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Machaya Klezmer Band
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Machaya Klezmer Band / (eponymous) (reviewed 5/4/96)

Album cover: Dancing at a Jewish wedding! What else? Pedestrian typography. Machaya Klezmer Band
What a Machaya!

For bookings, please write:
Machaya Klezmer Band
6220 Wagner Lane,
Bethesda, MD 20816

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(Barbara Hess)

I first discovered Machaya whilst browsing my local record shop for new recordings. A few listens and I was hooked. Now the band is back for a second CD, and I like it even more.

Instrumentally, the band has a fairly traditional repertoire, and it plays well. The standout for me, though, is Lisa Jones' vocals, which I love. In particular, version of "Shnirele Perele" rivals the Lorin Sklamberg version as performed by the Klezmatics. The closing "Lena" is wonderfully affected. I really like it. I also want to note a plethora of new arrangements by bandmembers Fred Jacobowitz and Sam Weiss. The only "down" note is the inclusion of yet another version of "Eshet Khayil," a song to which I have strong objections, as noted outside this review.

All in all, another fine album delivered by the band down Baltimore and Washington, DC way! It's a plezha!

Reviewed by Ari Davidow 6/29/96

Personnel, this recording

Jay McCrensky: accordion, bass
Fred Jacobowitz: clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet
Susan Jones: violin, viola
Barbara Hess McCrensky: electronic keyboard, piano
Brian Choper: drums, percussion
Lisa Jones: vocal
Sam Weiss: vocal, trumpet


  1. Der hemisher Bulgar / The homey bulgar (Lillian & Rumshinsky) 2:30
  2. Mamme sheyne/Tate ziser (trad./Dave Tarras) 3:12
  3. Shnirele Perele (trad.) 4:43
  4. Koyln/Mein Zeydn's sher (trad./Fred Jacobowitz) 4:56
  5. Di Grine Kuzine (Abe Ellstein) 1:51
  6. A private zhok/K'koved Pesakh (Sam Weiss/Sam Weiss) 6:04
  7. Abi Gezunt (Molly Picon/Abe Ellstein) 2:53
  8. Fredl's bulgarish (Fred Jacobowitz) 3:00
  9. Yidl mit'n gidl (Abe Ellstein) 3:34
  10. Russian sherele (trad.) 2:37
  11. Oy tate, S'iz gut! (Dave Tarras) 2:35
  12. An emeser eyshes khayil (Abe Ellstein) 3:44
  13. Lena (Conrad & Robinson) 3:25

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