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Lama Lo! Jerusalem Klezmer Ensemble
A Woman of Valor


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I have never been a fan of Giora Feidman's music, but among his many notable accomplishments was the inspiration of Edna Nahamias, a woman born in South Africa, who lived in Israel for 20 years, and eventually wound up (like so many of us who left Israel) in Northern California. Inspired by a workshop with Feidman in 1990, she began to write music. Nahamias passed away recently, and this album of her musical compositions, by a Jerusalem ensemble, is dedicated to her memory.

The album opens with lovely instrumental piece, "Welcome Russia", evocative of both klezmer and Sabbath evening. Throughout the pieces, those themes weave in comforting and uplifting patterns, as in the strains of Shlomo Carlebach's(?) "Mi Ha-ish" that is part of "To Orit".

This album is representative of the best, I think, of modern American informal synagogue music—a lovely amalgam of folk melodies, nigunim, and traditional tunes. Lamo Lo! does a wonderful job of conveying the quiet spirituality of the pieces. The singing on the title track (a tune and subject about which I have written with considerable cynicism), or on "Happy Song for Shabbat" is quiet and beautiful. The band's playing is jazzy, easy to hear, like the music, with hints of klezmer and Middle Eastern music. The klezmer-defined clarinet is especially quite excellent, but the entire ensemble is quite tight and plays excellently. This is, simply, a lovely, lovely album.

Personnel this recording:
Esther Svidensky: vocals
Roman Kekhman: clarinet
Yakov Entin: violin
Yevgeni Lublin: trumpet
Yuri Povolotsky: piano
Eduard Rezonov: bass
Anatoli Magdalinski: drums and percussion


  1. Welcome Russia 3:46
  2. To Orit 4:40
  3. Eshet Chayil—A Woman of Valor 2:51
  4. Prayer for Responses 2:51
  5. Happy Song for Shabbat 2:58
  6. Variations 2 on a Jewish Theme 3:55
  7. Shabbat Melody 3:46
  8. Nigun to David—A Prayer for Peace 3:39
  9. Prayer of Supplication 5:00
  10. Love Song 3:45

All compositions by Edna Nahamias. Arranged by Yuri Povolotsky. Bella Kresin: Musical Director.

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