPad lets me take notes while wandering.

A couple of nights ago, I took some video of the Sukkoth gathering at Occupy Boston, then promptly lost the recording during an ill-timed maneuver on the iPad—I am still learning how to care for and feed the darn thing. Given the quality of the video at night with little illumination, this is not the loss it could have been, although I would not have minded putting the brief gathering and ceremony online.

In any event, last month I recorded most of the Klezmatics concert in Boston. Great fun. I'll start with the concert finale, a deconstructed "Ale Brider:"

You can view the entire series on the "KlezmerShack" channel playlist for the concert on YouTube.

At the beginning of October I tried again, this time in full daylight, and using the "Luma" iPad app, which hopefully takes some of the jitters out the recordings. (Thanks to a car that ran through a stop sign while I was bicycling to work in August, I had an encounter with the street that left me with a broken collarbone. The car did not stop after causing the accident, but the collarbone is healing. Unfortunately, it will still be a few months before it is comfortable to hold up a recording device for more than a few minutes.) So, here is Somerville's delightful "Honkfest," a celebration of street marching bands held each fall. In addition to my injury, the delight of just wandering and shmoozing got in the way of serious recording, so here is a brief taste of the afternoon (and more tastes on YouTube in my Honkfest2011 playlist)

September 10, 2011

Ger Mandolin Orchestra - the documentary

One of the neatest projects to come out of Berkeley's Jewish Music Festival is the Ger Mandolin Orchestra, which has performed at the festival, and this past winter (? spring?), back in Poland. The project was initiated by a descendent of a member of the original Ger Mandolin Orchestra (a century ago, every town&mdashand many US "Workmen's Circle" groups, had mandolin orchestras), Bay Area resident Avner Yonai.

September 5, 2011

Video from Giora Feidman's 75th birthday

From Dobe Ressler, currently visiting Israel:

git a kuk - fayne frumer muzikers fun Medines Yisroyel

Fishel Bresler remarks on the Jewish-Music mailing list:

A sheynem dank, Dobe!

The dance they were doing is (as I understand it) the last remnant of the old "Broiges Tanz," once done by the mothers-in-law at a wedding, now done by two guys instead, fighting (*nebech*) over a bottle...death resulting. Followed, of course, by "t'chies hameisim" *(b'ashkenazit)* - the resurrection-of-the-dead dance. It's not specifically a hassidic custom; I've been asked to play it for litvaks, too.

June 7, 2011

Atomic Duo tribue to the late Gil Scott-Heron

I cannot thank Mark Rubin enough for passing on this bluegrass version of Gil Scott-Heron (z"l)'s "Whiteys on the Moon."

I suppose for KlezmerShack purposes I should have asked for the cantorial or klezmer version, though ;-)

June 6, 2011

Jewgrass in Durham, NC

My old friend, Riki Friedman and her band, Freylach Time! show off some of the "Jewgrass" they've been playing the last couple of years. Riki writes: "We are playing a fusion of the 2 styles we like to call "Jewgrass". There were a lot of problems with the sound system, so it's hard to hear the violin and accordian, but this still gives a good idea of what we have been doing. (Other than the corsets, which were special for this event.)"

April 22, 2011

"Ha Lakhma"

One of my favorite parts of the Passover seder is the prologue, "Ha Lakhma," the verse we sing in Aramaic—the common language, the lingua franca, the language that gave us our modern Hebrew alphabet, the language that was the "English" of that world. The verse basically says, "before we get going, and in language we want to make sure that everyone understands, the first part of this "order," this seder, is to make sure that everyone who is hungry has food; everyone who is needy is having those needs met. When we've taken care of that, we'll take the rest of this show on the road.

I'm not a big fan of the tune that we've been singing in Seders I have attended since childhood. As a "Happy Holiday" gesture, our friends at "Blog in Dm" posted a video of this wonderful new tune for the prologue by Yonatan Raze.

March 30, 2011

Ofra Haza's "Kadish" a hit in the Yemeni resistance

From the Teruah blog:

Today I woke up to a twitter discussion between National Public radio strategist and digital technology community organizer Andy Carvin and Maria Al-Masani, a Canadian public relations agent, model, and former Miss Universe Canada. Al-Masani was telling Carvin, and others, about how Ofra Haza's song Kaddish was becoming the anthem of the current Yemeni revolution. Haza was a popular Israeli singer of a Yemeni-Jewish family who sang pop-Israeli, Yemeni-Jewish, and Yemeni-Arabic music.... [whole story includes video of Ofra Haza singing "Kadish"]

March 26, 2011

Jewish music documentaries documented

I haven't had time to catch up on anything, but back in January, Teruah blogger, Jack Zaeintz put up a fabulous list of Jewish music documentaries. He includes old favorites, of course—Michal Goldman's groundbreaking A Jumpin night at the garden of Eden that caught the klezmer revival happening, or A Tickle in the Heart about the Epstein Brothers. There are new films listed, such as the brand-new documentaries on SoCalled and the Klezmatics, and a couple of oldies that I have been avoiding for years. Never mind. They are all listed, and the filmmakers should only go on to produce even better films to come.

January 17, 2011

Die Grine Kuzine on tour - the video

Touring hasn't gotten any saner since the days of "Hard Days Night." This is what it looked like to Die Grine Kuzine this year:

Devla, from Boban Markovic

Not klezmer. Not even Jewish. Just a very fun video of a lovely song from Frank London's Klezmer Brass AllStars collaborator and Balkan superstar Boban Markovic: As a friend says, "Yes, the simple love story of a boy and his trumpet, definitely worth a chuckle. Pay no attention to the fact that the first flourish-y bit near the beginning is played on sax, not trumpet. Details, details...."

January 7, 2011

Abraham, Inc video released

of all the incredible CDs on my "review or die" list, the top CD is absolutely the new collaboration between SoCall, David Krakauer, and Fred Wesley, Abraham, Inc. News to you? Check out the first video off the recording, as described by David Krakauer, himself:

"Just wanted to give you a quick heads up about my Band Abraham Inc.'s video "Tweet Tweet."You can see it in advance on Youtube on my channel which is:

I'm extremely proud of this video which is a cutting edge animated piece with artists from around the world contributing their considerable skills to it's production. I hope you take a moment to check it out and comment and hopefully give it a thumbs up.

If you have a YouTube account please subscribe as we're touring Europe in the Spring and should have lots of great videos to share. I'm looking forward to reading your posts in this New Year.

January 1, 2011

Jews and Sufis: A Sacred Bride - Online video link

From Noam Sender, from the bowels of the black hole that has been the KlezmerShack mail folder:

I am delighted to announce that the "Jews and Sufis: A Sacred Bridge" panel discussion and recital held at Temple Beth Zion on October 29, 2009 is now available for viewing online.

Since at least the 16th century, the Maftirim repertoire - Hebrew liturgical poetry set to Turkish makam music for use in the synagogue—demonstrates the deep relationships Ottoman Jews established with members of Muslim mystical brotherhoods.

There are two separate links, the first for the panel discussion and the second for the recital.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
A panel of scholars moderated by Reb Moshe Waldoks speaks on cultural, historical, religious, and musical aspects of the Jewish-Sufi collaborations in Turkey from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
Following a panel discussion, an ensemble of Jewish, Muslim and Christian vocalists and instrumentalists, including yours truly, play examples of relevant musical repertoire. Attached you will also find the program notes for the recital.

Klezical Tradition video

And even more from the amazing klezmer flautist and teacher, Adrianne Greenbaum—this time from her regular band, Klezical Tradition:

A couple standards, non-standards, and that adds up to four - but there are three … for your listening pleasure - I hope:

Wedding Hora

The sound of the 19th century wooden klezmer flute

Firn di Mekhuttonim

From, Adrianne, who wishes everyone a freylekhn Khanike and warm weather and thoughts if you're out on the east coast in the US or any other cold climate. Can't wait for Spring and we haven't even started….

December 31, 2010

new video: Mt. Holyoke College Klezmer Band

From klezmer flautist extraordinaire, Adrianne Greenbaum:

Please enjoy checking out a composite video I just finished of the Mount Holyoke College (really, 5-college community) Klezmer Band. Fall semester's focus was on the standards of the Belf repertoire:

Musique judéo-andalouse: Benjamin Bouzaglo, Haïm Louk, Moshé Louk, Shimon Sibony

Eva Broman spotted this and posted to the Jewish-Music list:

A great website with two complete concerts of Judeo-Andalousian music:

December 28, 2010

Music with which to pass time at airport delays

Aeropuerto de Tucumán. Octubre 24, 2010 -17:00 hs|

El domingo 24, un vuelo de LAN que venía a Tucumán tuvo una demora, y un grupo de músicos pertenecientes al grupo KBB (Klezfiesta Buenos Aires Band, orquesta recién creada que debutó en la 3er. edición de EMMKA /Klezfiesta) comenzó a tocar música klezmer. Los artistas regresaban a Buenos Aires luego de haber realizado un concierto klezmer en el teatro San Martín. Sin duda, le dieron vida al hall del aeropuerto como pocas veces se pudo ver.

Jewish music to protest at Tucuman Airport (Argentina) Sunday 24, October 2010 17:00 | A LAN flight coming to Tucuman was delayed, and a group of musicians belonging to the group KBB,(Buenos Aires Klezfiesta Band, orchestra which debuted recently, that was created for the 3rd. EMMKA / Klezfiesta) started playing klezmer music . The artists returned to Buenos Aires after having made a klezmer concert at the Teatro San Martin. Without doubt, that gave life to the hall of the airport that rarely saw something like this. /

December 15, 2010

Kesselgarden plays Goldenshteyn

"Kesselgarden continues to thrive in the miserable weather one finds in the early Seattle winter. Here is a clip from a recent rehearsal, just to show that only two old guys can still put on a hell of a show. Hope all is well and peace in 2011."

December 13, 2010

Kruzenshtern and Parahod live in Tel Aviv

Kruzenshtern v Parahod live at Levontin 7On a recent quick trip to Israel I managed to catch one of the bands I have most wanted to see, Kruzenshtern and Parahod (קרוזנשטרן ופרחוד). I have reviewed a couple of their CDs here on the KlezmerShack, starting with their first, The Craft of Primitive Klezmer. The band was as wonderful as I had already hoped. The set was part of a showcase of Israeli bands, none of which seemed particularly interesting to either my companions or me. But when this quartet took the stage, everything changed. Imagine John Zorn and Fred Frith taking "Naked City" to a pop showcase:

Talking to the bandleader, Igor Krutogolov, on a quiet afternoon in Tel Aviv we reviewed influences (okay, Zorn and Frith are obvious; others include the UK band, the Cardiacs, and ZU from Italy) and talked about the frustration of being a niche band in a tiny country. There is no place local to tour—there aren't enough local people interested in avant garde jazz to sustain anything beyond the occasional concert in Tel Aviv. They have been to several festivals in Europe, and periodically consider moving the band there.

Krutogolov talks mostly of the music as personal expression. It has precision; he often compared what he is doing to classical music, and indeed, as I stood opposite the band's newest member, accordionist Boris Martzinovsky in concert, I noted complex charts spread across a large music stand. The band is also very, very tight.

The music is really what he does. He has a day job to pay the bills, but, if we are fortunate, he will continue to push the music far into the future. A new KvP CD may be in the works this year. If I had my way, I'd see them here in the States. Anyone interested in helping, should contact me

You can get copies of their CDs via, or find out more about the band from their website,

December 1, 2010

Mark Rubin's video of "The Other Europeans"

Mark Rubin has posted a passel of videos from the last three years of "The Other Europeans"

"Here's a collection of videos of the "Other Europeans" project which took up a big chunk of my last 3 summers. Watching these videos, I can hardly believe I was actually there when this all happened."

View the whole series of several concerts on his blog, Chasing the Fat Man.

Readers of earlier posts will also remember that I put up the video from the band's Amherst, MA concert: National Yiddish Book Center on YouTube (clip below)

October 23, 2010

Y-Love radio interview

Jewish hip-hop artist Yitz "Y-Love" Jordan recently returned to Israel for a series of concerts over the Sukkot holiday. He spoke with Israel National News about his new projects, his journey to Judaism and why hip-hop can invigorate Jewish youth.

For video from "The Beat of Israel" click here:

October 16, 2010

Greg Wall - "A Jam That Goes On Without End"

Really nice article (and accompanying video) that captures one of the current projects, the Ayn Sof Arkestra, of the amazing Greg Wall, rabbi and one of the most "really gets it" people creating Jewish music out there, from one of the NY Times "Local" blogs. His partner in founding Ayn Sof? One of the few other people who deserve that "really gets it" accolades, Frank London:

A Jam That Goes On Without End, by Clint Rainey, Oct 11, 2010

September 1, 2010

Blown away from "The Other Europeans" in Somerville, MA last night

An amazing show by "The Other Europeans" in Somerville, MA last night. The place was packed on a Tuesday night, much to everyone's astonishment and delight. (Well, the dancer's might have wanted more room)

The band plays a mix of lautari and klezmer music with an intense energy level, and with an ability to improvise together that continually blows me away. So many members of the band are famous in their own right, from Kalman Balogh, king of the Hungarian tsimbl, to Matt Darriau, best known as the reed player for the Klezmatics.

The killer moment in a killer evening, for me, came on a duet featuring Matt and bassist Mark Rubin (perhaps best known for his band, the Bad Livers). I have simply never seen anyone attack a standup bass with such ferocity such that Darriau pushed his own clarinet faster and farther than he may have known he could do (Rubin's playing, and his effect on his bandmates are well-known--a performance a couple of years ago with Andy Statman at the Ashkenaz Festival was my personal highlight of that festival). But the whole damn band was like that--14 people at times, crowded on a bandstand that seems crowded with half that number.

It was the sort of concert so transforming that people took a very long time to leave. We all had to stand around talking about what we'd just heard, and sharing the joy of being at a concert so intense and wonderful. And, of course, this was also the sort of event that turns into a social occasion—everyone who loves this kind of music was there, it seemed, so a lot of fun catching up happened in the afterglow of the fiercely great music.

At our tables we just enjoyed the concert—we didn't do any filming or recording. But you can catch last week's concert at the National Yiddish Book Center on YouTube (clip below)

July 18, 2010

The Klezmer Shul - davenning klezmer style

This past Thursday night this year's Paper Bridge festival was closed out by Veretski Pass performing the East Coast premiere of their new improvisational piece, "The KlezmerShul."

It wasn't klezmer. There was lots of classical, cantorial, jazz music. It was intense and wonderful. Here is the closing movement (I posted the two movements under 10 minutes, plus all of the QA sessions, on YouTube):

You can catch the entire concert from the Internet Archive at


July 11, 2010

Ezekiel's Wheels on YouTube

As I wrote last week, this performance of Ezekiel's Wheels last weekend at the LilyPad was the culmination of a week of great music. I taped the whole thing on a Flip camera, and the bandmembers edited it down and put segments up on YouTube. The band, playing to a full house, was joined by several friends onstage, and great fun was had by all:

June 21, 2010

Yeshivas Goldenshteyn live at Northwest Folklife fest

You don't know from Yeshivas Goldenshteyn? You're in for a treat.

Yeshivas Goldenshteyn's performance at the 2010 Northwest Folklife Festival (4 of 7 videos already online, the rest should be online within the next few hours) at "professormobesser" on YouTube:

June 20, 2010

Yiddish video from Sweden

My name is Anne Kalmering, singer/actress from Sweden. I´m performing Jewish music in concerts, festivals, radio, TV etc. I performed at Ashkenaz 1999 (time flies...)

May 23, 2010

Video clips from 2009 Argentinian Jewish Music Fest

By way of announcing the next festival, the festival has presented clips from the 2nd Annual Festival:

3er. Edicion de EMMKA
Encuentro Mundial de Musica Klezmer en Argentina

Klezfiesta 2010
Octubre/Noviembre 2010

Klezmer en el Bicentenario
Klezmer on the 200th birthday of Argentina

March 29, 2010

Moishe Oysher has fun with "Khad Gadya"

Found by Lori Lippitz of Maxwell St. Klezmer:

Have a sweet Passover and don't o.d. on the matzo brei.

March 21, 2010

SoCalled documentary now available

See for further information

The “Socalled” Movie is a documentary film about klezmer hip-hop artist Josh Dolgin—aka Socalled. Featuring Katie Moore, Fred Wesley, C-Rayz Walz, David Krakauer, Matt Haimovitz, Arkady Gendler, Benjamin Steiger Levine, D-Shade, Gonzales and Irving Fields. The movie is a kaleidoscopic portrait, offering 18 entertaining short films about Socalled’s creative process.

March 20, 2010

Mardi Gras Day, French Quarter, New Orleans, German Goldenshteyn tune

How far behind is the KlezmerShack in reading correspondence? By us, it's still Mardi Gras in New Orleans, as you can see from this video supplied by the always-amazing Mark Rubin standing in with Panorama Jazz Band. We may let ourselves remain stuck in Mardi Gras for a while.

February 1, 2010

The Sway Machinery and Super 11 in Timbucktu

The Sway Machinery traveled to Mali in January to play at the Festival of the Desert. It was quite an exciting moment for the band. You can check out some of what transpired in this video of The Sway Machinery and Super 11:

January 30, 2010

New video from Afro-Semitic Experience

From David Chevan:

'cd cover During this past MLK weekend the Afro-Semitic Experience celebrated our 12th anniversary of music making with a Friday night service in New York City, a benefit concert for New Haven’s Columbus House Homeless Shelter, and a concert at the Museum of Jewish Heritage also in New York City. We had a wonderful time in New York City sharing our music and having a real Afro-Semitic Experience at the Museum of Jewish Heritage where we gave our New York City premiere of our new work (and new CD): The Road That Heals the Splintered Soul .

Our performance at the benefit concert for the Columbus House Homeless Shelter in New Haven was video recorded by our friend, pianist and visual artist, Richard Gans. Three of the tunes we performed have now been posted to YouTube and they have a lot of good energy. Richard was not limited by his use of a single camera and he did a great job as he captured the performance. You can really feel the wonderful vibe in the room last Saturday night as we transformed the place with our healing feeling. There are two little girls and a little boy who sat in the front row for most of the concert and they are sure feeling the music!!! You can see their heads bobbing in most of the camera shots. What fun.

The Road that Heals the Splintered Soul:


Adon Olam:

January 29, 2010

"Vilna" performed by Fraidy Katz

A nice historical montage, beautifully sung:

December 28, 2009

Jews and Christmas ... and Mormons

Most years we Jews guiltily acknowledge that it's true, Jews wrote most of the most insipid popular songs of this once sacred season. This year, to return the favor, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah wrote an insipid Hanukkah song which has been getting a lot of play. I've been ignoring it, but I just noticed a great catch by Teruah's Jack Zaientz:

December 21, 2009

Something different for the solstice season

Jewlia Eisenberg requested a Hebrew version of "Silent Night" for a video to go with a New Yorker satire (currently unavailable, but linked from Not a great satire, but there are more painful things to read. Happy solstice, everyone.

Anyway, upon reflection, she decided that the issue was not "Christianity" vs. "Judaism" and she came up with a very different video:

"The Great Goddess is still rocking out with her bad self … taking new forms but still connected to that neolithic old-school vibe. Go boobs of Mary! Listen, enjoy, post, celebrate dark nights and solstice"

September 13, 2009

Jo Amar, z"l, June 26, 2009

Jo Amar passed away on June 26. The news was first announced to the world in the Jerusalem Post on June 28. Haaretz captured more of the essence of the singer and his significance, with some wonderful quotes from scholar Edwin Seroussi.

The New York Times obituary also captured much of who he was: Jo Amar, Genre-Blending Jewish Singer, Dies at 79, by Bruce Webber, published Jul 9, 2009.

"Mr. Amar’s music was a hybrid, fusing Sephardic and North African-Arab songs, Jewish liturgical vocal styles and even Western-style harmonies into a kind of Middle Eastern pop. He sang in a bright, engaging tenor, recording about 20 albums, and with his crowd-pleasing manner, he performed not only in large performance halls with full orchestras but also in cabarets and at weddings and other private functions. He was often asked to be the guest cantor on Jewish High Holy Days, invitations he accepted selectively, in cities including Paris and Casablanca." [more]

Lori Lippitz, from Maxwell Street Klezmer, wrote: "I loved his singing and learned many tunes from his recordings. Very special to me is his Hamavdil with an Arabic-style chorus (French Morrocan)."

Continue reading "Jo Amar, z"l, June 26, 2009" »

Ben Bresky interview of Tim Sparks

from Ben Bresky:

Can Non-Jews Play Klezmer? Tim Sparks does on his new CD

cd coverCan a Gentile play Jewish music? Which is more Jewish? Barbra Steisand's Christmas album or Tim Sparks' klezmer album? Find out in this in depth interview with non-Jewish jazz guitar virtuoso Tim Sparks on his new CD 'Little Princess', which gives Naftule Brandwein, the 1920s king of the klezmer clarinet, a smooth instrumental jazz treatment.

Click here for mp3 podcast download

New video: Klezmokum on tour

From Klezmokum's Burton Greene:

Klezmokum just posted 6 video clips from our tour of synagogues and culture centers in November, 2007 on youtube…. Check it out!

Also there's a documentary about my life and involvement with Jewish music at (It's in 4 segments.. you have to wait about a minute for the first segment to begin.)

September 12, 2009

Klezmer Podcast - Watcha Clan - no touring US

I'm a bit late in posting this, but Keith Wolzinger is now doing video podcasts. The latest, #54, covers an interesting French ensemble, the Watcha Clan

Klezmer Podcast 54- Watcha Clan In Los Angeles

September 7, 2009

Zahava Seewald video

Oh, this is delicious—from Alain Mihaly :

Extrait du concert Jacques Franck en juin 2008. Zahava Seewald et Zohara interprètent : la chanson "Abulafiah, I would Lay down my life" compositeur J. Zorn sur un thème de Samuel Hanagid Extrait du concert Jacques Franck en juin 2008. Zahava Seewald et Zohara interprètent : la chanson "Abulafiah, I would Lay down my life" compositeur J. Zorn sur un thème de Samuel Hanagid

August 18, 2009

Memorial: The Night of the Murdered Poets

Listen to Itzik Gottesman narrate, in Yiddish, a memorial held on August 12 in NYC to commemorate the night of the murdered poets. Music by Hy Wolfe, among others.

August 17, 2009

new video - Hip Hop Hoodíos’ “Times Square (1989)”

Raising the eternal question, is real seediness preferable to Disney veneer? I'm with them—give me seedy instead of Disney. Might feel differently if I lived in the area—until gentrification made the issue moot ;-).

August 3, 2009

Bronya Sakina - live in 1986

As long as I'm stealing a few minutes at lunch, let me get up this video posted by the amazing Mark Rubin, last seen live by me just a week and a half ago, with Frank London and the Klezmer Brass AllStars at the Lowell Folk Festival. Man, two years ago it was Stephen Greenman. This year, Frank London. That festival is doing well at scoring Jewish performers worth seeing. So, where was I … Itzik Gottesman sent Mark this VHS tape about 15 years ago. It's from a conference in 1986. It's just a fragment, but a long enough fragment that you get a sense of why Michael Alpert and so many others credit her with being a primary influence on learning Yiddish song. It matters a lot, now that she's gone, to have something online that helps memorialize her and helps convey at least this couple of songs.

SoCalled - You are never alone (live)

I spotted this on Teruah blog. Josh is in fine form performing one of his most original songs—one for which I happen to own an actual LP single.

June 7, 2009

Klezmer Classes in Minneapolis this summer begin June 17, 2009

It took the "insult" of seeing a class listed in another city, as though I had been intentionally ignoring this person's own city, to prompt someone from Minneapolis to send me this information. Don't let yourself be that person--if you have information that is of interest to people interested in Jewish music in your community--either send it in, or don't complain about my not listing it! I still might not have time to put something online in a timely fashion--but that process doesn't even begin until I get the "who what when where" in a form that I can actually figure out what is going on, cut and paste, and present it to ya'll, thus:

Klez Class

Tuition $140
Ages Adults
Instructor: Judith Eisner

Want to find your roots or plant new ones in the rich soil of Eastern European Ashkenazic Jewish music? You’ll learn the modes which make Klezmer music so compelling.We’ll play some of the most popular freylachs, horas, and bulgars in the repertoire. Fiddles, clarinets, trumpets, accordions, keyboards and percussion are the principal instruments in Klezmer bands but anyone is welcome.

6 week class begins June 17, 2009
Classes are 60 minutes long
Wednesdays 5:30 p.m.

MacPhail Center for Music, 501 S 2nd ST , Minneapolis, MN 55401, 612.321.0100

You can view Judith Eisner and her klezmer trio playing, below:

May 31, 2009

A blast from the past - "Mazl," by the Ravens

Lori Lippitz of Chicago's Maxwell St. Klezmer spotted this. It's not on the CD, but I am pretty sure that this is also covered by Paul Shapiro's "Brisket 'n' Ribs Revue" group in concert:

Elizabeth Schwartz, Yale Strom, and more

A couple of clips from 2008 Radu Gabrea documentary film, "Romania, Romania: Searching For Schwartz" about which I know nothing, other than Elizabeth Schwartz (whose voice is featured on both of these particular clips) having alerted me about the YouTube videos. There is a whole series. Enjoy.

May 30, 2009

Punk Torah Commentary

Found on the Teruah blog a couple of months ago—must post!

KlezKamp Roadshop Madison Dance Party

So what goes on late at night at those KlezKamp roadshows? Mark Rubin provides some documentation from last month's KlezKamp Roadshow in Madison, WI. YouTube's "byray" writes:

Part 1 of the Sunday night dance at Temple Beth Israel Center, Sunday April 19th, 2009, Madison Wisconsin. The Kamp was led by UW Artist In Residence Henry Sapoznik, who was still at the movie "His People" when the band started. Aaron Alexander on drums, Dan Blacksberg on trombone, Josh Horowitz on button accordion, Mark Rubin on bass and tuba, Cookie Segelstein on fiddle and Michael Winograd on clarinet. The dances were led by Steve Weintraub. I filmed until my arm grew sore and my feet refused to stay still. So I put down my camera and joined the dance!

Margot Leverett w/Brown University wind ensemble

For those who missed seeing Margot Leverett solo last month with some special compositions, including a new piece by Matt McGarrell of klezmer tunes for clarinet and wind symphony, there is a second chance:

Matt McGarrell's wonderful arrangement of klezmer tunes for clarinet and wind symphony. which I performed last month with the Brown University wind symphony. I love the arrangement. It was such a pleasure to work with them.

The video does look like it was recorded on cellphone, but the sound quality is decent:

May 15, 2009

Interesting "Sha Shtil"

Shades of the Sway Machinery. Go an email: "Hi. I thought you might be interested in this video. It's an unusual interpretation." Indeed.

April 27, 2009

Yid Vicious: Car-less Klezmer in Madison

Let me step back to Madison and Yid Vicious for a moment to present a 20 minute video of the band's participation in "Car-less" week in Madison, WI.

April 5, 2009

KlezKanada dance video

From Avia Moore

one of our film scholarship students made this short film about dance at KlezKanada. I only found out that I was the "narrator" last week. Here it is:

It includes shots at the of the piece I developed with my students at KlezKanada last year. Also really nice shots of Steve's class.

Hope you enjoy!

"Freedom Seder" on YouTube

From Art Waskow's Shalom Center:

We have just posted on YouTube part of the only existing film of the original Freedom Seder held on April 4, 1969, the first anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, the third night of Passover.

Doing the electronic wizardry necessary to put excerpts from the film on YouTube made it a little darker than the original. But you can clearly see and hear the readings, the comments, the questions, and the joyful responses of hundreds of people of varied racial and religious communities who gathered in a Black church in the heart of Washington DC to celebrate the Seder.

Continue reading ""Freedom Seder" on YouTube" »

Lox & Vodka's Caron Dale / "Havdalah" on YouTube

Lox & Vodka's Caron Dale posts to the Jewish-Music list:

I just wanted to let the list know that I posted my first you tube video. Feel free to check it out when you have a chance:

Marty Levitt videos and CD release

Pete Rushefsky writes to the Jewish-Music list:

There's now a Youtube channel dedicated to clarinetist Marty Levitt with some great concert vids from the '80s:

For the curious, Binyomin Ginsberg notes that the trumpeter in the videos is Ken Gross.

Dave Levitt writes:

CD coverA remastered collection from the Marty Levitt Klezmer Ensemble was just released on March 31,2009 through Universal Music Group.

ברכת החמה

From Moussa Berlin, who plays the lead clarinet:

Our Rabbis taught: He who sees the sun at its turning point, the moon in its power, the planets in their orbits, and the signs of the zodiac in their orderly progress, should say:

Blessed be He who has wrought the work of creation.

And when [does this happen]? — Abaye said:

Every twenty-eight years when the cycle begins again and the Nisan [Spring] equinox falls in Saturn on the evening of Tuesday, going into Wednesday

This year it will happen on the 8th of April 2009 (Erev Pesach 5759)

March 28, 2009

Yiddishe Cup, live video

Our favorite heirs of Mickey Katz, Yiddishe Cup, send out two videos from shows back in February. This one claims to be "klezmer hip hop" featuring throat singing. Beat boxing. Hip Hop. "Tsiganeshti." Jack Stratton, soloist.

And then we have "Halelujah," with Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Gerald Ross, soloist.

Budowitz videos

Two videos featuring Budowitz talking about their music, from WatchMojo

Video of Jewish Violinist Leon Schwartz

From the usual suspect—Mark Rubin, this was recorded in his living room by folklorist Itzik Gottesman. "The audio drops out a few times, but hang in there, this is the real deal straight from the master himself&hellipse;.

February 7, 2009

Brazilian Klezmer band, "Zemer" on YouTube

This trio are from the Zemer group, from Rio de Janeiro. You can see also a reharsal joining samba and klezmer music. We, from Zemer, met percussionists from the School of Samba Beija Flor, one of the greatest groups of samba in Rio de Janeiro. This meeting was recorded for a documentary about a neighborhood were the first jews settled when arrived in Rio, in the 40s.

new Yiddish rap: Gey nisht avek

Lori Cahan-Simon spotted this one:

A Yiddish rap song by German/Israeli singer Zionlight. The aim is to keep Yiddish alive amongst the younger generation. "Gey nisht avek" (don't go away) is a song dedicated to the Yiddish language, saying don't go away. Read more: Zionlight on MySpace

new video from DeScribe and Y-Love

So, what do you get from two Orthodox Jewish rappers of different backgrounds? A familiar-sounding pitch in new clothing:

Erez, of Shemspeed writes: "we will be releasing one song per month from DeScribe & Y-Love, preview "Make It" which comes out Feb 24th, click to the

January 20, 2009

Worlds within a World releases Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman film

Jack Zaentz covered this back in May, and here I am catching up—but this is important:

video coverYiddish Film Project
Worlds within a World: Conversations with Yiddish Writers
Beyle Schaechter Gottesman: Song of Autumn

The League for Yiddish is pleased to announce that the film Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman: Song of Autumn (BEYLE SHEKHTER-GOTESMAN: Harbstlid), the second film in our series Worlds within a World: Conversations with Yiddish Writers (A velt mit veltelekh: shmuesn mit yidishe shraybers) is ready and available for viewing and purchase.

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January 19, 2009

Piyut online

Eva Broman spotted this site and wrote to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

Just by chance I came across this blog with some wonderful pioutim by the Tunisian hazzan (Cantor) Acher Mizrachi:

Check out "Habibi Ya Habibi" with Itzik Kalah,

"Naguila Hallelouia" with Ruby Chen,

And a modern version with Stalos and Oren Chen,

Another Tunisian piout with Beni Barda,

There is a lot more on the achermizrachi site. Here is an article about his music: Creative Cultural Fusions: "Orientalizing" the Ballad Melody, by Samuel G. Armistead, Faculty Research Lecture, 1998, University of California, Davis. Enjoy!

January 18, 2009

This Land is Your Land, at the pre-Inauguration concert this afternoon

I heard part of this, and I saw a bit more on the news, but here is one of the most exciting parts of this afternoon's concert. Doesn't have anything to do with Jewish music directly (although there may be few who grew up in this country who haven't sung it—heck, I first learned it in Canada, when I lived in Calgary as a child, with just a few identifying landmarks change). But this is a more complex version than is usually sung, and Pete Seeger looks like he waited a lifetime for this moment. I thought he was ready to retire back in the '80s, and here he still is.

May some of our hopes and dreams for this new administration, with our ongoing efforts, turn out true.

January 7, 2009

Music, Jews, and Arabs - a common ground

This from Eva Broman on the Jewish-Music list. Commentary Eva's, from last month:

I came across a few clips that give a picture of the relations between Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis which differs quite a lot from the ones we're used to seeing. The clips show Arab singers performing for Israeli Jewish audiences, as well as Israeli Jewish singers appearing in front of enthusiastic Arab audiences.

The first one is from a live show with Druze singer Sharif, in a Jewish club:

On 16-Jan-2009, I got an email from "Michael" giving further details: "The village where Avi Biter is singing is Jisr Az-Zarqa, between Caesaria and Zikhron Yaacov on the Mediterranean coast." Thank you!

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January 4, 2009

Video: Buenos Aires Klezmer Festival

There is an ear-splitting promo video of this past September's Klezmer Festival in Argentina , 15 to 21 September 2008 at the festival website, It's not the same as viewing live clips, but both the video, and the festival, are exciting, nonetheless.

I note that the Bellingham, Washington-based "Millie and the Mentshn" are among the festival participants!

Adam Stinga, trumpet, w/ Other Europeans Project

From bassist-at-large Mark Rubin comes this video:

A snippet featuring the amazing Moldavian trumpeter Adam Stinga from Yiddish Summer Weimar.

January 1, 2009

Yiddis video from down under

Lionel Mrocki, of the Australian klezmer supergroup Klezmania writes:

My nephew has uploaded 2 video clips that the "yiddish rock band" Flamen recorded in yiddish revival city of Melbourne in 1986.

The first song "Zibn Teg" won second prize in the Charlotte Yiddish Folk Song Contest in 1987. (I still have a photocopy of the United Carolina Bank check from the Charlotte Yiddish Institute)

I squirm when I see or even think about these clips, the production was all done gratis and it shows, but they're part of my history

Flamen - Zibn Teg (7 Days)

Flamen - Unter A Grin Beymele (Under A Green Tree)

And, bringing us up to current times, here is a first recording by Yiddish Choir Melbourne with a number that has probably never been heard before in international Yiddish circles:

Ghettoplotz: Jew Many DJs - Music Video Mashup

Continuing our quick catch up from around the world, the DJ's from the UK's GhettoPlotz presents their own take on the world of Yiddish music, this time, in a mere five minutes—but with video!

Moussa Berlin live in Jerusalem

So, you just heard Pete Sokolow doing some very American-style klezmer. Now, by way of contrast, the great Moussa Berlin wails away in Jerusalem on "Bar Yohai nigunim".

Pete Sokolow tears up Tarras' Rumeinishe Freilakhs

Michael Winograd posts this great video from a recent gig by the Tarras Band: "The Tarras Band plays the music of Dave Tarras (no way!!!) featuring Peter Sokolow on piano, Ben Holmes on Trumpet, Michael Winograd on Clarinet, Jim Guttman on Bass, Richie Barshay and David Licht on Drums. Here Mr. Sokolow tears it up on an old klezmer standard "

Elaine Hoffman-Watts: Girls Don't Play Drums

Keith Wolzinger posted this last week—I believe it is the first video cast by his wife, Renah Wolzinger. From the content, it looks as though this was recorded at KlezKanada last summer. For more on mothers who play drums, see a video from earlier this fall.

Watch the new short documentary film by Renah Wolzinger about legendary Klezmer drummer Elaine Hoffman-Watts:

There's even more video of Elaine from the Philadelphia Folklore Project: Women Play Klezmer

December 25, 2008

"Days of Light" from Yerachmiel

Sharon Frant(d) Brooks spotted this one. She writes: "This is a GREAT modern Chanukah fun musical piece."

I can't seem to get the page to give me embeddable code, so follow the link—it isn't so far:

Sufganiot - Rabbi Joe Black and Maxwell St. Klezmer

If you look through YouTube you will find that our old friends at Maxwell Street Klezmer have recorded their own version of "Ocho Kandelikas." Fortunately, this song from their new CD with Rabbi Joe Black shows some different Hanukkah consciousness. Remember, not for nothing is this the holiday of oil

KlezFactor merits "Video of the day"

Check out Medea's Video Pick of the Day for Dec 22. Yup, it's our Toronto friends, KlezFactor, whose most recent CD, Klezmachine is attracting a lot of attention. That album is now the #1 charted album on CHUO radio's "International" chart, for the week ending December 16th -- and that's up from #6 from the previous week. The band also charted at #19 for the CIUT chart (all included) for the same week (ending December 16).

You can get your copy of KlezMachine on

Or, you can get started by watching this jazz-klezmer cut from KlezMachine, "Naftule Brandwein is a badass mathematician."

An Afro-Semitic "Ocho Kandelikas"

I really enjoy this, but I am beginning to feel the same way about "Ocho Kandelikas" the same way I feel about מאוז צור and "I have a little dreidl." Get with the program, folks. Let's have some really neat new Hanukkah songs (see previous entry about the new Erran Baron Cohen CD for one example that might still seem worth repeating next your. Or may not).

Erran Baron Cohen - Dreidl

ad for CDWhat could be more fitting on this fourth day of Chanukkah but to present this non-embeddable video of a cut from Erran Baron Cohen's new CD. Look closely, and while Chassidim carefully put up Jesus' name in Hebrew graffiti, there's also a bit of Y-Love:

Erran Baron Cohen - Dreidel

You can also visit the official website for "Songs in the Key of Hanukkah"

December 21, 2008

Jewlia Eisenberg and Kugelplex wish you a Happy Hanukkah

From Jewlia Eisenberg, who has spent the last couple of months unreasonably ill and could use some good healing:

Happy solstice. To celebrate, here's a video clip you may dig: everyone's favorite bosnian-jewish khanukah hit, sung by me with kugelplex (like last year's "yiddish rudolph"). que viva flory jagoda! i just entered into correspondence with her this year, she's pretty inspiring for me.

December 15, 2008

Pass the candle

Today's corny, but nice Chanukah video - turns out the singer is a friend of someone here at work:

Moussa Berlin honored in Israel - 50 years of incredible music

Check out this video from a concert in Moussa's honor this past week:

נ.ב - מצ"ב הקישור להופעה בערב ההצדעה ל 50 שנות מוסיקה של מוסא ברלין . אם כי הצילום אינו איכותי דיו ,אך הוא ממצה ומרגש לצפייה

December 2, 2008

Mothers who Drum

We're all familiar with Elaine Hoffman Watts, mother of trumpeter/vocalist Susan, and drummer extraordinaire. Now, Christian Dawid returns from a trip to the Ukraine with this video of Maria Parfenivna Baranovska, mother of part of the family which makes up the extraordinary Konsonans Retro:

She is, as he puts it, "Ukraine's Coolest Drummer"

November 23, 2008

I wanna be a rebbe

Whoa! This one spotted on the Blog in Dm, which caught it elsewhere. Looks like the attempts by some haredirabbis to make being a rebbe look pretty stupid are bearing fruit. If poking fun at the rebbes isn't your cup of tea, there are some excellent recent CD reviews this past week. Need I mention that the holiday that has no historic gift-giving tradition overlaps this year with the majority culture holiday that, likewise, had no such tradition until coming to Amerike:

Jorma Kaukonen plays KlezmerGrass

This just posted to Facebook (and YouTube) by Margot Leverett from the CD release for her fabulous "Second Avenue Squaredance" CD. You get a sense of why I can't stop listening--and now you know what to get the bluegrass and/or klezmer music fans in your life for Chanuka! (Did I mentioned David Licht on drums, Tony Trishka, or the others?)

November 14, 2008

The Chanukah video bar just got much, much higher

I see this as one response to the shameful passage of proposition 8 in San Francisco last week, "Brokeback Dreidel", by Captain Smartypants, a Seattle Men's Chorus Ensemble:

October 22, 2008

Di Grine Kuzine get silly

I can't resist. Here is the German klezmer band, Di Grine Kuzine doing a brassy sounding, visually thoroughly cheesy version of "Popcorn" from way, way back in 2003 (gee, that's generations in Internet years):

October 12, 2008

Pete Sokolow with the Tarras Band

Michael Winograd posts this video in which Pete Sokolow talks about Dave Tarras with the Tarras Band—contemporary musicians playing Dave Tarras' music:

September 28, 2008

Jewlia Eisenberg's busy summer

I am so jealous. Eisenberg is one of the most creative people working with Jewish music (and just about everything) today. A query about a Ladino version of "Miserlu" (fielded by the always-knowledgeable Sephardic music maven Judith Cohen netted this wrapup of how she's spent her summer, none of it I might add with a bit if truculence, in Boston. (I did catch Basya Shaechter at Ashkenaz, so it was't a summer without creative highlights on this coast.) At least it's documented!:

… in other news, everything well here. played in the krakow jewfest this summer, that blew my mind. lots of amazing musicians, no sleep. here's a clip:

bowls project almost finished recording, it's coming out on tzadik in february. sketches here:

below on that page is this side project i'm doing on the intersection of rebetika and salonikan jewish folk music. kinda cool. doing it with the guys from kugelplex as you can see. it's pretty fun, sexy.

frank london was in town and we did a bunch of khassidish and roma tunes with him, it was fun, here's a little bit of one:

i think that's everything. …

"Signs of Peace" set to Susan Watts / Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars

Don't know anything about this, although I applaud the effort: Someone named "Barak Kassar" has created an interesting video ראש השנה card at

New Jazz Yizkor recording

This was sent by David Chevan in time for the Sept 11 remembrance, but has sat, like too many other entries, awaiting time. As we approach the High Holidays (and the election season), it still seems very relevant. Don't forget to check out his new CD of this recording. [ari]

“There are three ways to mourn. The first is to cry. The second is to grow silent. The third is to transform sorrow into song.” —Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Our friend, videographer Jay Miles, recently completed a film he made of The Afro-Semitic Experience and Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi recording the Yizkor prayer for Martyrs. He posted it on YouTube. I mention this only because today, September 11, you might want to take a moment to reflect and listen to a memorial prayer instead of listening to politicians mouth empty phrases and even emptier promises.

"If you are so moved, please share this music with your friends and family."

September 26, 2008

Paul Brody's Sadawi in Lithuania

Here's a nice Rosh Hashana treat, as it were—interview with Paul Brody, with clips from a performance by his band "Sadawi," in Vilnius, Lithuania. Treat it as a counter to this summer's antisemitic incidents in that once-very-Jewish town.

And, of course, German-based trumpeter Paul Brody's bands are worth listening to regardless, or from wherever.

July 6, 2008

Beltz - Vira Lozinsky with Raanana Symphonette Orchestra

Here is a link to video of me singing "Beltz" during the homage concert to Leopold Kozlowski (the "Last Klezmer of Galicia") with Raanana Symphonette Orchestra.

Raanana, Israel , 08 October 2007
Vira Lozinsky

"Other Europeans" concert at Krakow Jewish Culture Fest

Writer Ruth Ellen Gruber attended the first performance of Yiddish Summer Weimar's "Other Europeans" concert:

The "Other Europeans" project—an intercultural dialogue on Yiddish and Roma music, culture and identity—had its concert debut July 2 at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow. The two-year project entails creation of two bands, one Yiddish and one Roma, which this year will play separately, developing repertoires with common Romanian roots and next year will join forces, performing together. At the concert in Krakow, each band played a set and then joined together for the encore—here's a link to a video I shot of that joint performance. Sorry about the fuzzy video, but the sound is more or less OK….

The project is a collaborative effort of the Yiddish Summer Weimar, the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival and the KlezMORE festival in Vienna. Driving force behind it is Alan Bern. For details of the project, see

Yiddish Summer Weimar kicks off next weekend with a 3-day "other Europeans" symposium.

Günther Schöller notes:

The internet radio station broadcasts both Vienna concerts:

The concert of the "Yiddish Music Project" is on July 7th, starting at 9 pm local time, that's 3 pm in New York. The concert of the "Roma Music Project" is on July 8th, same time.

Both concerts should also be available as stream on demand afterwards, but I'm not 100% sure.

La Minute Klezmer Bling Bling

Klezmer has really caught on in Paris. Catch this quick video from Yom, a Parisian klezmer channelling Naftule Brandwein.

June 30, 2008

Gypsy-Klezmer Mashup

Thanks to Jack Zaentz for discovering this gem, a clip from the 1998 movie, train de vie. Now, if I could just convince Netflix to carry the DVD so I can watch the whole story:

June 29, 2008

KlezKamp Channel on YouTube - new clips

Well, first of all, you can view the KlezKamp channel on YouTube (to which you can even subscribe with your ipod or newsreader) at

Recent posts include "KlezKamp 2007 - Carpathian Jewish Wedding Band (Part 1)":

and KlezKamp 2007 - Dance by Felix Fibich's class

Krakow Jewish Culture Festival concerts to be streamed online

It's Krakow Jewish Culture Festival Time! Several of the concerts are being broadcast, starting with today's cantorial concert. Krakow time is GMT+1, or 6 hours later than here on the US East Coast. To catch the7pm local time concert, tune in at 1pm EST, or the equivalent for wherever you are. There will be concerts all week, most at 7pm and 10pm Krakow time.

June 28, 2008

Channe Nussbaum & Klezmofobia rock out in Mexico

From Channe Nussbaum, Queen of Danish Klezmer, ever pushing the edges of Yiddish music, this time, in Mexico! (Is that the largest bass balalaika you've ever seen, or what?

Klezmofobia has recently returned—all high from playing stadium concert in Mexico City for at least 15.000 wild young mexicans. We were also invited to perform in the mexican TV show "Animal Nocturno"; a channel wich is broadcasted in all Mexico, Latin America and the USA.

We met other bands from many countries who also participated the Ollinkan Festival, and we had a marvellous time partying and jamming with people from Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Germany, South America etc.

Here's a couple of samples from the TV show "Animal Nocturno":

Grine kuzine/Zigeuner

Vi ahin zol icg gehn

Best regards
Channe Nussbaum

June 26, 2008

פארווערטס - א שפּאציר איבער דער רעדאקציע

Chana Pollack recently sent a link to the "first yiddish web-video we made here at the Forverts."

It's neat! But when I suggested that it was time to move beyond the nostalgia stuff and do some hard-hitting video news in Yiddish, she responded, "Sandler's already got me cranking on the video magazine. We're on it—it's in the works. And someone in the land of Klez calling us nostalgia freaks? Ahem. Unless you're Wolfe Krakowsky--you're swimming in the stuff."

Touché. And for those of us who need a bit of help, here's the english-subtitled version:

The Ark on SPARK

The Ark
KQED's SPARK video crew chronicled the Berkeley Jewish Music Festival's first ever artist residency: "The Ark presents Cyclical Rituals (part 1): Spring". The 10-minute clip is now available online (also includes a separate segment on David Grisman):

June 22, 2008

Konsonans Retro on YouTube

Christian Dawid writes: "For those of you who are already looking forward to the Kraków festival and KlezKanada…">

"[Filmed last night [back on May 18, 2008—the KlezmerShack can be slow. ari]. Yes, it's pretty dark, but the tune is all the brighter!] [You can also see Guy Schalom dance for three seconds.]"

Video: Klezmer Juice performing in LA

Gustavo Bulgach here frOm Klezmer Juice…. Here's a new video of us performing @ the DOROTHY CHANDLER THEATRE in LOS ANGELES last December. I hope everything is fine and we'll see you guys soon with UNA NOCHE YIDDISHE. ZAI GEZUNDT

June 21, 2008

Drapkin's "Suite of Old Yiddish Melodies" performed by Austin Symphonic, on YouTube

Michael Drapkin writes: Dear Friends and Family: I had the great honor of having our wonderful Austin Symphonic Band perform my concert band piece "Suite of Old Yiddish Melodies" this past Father's Day here in Austin in Zilker Park. The Texas sun had just gone down, but the air temperature was still in the '90s, so it was sweltering, but the band still played great. Shayna videotaped the concert live all the way from the back of the hillside, which accounts for a lot of crowd noise, but it was done on a tripod, so the results were pretty good. Naturally, her bias was to zoom in on her father! It was appropriate for this to be performed on Father's Day, as on the score I dedicated it to my grandfather Philip Segalove, who used to play a lot of these tunes when I was a child. This piece has been performed by several bands previously, but this is the first time I got to actually perform it myself playing the big solo clarinet part. It is being published this year by Northeastern Music Publications, so it may be coming to a high school or college band near you! It is broken into two pieces in order fit onto YouTube: Suite of Old Yiddish Melodies, Part 1: Suite of Old Yiddish Melodies, Part 2:

June 15, 2008

The klezmer Golem, revisited

dvd coverIt was just a few years ago that Mark Rubin sent me word of an exciting project. He and his Austin-based band had screened the 1920 silent film by Paul Wegener, The Golem to a (mostly klezmer, with some davening assists by Cantor Neil Blumofe) soundtrack he composed. The results were captured on DVD.

The result is fascinating. In the 16th century Prague, of course, wild Jewish wedding music would surely have been popular as 20th century German Jews would have distanced themselves as far as possible from such unmannered music. Anachronisms abound upon anachronisms (including some of the very romantic plot twists), all moved along at an enlivening pace by Rubinchik's Yiddish Ensemble. Occasionally, one can hear the reactions of the audience viewing the movie.

This classic was almost immediately sold out. I am pleased to announce that "The Golem: How He Came Into The World" is once again available to the discerning public, with the klezmer accompaniment from as DVD or digital download.

May 20, 2008

Portuguese Street Corner klezmer

I owe this one to Jack Zaentz' "Teruah blog:

March 8, 2008

Max Romeo, Tel Aviv

Glenn Tamir posts this clip to YouTube, with this explanation:

Just went to a great show at a club called Barbi in Tel Aviv. Max Romeo ("War Inna Babylon") played a great show.

Here's a little clip of "Ska Ska Ska" into "Wings of a Dove"


February 19, 2008

Play along with the Austin Klezmorim and learn some klezmer

From the people who gave us an amazing latke recipe (don't worry; I'll repeat it come Hanuka again), the world's best version of the Purim story, and the Flounder Blues, comes a new video series on YouTube: Play along with the Austin Klezmorim (complete with music on your computer screen). Here's the world-famous Zeltser Vasser:

Catch the whole series, or subscribe to it on Bill Averbach's YouTube channel,

February 16, 2008

new dance documentary released

Eva Broman found this one, The Land of Milk and Honey:

The original concept was to introduce to the world a man we believed was lost to history. From childhood on, we all sang and danced to the song “Eretz Zavat Chalav u’Dvash”, but like most, we believed the song was one passed down from generation to generation, a traditional song written eons ago, another song of the collective Jewish experience. But through a chance encounter a few years back, we learned that the composer, Eliahu Gamliel (now in his 80’s), was indeed alive and still teaching dance and music in Israel.

For more, check out the website for the documentary.

February 11, 2008

Panorama Krewe at Mardi Gras

It's Mardi Gras time in New Orleans and that means that our favorite tuba-playing bluesman, Mark Rubin is hanging out with Ben Schenk and the Panorama Jazz Band. Mark provides a bunch of fine photos on his blog, and I've borrowed the YouTube video from the same source:

February 9, 2008

The Harlem Experiment's "Reefer Man" gets political animation on YouTube

CD coverIt's Black History month. On a site that talks mostly about Jewish music, there isn't a lot of intersection once I get through with the bittersweet way in which Rabbi Heschel's yahrzeit and the Reverend King, Jr's birthday come at the same time, just before the month begins. (Bittersweet because both are missed.) But there was a fascinating place where "black" and "Jewish" intersected in a fascinating way, and that was Harlem. A couple of months ago Grammy-winning producer Aaron Levinson got folks ranging from Taj Mahal to Don Byron to celebrate that shared history in a remarkably wonderful CD, "The Harlem Experiment. You first heard about it here back in October, and then I found a great review and other info. Now, I offer a wonderfully tasteless political cartoon animating "The Reefer Man" from that self-same CD.

I confess. I'd be tempted to eschew the video and get a few copies of the CD.

"A Cantor's Tale," now available on DVD

If you read this site regularly, you will remember me kvelling about a wonderful documentary a couple of years ago about Cantor Jack Mendelson. Now the movie's Director/Producer Erik Anjou writes that it is available on DVD from Ergo Media.

For those wondering what Anjou will do to follow up the movie, I have had the opportunity to view some clips from a new documentary about The Klezmatics. Should be very exciting.

February 8, 2008

Veretski Pass interview from Oct 2007

Ates Temeltas, who run's the band's label, sent this Veretski Pass interview to me month's ago, but it's still good video. It also includes footage of the band playing:

Prior to their concert at California State University, Sacramento [in October 2007], members of Veretski Pass were interviewed by the producers from MusiqBase website. Here is the link to the first part of that interview in which Cookie, Josh and Stu talk about the background of music performed by Veretski Pass.

February 7, 2008

Two generations of klezmorim

An lovely person who was trying to "friend" me on YouTube sent me this video of Jason Rosenblatt and his niece Neshama Rosenblatt enjoying some quality harmonica time together. Another klezmer generation gets its licks in on "Bei mir bistu shein". Indeed!:

Mickey Katz' descendents endow Jewish Music chair

Rokhl Kafrissen blogged this one on her גלות ײד blog

UCLA receives $1 million to establish chair in Jewish music: UCLA alum and wife make gift in honor of Yiddish entertainer Mickey Katz, By Carolyn Campbell and Eleanore Reznikoff

While I'm at it, read down on recent blog entries and you'll find a link to video of KlezCalifornia way back when—When KlezKamp was a baby. Such young looking Hank Sapoznik, Adrienne Cooper, Margot Leverett, and Joel Rubin, among others. I can even swear I caught Jim Rebhan at one of the jam sessions.

February 3, 2008

"Papirosn," tango-style

On the Jewish-Music list, that subset of participants, the guardians of all that is proper Yiddish kulchah (not necessarily the people promulgating such culture) have been having a field day emphasizing how much they despise an especially shmaltzy version of the song by a Russian singer. It is sufficiently gruesome to my ears that I will not repeat the link on this page. But Radio host Rochelle Zucker has dug up a tango version of the song, beautifully sung by Argentinian singer Zully Goldfarb (whose "Makh tsu di eygelakh" came in for criticism, itself, a few months ago):

Here is another Youtube version of the same song by Argentinean Tango/Yiddish singer Zully Goldfarb. She performs in the Tango Clubs in Buenos Aires and always includes several Yiddish songs in her show - and always explains what they are and where they come from and also about her own life as a daughter of Polish Immigrants to Argentina

Something is going on in Argentina. There is some fascinating Jewish culture happening there, ranging from this singer, to the klezmer/Yeshivish band, Orkestra Kef, to the brilliant improvisationists, the Lerner Moguilevsky Dúo. |

February 2, 2008

Konsonans Retro and others in Helsinki Jam

For those (myself included) who can't get enough of Konsonans Retro, here's a jam session from the Helsinki Klezmer Fest with members of that band, Kharkov Klezmer (another set of amazing folks) and more, forward to the Jewish-Music list by usual provocateur, Christian David:

Christian continued, "Here's another groovy Moldavian tune from the same session:"

January 31, 2008

Y-Love and Afro-Semitic Ensemble on YouTube

David Chevan, currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of his Afro-Semitic Ensemble, writes to the Jewish-Music list:

Just wanted to let you know that there is now a video on YouTube of The Afro-Semitic Experience jamming this past Sunday night with Y-Love rapping!! It is pretty cool (though you can't see Baba and Alvin drumming) and the audio is decent enough that you can even hear when Y-Love switches to Aramaic. Hope you enjoy!

January 30, 2008

New video clip of Divahn, others

Eva Broman found these clips:

I just found some really nice clips on youtube. The first one is "Divahn" performing Avihu Medina's "Shabechi Yerushalayim":

And some of my favourite Israeli artists, the comedy/singing combo "Ma Kashur?" together with Sharif in a real "hafla" tune: And something totally different, from another era in Israeli music and television (Yigal Bashan, singing "Yesh li Tsipur K'tana b'lev" (I've a small bird in my heart)): I fell for this song when I first heard it in the movie "Bikur Ha-Tizmoret" with a group of Israeli friends. It must be something of a classic, because all the Israelis instantly recognized it and hummed along. "Bikur Ha-Tizmoret" is highly recommended, BTW. There is some excellent acting, and a warm, understated humour.

December 16, 2007

Yiddish "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

The greatest klezmer Christmas song ever! The biggest Jewish contribution to solstice celebrations since Irving Berlin penned "White Christmas"! A Yiddish "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," performed by San Francisco's Kugelplex. Vocals by Jewlia Eisenberg of Charming Hostess.

More at and

November 4, 2007

Klezmer Juice in "Una Noche Yidishe"

From the wonderful traditional klezmer clarinetist, Gustavo Bulgich, come these YouTube Videos of a recent show:

Gustavo here.

Please check out the posting of 2 videos from the show "UNA NOCHE YIDISHE" Premiered on October 20th @ the Red Cat theatre in Los Angeles.


Stacy Phillips & Paul Howard: Jewish Music medley

It's hard for me to call a medley that starts off with a lovely "Shalom Aleichem," and has some clear Hawaiian influences a "klezmer medley," but the music is beautiful and Stacy remains one of my favorite guitarists:

October 15, 2007

The Shondes!

Correction? Am informed that this band, whose videos are on YouTube as the "Shondes" are, in fact, called "Something Fierce." Interesting band, but the real shondes can be found at So what's up with these YouTube videos?

Found this great punk band with a wonderful Jewish name, albeit, no particularly Jewish content or sound. It's a shonde that I haven't heard of them before. If you know more about them, send me e-mail.

South Coast Simcha Band on YouTube

Keith Wolzinger sends notice that his band, South Coast Simcha Band, has joined the trend and now has a wide panoply of performance clips up on YouTube. S'iz a pleasure, Keith:

October 13, 2007

New SoCalled video, "You are never alone"

Lori Cahan-Simon spotted this one and posted to the Jewish-Music list (does he ever write the KlezmerShack? does he ever call?):

Sukkoth in Jerusalem

Dancer Yehuda Schnaps sent in this link:

Movie with some clips of music ,dances and sites from the beautiful Klezmer parade at Sukot in Jerusalem (See dances of original chasidic dancers at the start of second minute in the movie)

September 29, 2007

New Arabic-Hebrew peace song

Richard Silverstein turned me on to this:

You can read Richard's intro to the song on his blog, Tikun Olam-תקון עולם. I admire the sentiment in this new song, and hope that it presages other good things to come, but I would feel more hopeful if in the introduction to the song, he didn't feel necessary to attack a rather nice Israeli folk song of the same name, one often sung in rounds, with great feeling and camraderie. I happen not to believe that "Haveinu Shalom Aleichem" is a "tired old folk song that has outlived its usefulness"—tired, I guess because it merely makes people feel good, emphasizes bringing peace in only one language, and doesn't have a Middle Eastern melody?

Surely making peace does not need to be a subtractive process such that we must reach back to some earlier form of exclusive political correctness (current exclusive political correctness, of course, would ask "which way the prayer meeting" and sneer at anyone who isn't a fundamentalist neo-con and gung ho about tossing the liberties and constitutional protections that make this country unique, er, in the name of putting those liberties and that constitution someplace secure and locked away from everyday human protection?). I would contend quite the opposite. But that's a whole 'nother issue. So, let's start all over again, enjoy this song and its performance for the joy that it is, and if that helps us build other good things, all the better. And if people in my sukkah break out with the better known traditional form of the song, perhaps in a round, during our sukkah gathering and jam session tomorrow, why we might even go on to "Mah tovu ohalekha" or "Aleh Everyone" (once known as "aleh brider," after the first, traditional verse). To paraphrase Pete Seeger, there is a lot of good in those tired old folk songs. New ones are welcome, too!

September 28, 2007

Klezmer Brass Allstars from 2002, PLUS Gangbe Brass

Mark Rubin discovered this—the wonderful Old Town school in Chicago, breeding ground of so much damn good music—dug through their box of tapes and has begun digitizing:

Their description reads: "Another from The Vault (which I guess is what we’re calling the boxes in the basement now), this one from October 28th, 2002. An all-brass Klezmer band is a concept easy enough to get your head around (and this one is great, don’t get me wrong), but an African brass band is a mind-blower. It’s Earth, Wind & Fire meets King Sunny Ade. I kid you not. Video direction by Bob Medich."

Gangbe Brass Band & Klezmer All-Stars

September 27, 2007

Video/Audio: Twisting Tradition: Music History and Cultural Change, LA, Spring 2007

Imagine two of the most creative people in Jewish music: Frank London and Jewlia Eisenberg on a panel moderated by their equal in cultural commentary, Josh Kun. They talk, they, sing, they play recordings. It happened at the Nextbook “Acting Jewish” festival held at UCLA in April. In a recent visit, Jewlia talked about the panel as one of the most fun event of its type in which she had participated. Listen or watch:

Musicians Jewlia Eisenberg and Frank London chat with writer Josh Kun about Jewish music, and perform live.

still from Nextbook panel w/Frank London, Jewlia Eisenberg, and Josh Kun



P.S. Pay very close attention to Jewlia talking about her new amulets project. This is very, very, very worth seeing/hearing when it comes to a location near you.

June 30, 2007

Marty Schwartz, Budowitz, KlezCalifornia on video

Martin Schwartz; image from KQEDItzik Gottesman posted this to the Jewish-Music list. It's a dynamite ~7 minute clip from the Bay Area's KQED on the Klezmer Revival today, and about the most recent KlezCalifornia featuring Budowitz:

It's a segment from the KQED show, Spark(?) This aired in June, 2007:

"We don’t quite understand how it’s gone on for decades and continues to be vital." —Martin Schwartz

After I posted this yesterday, Marty Schwartz e-mailed with his own evaluation of the piece:

"Hi , Ari! Hope yr doing welll. You may share/forward this; please do, actually.

"Pity they didn't play (prob. due to considerations of time) the proto-jazz trumpet doina solo prefacing the upbeat tune on the 1st record I present (it's all on my Arhoolie klezmer reissue, cut 6, Orchestre Goldberg on a Greek disk of 1908 Istanbul.

"Dunno who came up with the bit about band not stopping til the dancers 'shvits'.

"Apparently it was meant to supply a little quasi-Yiddish coloration (as though Yiddish shvits is more funky than the more widespread saline exudate called 'sweat').

"I think was excellently done (I had fun, too), like the other shows in the Spark series."

June 24, 2007

Seattle's "Kesselgarden" on YouTube

Carl Shutoff writes from Seattle:

Kesselgarden (Carl Shutoff on clarinet and Laurie Andres on accordion) is on YouTube. See an excerpt from our CD release event and see us perform a Goldenshteyn medley at the 2007 Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle.

Can't fault the band's name. That's where my great grandfather entered these shores (and according to family legend, got his last name).

June 17, 2007

Millie and the Mentshn on YouTube

Millie and the Mentshn are based in Bellingham, WA. Someone attending a recent concert caught some performance bits on their cellphone and posted to YouTube. Visual quality is as might be expected, but there is some fun here for mainstream klezmer/yiddish show tune fans, including "Yidl mitn fidl":

There are a couple of clips, available at, and of course, you can subscribe to the channel to pick up future uploads.

May 14, 2007

David Chevan's "Yizkor" on YouTube

About two weeks ago, on Monday, April 16, I had the opportunity to premiere Yizkor: Music of Memory and Mourning, a memorial concert I composed for cantor and jazz ensemble. The lyrics for the pieces all come from the Yizkor service (the Jewish memorial service) and the music that I composed is a mixture of jazz-inflected melodies and rhythms and chazzanut-the often highly melismatic and distinctive traditional singing style used by cantors-a style that dominated their singing more in the late 19th and first half of the 20th century. One of my compositional goals was to reinvigorate this now less commonly used singing style by putting it into a new context. The other was to create a modern Jewish memorial work.

Continue reading "David Chevan's "Yizkor" on YouTube" »

May 13, 2007

video blog from Klezmer Cruise in the Ukraine

This is Aisling Chin-Yee from the National Film Board, I am writing happily to you, to let you know about a film that Montreal director Garry Beitel from Beitel/Lazar Productions is making about the Josh Dolgin, and the Klezmer Cruise. I will be blogging about the experience on the cruise, posting pictures, video clips, and news, that you can check out at:

Looks like the cruise has just ended, but there is some amazing material: SoCalled, Krakauer, the Russian and Ukrainian crowd….

Jewish Dancing in Hollywood

Lori Lippitz, of Maxwell St. Klezmer posted this to the Jewish-Music list:

Speaking of staged movie choreography, Steve Weintraub reminded me of this scene from Thoroughly Modern Millie in which Julie Andrews sings a medley of Yiddish hits to deft Jewish wedding choreography. Someone was kind enough to post it online:

(That link leads one, inevitably, to the bottle dance from Fiddler:

It's 2007...have you shown these to your children/grandchildren?

May 12, 2007

Channe Nussbaum and Klezfobia video

Dennis Wilen, of the Jewish Journal of LA spotted this one: the amazing Danish Yiddish pop star, Channe Nussbaum:

April 4, 2007

NYC Tantshoyz on "YouTube"

Pete Rushefsky writes to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

Bob Cohen has graciously put up a YouTube video of footage from a recent Tantshoyz put on by CTMD. Here's Zev's (Zev Feldman) demonstrating "shining"—i.e., things to do when you've been thrown in the center of a freylekh circle:

Next CTMD Tantshoyzes at the JCC in Manhattan (Amsterdam & 76th) are on

Hope to see you at some of the upcoming events!
A zisn Peysakh, Pete Rushefsky
Center for Traditional Music and Dance

Support for the Yiddish Dance Project was provided to the Center for Traditional Music & Dance by the Forward Association and the New York State Council on the Arts Folk Arts Program, a State agency. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Video of new Minneapolis band, "Classic Klesmer"

Doug Cole sends in the following. I am hoping for updated listings on the klezmershack's band pages, soon:

My partner Judith Eisner, fidl has a very nice website that has video of her new band: Classic Klezmer. You may remember her from the remarkable photo of the Tsatskelehs All grrrl klezmer band posted on your band list a few years ago. And of course you will recognize her from Klez Kanada, she has attended last five years or so. The band was recorded at a cable tv station here in Minneapolis and the cable people have a website where they display local talent(baby blue arts). So check it out and tell everyone! I'm the biggest fan of course being her partner.

It's not as easy to play as YouTube, but if you have Windows Media Player, you should be okay.

More on Hutsul Tecso

As near as I can tell, it was Helen Winkler, originally posting to the Jewish-Music list about this video, that sparked Roger Reid's long post about the Hutsul music craze (and the subsequent discussion) a couple of weeks ago.

Now, Inna Barmash adds more information about the recording, also posted to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

Ah yes! I remember that night—this is in Budapest, at Fono in the Fall 2006. Tecso played after a wonderful set by Nikitov (Niki Jakobs et al) - that explains why you see Adam Good on bass jamming with the Ukranian musicians. The really frustrating thing about this recording is that I'm standing right behind the video guy the whole time, so no proof remains that I was there (except my own blurry pictures :)

The person posting the video is none-other than the omnipresent and sagacious Bob Cohen of Di Naye Kapelye. He turned us on to Tecso, and he's got a wonderful post on Tecso on his ever-enlightening blog. Sadly, Mihailo Csernavec, the tsimbalom player in the band (who was already ill at the time of this show) passed away very recently, and Bob tells his story and the story of the band here: Mihailo Csernavec, Hutsul Tsymbaly player, 1947-2007.

March 25, 2007


video coverWe just saw a rather amazing, transgressive movie called "Mendy." Released in 2003, it is about a young man who leaves the Satmar community and must figure out who he is. He must also figure out how to survive in a world where he has no skills—no knowledge of the world outside of studying in the yeshiva—no geography, no math, nothing. The movie touches on the usual religious transgressions (including a sexual scene involving t'fillin), but it is in the thoughtfulness with which the main character makes the transition from his familiar, beloved former life of prayer and devotion to G-d that the movie's impact is greatest.

Continue reading "Mendy" »

March 24, 2007

Metro Klezmer meets "American Shadkhn"

Metropolitan Klezmer has put up several clips of songs performed at a recent concert. That would be reason enough to mosey over to YouTube, but film expert and bandleader Eve Sicular has also tied this particular video back to it's original soundtrack. And, for those unfamiliar with American Shadkhn with the late comedian Leo Fuchs, there's more to this story than just the pshat.

March 20, 2007

The Music of Ancient Israel to "Jimmi Hendrix"-style klezmer!

As received:

I am writing,should you be interested in some of the musical material I have recently broadcast on, which amongst other things,features my attempts at bringing back to life the ancient sounds of the Jewish Temple Lyre,the "Kinnor",last played by my very own Levite ancestors in the Temple of Jerusalem,almost 2000 years only played,in my spare room,Salford,Lancashire,England!

Check out the the following link to all my somewhat unique musical videos which I have so far uploaded(which,amongst other things,also include an even more unique fusion of "Jimmi Hendrix" style electric violin and traditional Klezmer!!!)...

Mike Levy

March 13, 2007

Teapacks - the controversial "Push the Button" song, and "salaam salami," too!

This is the song Eurovision is having issues with? Give me a break!

But, if the truth be told, I agree with my old friend Michal Ayalon—"Salam Salami" is much more fun! Who needs reunion concerts by Poogy reruns when Tipex is writing new satire. (Okay, neither of these is the band at its most profound. There must be a place for peaceful frivolity. And remember, Katz's Deli in NYC still has a sign in its window (still current, unfortunately, but for the fact that your child in the armed forces might be either gender today): "Send a salami to your boy in the army".

Andy Statman on YouTube

Mel Korn stumbled onto this one. "This is a clip of Andy Statman playing the clarinet in his twice-weekly concert that takes place in a little shul on Charles St ":

March 3, 2007

Michael Wex: Lending our Jews in Belgium

Marilla Wex uploads yet another significant addition to the Michael Wex online video collection. In this episode, the Wexter discourses with drollity on … well, I let Marilla explain…

For those of you who weren't there and for those of you that were—I just worked out how to upload this short but very funny clip of Wex MCing at a concert in summer 2006. He'd just read an article about a Belgian lending library that was planning to lend out people from various ethnic groups....

it's the first of the two videos. The second I think most of you have seen - it's Wex giving his version of "I'm Too Sexy".

Video from Meron 7th of Adar fest

Moshe Berlin sends to the following link of Hasidic singing at this year's 7th of Adar celebration in Meron, Israel:

The 7th of Adar is the traditional Hillula (Moshe Rabeinu's day of birth and death) at the tomb of Rabi Shimeon Bar Yokhai … A lot of klezmer music, chassidic dancing, and of course "Khalakes" (first haircut to 3 years old kids).

February 28, 2007

Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys on YouTube

It's one of the few entries on YouTube of klezmer music actually tagged "klezmer." Wish it were longer. Margot introduces the band at the end, including one of the folks currently touring with returnee to the Jewish fold Jorma Kaukonen (who can be any religion he so chooses, so long as he doesn't stop playing blues ;-).)

February 25, 2007

Kitka and Davka on PBS; available also on DVD

Tzadik recordings artists Davka have been working on an interesting fusion of new Jewish music for a decade, fusing classical training and traditions with klezmer, yiddish, sephardic, and middle eastern sounds. A few years ago they appeared at the Berkeley Jewish Music Festival with an amazing women's Balkan chorus, Kitka. I have been a fan of the latter almost since their inception in 1979 and treasure my cassette copy of their first release. In a PBS special that aired in December 2006, the two groups appeared together, again. There are also some interviews with members of the two ensembles about Jewish music and what it is to them. Kitka performs a wide variety of Jewish, primarily Sephardic music, while Davka also delivers a very nice live performance. They close with a few numbers together and are joined by Cantor Stephen Saxon (KlexX). It's a lovely program. If your PBS station hasn't yet aired it, encourage them to do so. Or, purchase a DVD (more interviews, songs) yourself.

For more information, visit the filmmakers' website,
kitka and davka live

February 17, 2007

Nikitov captured live on video

archived on their website () and on the popular Dutch all-music program Vrije Geluiden which can be viewed at (Once on the website click on "bevat video" in the Nikitov Ensemble section and then click on "kijk hier naar Vrije Geluiden 11 Feb. 2007" on the left to view the show. The music performances are at 4:00 and 22:40 in the video). The group concludes the tour at De Waag in Haarlem where centuries of troubadors performed to prove their skill and talent and, in more recent history, folk singers like Joan Baez and Simon and Garfunkel have come to pay homage to the great singers of the past. The band begins their fall European tour in November.

December 25, 2006

The march of bad Jewish videos continues

Lila Feingold passes on this, um, version of one of the songs we instructed the band, at our wedding, not to play:

And Cantor Sam Weiss contributes this swinging version of the dreidl song featuring singer Kenny Ellis:

A day in the life of a tuba player

I'm only a few months behind in the list of really cool stuff that I need to get up on the KlezmerShack right away. But, here's a wonderful item forwarded to us by tuba god, Ron Caswell:

A friend of mine did a short 3 minute film on a day in the life of a tuba player in New York City. Some will find it amusing. Others will be horrified. I apologize in advance.


April 1, 2006

Broiges tanz - on film!

Another item from the amazing Helen Winkler:

I now have a page up with video and photos from the event Judith Cohen and I did a few weeks ago:

The video clip of the broiges tants requires the most recent version of Quick Time to view it. This dance happened quite by accident as I had not planned to do it but Judith started playing and singing it earlier in the evening and we decided to include it at the last minute. My dance partner, Judy Silver had never seen a broiges tants before so it was very improvised and spontaneous. I welcome all information that people might have about this dance from past years, as I am accumulating a collection of people's recollections elsewhere on my web site.

November 2, 2002

Hanukkah is coming: Hip Hop Hoodios release "Ocho Kandelikos" video

Usually we avoid mentioning Hanukkah until the great secular Jewish holiday, Thanksgiving, has passed. But this year, that's when Hanukkah starts. Fortunately, Hip Hop Hoodios, our favorite Spanish-English bilingual Jewish rappers have released the best Ladino Hanukkah hip hop video to date. Forget that. This is the best Hanukkah video to date. It pinche rocks!

July 14, 2002

New: Yiddish Folk Dance Video
"Two Yiddish Dances" -- Settings by Nathan Vizonsky, as taught by Miriam Rochlin. What dances go with Klezmer Music? After all, "Klezmer" IS dance music! This 48 minute video teaches a Freylekh and two variations of the Sher. It also looks at the life and circumstances that helped give Yiddish dance it's unique flavor and style. Narrated and produced Karen Goodman, the dances are taught by Miriam Rochlin who studied with Polish-born dancer/choreographer Nathan Vizonsky in the 1950s. Documentary/Instructional video:48 min $24.98. Available at: Hatikvah Music, (323) 655-7083.