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    For booking, contact:

    Glenn Hartman
    Tel: 504 866 1710

    Album cover: One funky band. New Orleans Klezmer All Stars
    Stretchy Records, 1994
    8238 Cohn
    New Orleans, LA 70118
    (504) 865-8455

    Suppose you mixed klez with a bit of funk and Louisiana cooking. If you did it well, you'd have the Louisiana Klezmer All-Stars. Only the Klezmatics (Jews with Horns) latest has generated more requests for a review on these pages. From the opening "Freitag nokn tsimmous," this album never loses either the beat or the klez-ness. Sometimes things are a bit different, of course. I'm not sure there was actually a need for drums on the 2nd Ave. Squaredance--it's sort of an American affectation to put drums to everything (I guess the same way everything now comes coated with cheese), but I don't know that it's always necessary. That particular song comes to mind.

    Actually, the band sounds at its most fluid on some of the more obvious fusion numbers, such as the aptly-named Jonathan Freilach's "In bod zaynen ale gleykh" with its Dixieland fusion, although I'm also partial to the heavy guitar line and avantish jazz on Brandwein's line dance, "Terkishe ya'a'leh v'yo-veh tantz" which follows, and again on the "Fun der chupa" which ends the album perfectly. Only in America. Or only in New Orleans.

    In any event, I like this band a lot. More to the point, the CD makes me want to see them live very much--a feeling with which one should be left after listening to any real klez album.

    Reviewed by Ari Davidow 9/23/95

    My Experience With the New Orleans Klezmer All Stars

    A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to play (keyboard) with the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars at the Sapphire Supper Club in Orlando, Florida. I had seen them at the Go Lounge several months before where their accordian player, Glenn, was there. I was disappointed not to see him at the second gig. So, just in passing, I asked Ben, the Soprano and Tenor Sax, about it. I said I knew many of their songs and he said sit in. I drove home and got my Roland and played all of the second set. These guys are really awesome! Totally rock and roll but completely klez. I have my own klezmer group, The Orlando Klezmorim, which has varied up to 8 or 9 pieces so I was pretty comfortable. At any rate, I think that you should review the New Orleans Klezmer AS's album. It's got great raw energy. These guys are terrific musicians, and young too. Average age of about 25. Their new drummer is terrific. Great horns, solid string bass, unique guitar work by Jonathan. If you ever get a chance to see them, do it!

    Signed, Jay Marder
    29 August 1995

    Personnel this recording:

    Ben Ellman: soprano, tenor saxophone
    Jonathan Freilich: acoustic & electric guitars
    "Mean" Willie Green III: drums
    Glenn Hartman: accordion, piano
    Arthur Kastler: double bass
    Rick Perles: acoustic & five string electric violins
    David Sager: trombone
    Ben Schenck: clarinet


    1. Freitog Nokhn Tsimmous Friday night after tsimmous (a hot sweet dish) (Lt. Joseph Frankel) 2:58
    2. The New Year's Suite (Jonathan Freilich) 5:07
    3. the 2nd Avenue Squaredance (Dave Tarras) 2:42
    4. Bubba Tantz (Abe Schwartz) 3:51
    5. Di Mame Iz Gegangen mother is gone (Abe Elenkrig) 3:10
    6. Zeyde Tantz (Dave Tarras) 2:49
    7. Odessa Bulgarish (Abe Schwartz Orchestra) 3:05
    8. In Bod Zaynen Ale Gleykh (In the bath all are equal) (Jonathan Freilich) 3:54
    9. Terkishe Yale V'Yove Tantz (Naftule Brandwein) 5:18
    10. Der Kop tut Mir Vey (my head hurts) (Jonathan Freilich) 3:00
    11. Ot Azoy (Shloimke Beckerman) 3:55
    12. Terk In America (Traditional Turkish melody) 6:28
    13. Fun Der Chupa (from the wedding canopy) (traditional) 3:42
    14. Johnathan Freylekh (Jonathan Freilach) 6:06

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