Di Gojim / Oostenwind

captures the exuberance and inventiveness of the band

Di Gojim / Oostenwind
Syncoop Produkties 5760 CD 251, 2000

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Holland's klezmer brass wonder, otherwise known as "Di Gojim" have delighted ears for almost 15 years. On this, their most recent CD to reach my ears (albeit, belatedly reaching them: the CD was released in 2000), they move beyond traditional Yiddish song to marry traditional American-Jazz-style klezmer to new words written in Dutch. The vocals are not always in the spirit of Yiddish folk music, as on the great vocal interruptions on "De Stranding". So be it. I can't speak to the Dutch lyrics, per se, but I can speak to the joy of listening to the exuberance and instrumental skill and soulful singing of the band (I am particularly in love with Jaap Mulder's strained tenor).

Even on a mournful sounding tune such as "De Aarde," the band lifts the spirits and reminds us that this is music born to celebrate joyful occasions. In listening to that suite I am reminded of an early description of the Kinks: whatever happens, each song ends up as incredible rock and roll. This is the klezmer/European brass band music equivalent, and it's delightful.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 30 Jan 2005

Personnel this recording:
Vincent Knaven: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Jaap Mulder: clarinets, saxophones, trombone, trupet, tinwhistle, mandolin, backing and lead vocals
Tseard Nauta: piano, trombone, guitar, banjo, contrabass, viola, backing and lead vocals
Sjaak van der Reijden: trumpet, piano, backing vocals
Eric Roelofsen: tuba, trombone, backing vocals
Jacob Sijtsma: accordion, alto sax, backing and lead vocals


  1. Oostenwind (music: trad; words: Ivo de Wijs) 5:08
  2. De Aarde (music: trad; words: Jaap Mulder) 9:11
  3. Speel (music: trad; words: Ivo de Wijs) 2:59
  4. Voor het eerst (music: trad; words: Robert Long) 4:12
  5. Asia (music: Jakis Jordanopoulos; words: Jaap Mulder) 6:21
  6. Chasaposerviko's (trad.) 3:56
  7. Wladimir (music: trad; words: Robert Long) 4:14
  8. De Stranding (music: trad; words: Joost Muissl) 11:29
  9. Omzien (music: trad; words: Jaap Mulder) 4:43
  10. Mariska (music: trad; words: Ivo de Wijs) 5:19
  11. Noordzeestrand (music: trad; words: Joost Nuissl) 2:52
  12. Sonya (music: trad; words: Jaap Mulder) 4:07
  13. Rapsodie (music: trad.) 5:14

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