Ben-Canar and Shvil Hechalav

A bit of sixties in the middle east? Ben-Canar and Shvil Hechalav
Cosmic Event/Mask Productions, 2003
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Like a less electronic version of the Israeli dance band, Etnix, Ben-Canar offers up a mix of Middle Eastern music fused with western dance rhythms that is quite pleasing. The CD's second cut, with its abrupt transitions, sounds more like movie Middle Eastern music, and Ben-Canar's own "layla" owes much to Lahakat Tzlilei Hakerem and other early Mizrahi bands. At other times, as on "Delet" (Door) the band reminds me very much of Sixties psychedelic pop.

The overall effect is sprightly and pleasant. This is a good CD to listen to and to remember a tourist's ear of Israel. The music is performed well, and if it breaks no new ground, neither does it fail to please.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 5/22/04

Personnel this recording:
Shani Ben-Canar: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Gershon Weisserfirer: oud, baritone, vocal
Sania Kroitor: violin
Vitaly Podolsky: accordion
Valery Lipets: acoustic bass, double bass
Arcady Zapesozky: drums, timbales

Oleg Neiman: soprano sax, timbales
Dirk Kunesh: trumpet


  1. Lech Lecha (lyrics: Adi David Katsenelson) 4:00
  2. Tshuvaki 3:45
  3. Layla (lyrics: Ben-Canar) 2:49
  4. Shir Hamaalot (Psalm 123) 4:38
  5. Delet (lyrics: Adi David Katsenelson) 4:17
  6. Yerushalaim (Psalm) 4:41
  7. Lea (lyrics: Ben-Canar) 4:57
  8. Ninve (lyrics: Adi David Katsenelson and Ben-Canar) 3:43
  9. Od Shana (lyrics: Ben-Canar) 4:53
  10. Rachok 4:26
  11. Malkosh 5:21

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