You posted a great event in "Jewish Cultural Heritage" online. It was also entirely irrelevant to the purpose of the group--trying to focus on how people get Jewish Heritage Collections online and used. So, it is deleted. Please post appropriately. Not only should good events get the publicity they need, but good pages should not be so crowded with the irrelevant that other content is lost. Thank you for asking to join Jewish Cultural Heritage Online. Because so many groups see the word "Jewish" and stop reading, I am adding this message to the "join" process. This particular Facebook group is focused on getting collections of Jewish Cultural Heritage online, found, and used. It is directed at archivists and similar organizations and individuals. Events not directly relevant to this purpose, posts of individual items (instead of representative collection samples), posts promoting personal work not directly relevant to this purpose, or other PR will be removed as soon as the moderator sees them. In short, there is much amazing work happening in the Jewish community and it deserves wide recognition. But only that work that is relevant to *this* group will be allowed to remain posted in this group, and those members who are unable to respect that distinction will be removed. If you joined because you have ideas on how to use of online archives and websites to increase accessibility to Jewish Cultural Heritage, welcome! Just respond to let me know that you still want to join. Many thanks, ari