David Krakauer & Socalled /
Bubbemeises: Lies my grandmother told me

nose and eye - don't accept a substitute

David Krakauer & Socalled /
Bubbemeises: Lies my grandmother told me

Label Bleu LBLC 6677, 2005.

2005's "Bubbemeises," is one of the most fun CDs that David Krakauer has ever released. The recording continues a collaboration between one of the most inventive clarinet players in today's jazz and modern music worlds, and the remix/rap master, Socalled, himself. This playful, inventive mesh of samples from old Jewish recordings, SoCalled's singing, Krakauer's wailing—not to mention a stellar cast in "klezmer madness," itself, is just about the most fun you can have when you want to hear incredible new music and forget "genre" or "boundary" for a while. Krakauer's amazing clarinet on "Moskovitz," is backed by a sparsely driving beat and synthesizer. From the brilliant, opening "Lies my Gramma told me", to the vocal harmony opening to "B Flat a la SoCalled" leading to brilliant near-anarchy and driving clarinet, the pastiche of samples underneath Krakauer's playing in "Bus Number 9999" (and the wonderful poetry it all accompanies) to the occasionally straightforward blast of pure klezmer ("The Electric Sher") to a deconstruction of "Romania, Romania" that rivals what SoCalled did to the wedding ceremony in "Hip Hop Khasene," this is an essential permanent part of your listening environment. (Don't forget to stay tuned for the bonus track.)

You can pick up your copy at David Krakauer's online store, although the cover image appears to have become, simplified in recent pressings.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 5 October 2014

Personnel this recording:
David Krakauer: clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals
Sheryl Bailey: electric guitar
Will Holshouser: accordion
Nicki Parrott: acoustic bass, fretless acoustic bass (all tracks except 9, 10)
Trevor Dunn: electric bass (6, 8, 9, 10)
Michael Sarin: drums
Socalled: sampler, sequencer, vocals, accordion, organ
99 Hooker: speaker (7)
Phillip Shaw Bova: echoplex (5)

Song Titles

  1. Bubbemeises (words: J. Dolgin; music: J. Weinberg, arr. by D. Krakauer) 6:25
  2. MS N.C. (David Krakauer) 2:50
  3. Moskovitz and loops of it (D. Krakauer, J. Dolgin) 5:09
  4. B flat a la Socalled (J. Dolgin, D. Krakauer) 6:35
  5. Turntable pounding (J. Dolgin, D. Krakauer, trad) 4:24
  6. Long … short, long—Les Colocs (J. Dolgin, trad.) 2:34
  7. Bus number 9999 (text: 99Hooker; music: D. Krakauer) 4:20
  8. The electric sher (J. Dolgin, trad.) 3:54
  9. Rumania, Rumania (Aaron Lebedeff; arr. J. Dolgin, D. Krakauer) 7:37
  10. Rue mania (bonus track) (Klezmer Madness) 1:36

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