Album cover: American Klezmer trio, perhaps of the Fifties. Doyres (Generations)
Traditional Klezmer Recordings 1979 - 1994

Trikont, US-0206, 1995

Doyres / (Generations) Traditional Klezmer Recordings 1979 - 1994

In this welcome companion to his original compilation of older recordings (Yikhes), compilers Rita Ottens and Joel Rubin cover a wonderful range of American and European modern klezmer musicians playing traditional music. It is hard to imagine a compilation better showing the range of Klezmer revival styles and touching on so many of the bands who represent them. From the opening authority of The Klezmorim playing Bucharest (from the 1981 recording, Metropolis) and the mind-blowing intricacy of Zev Feldman and Andy Statman doing a "Gypsy hora and sirba" (from their electrifying 1979 album, stupidly yet to be released on CD) through a wonderful medley of younger musicians, and their elders, getting a chance to record again (sort of reminds you of the Blues revival recordings of the early sixties, with Klezcamp substituting for the Newport Blues Festival) and showing how exciting the music is, all the way to bands such as Klezmer Plus! that united generations, and onto bands that specialize in other music (Ukrainian Brass Band from Vinnitsa and Muzikás) showing how klez has not only been influenced by so much, but has been picked up and influences in return.

This album is like a "best hits" of the last fifteen years. Part of my pleasure comes just from hearing songs that I have forgotten to listen to in years. The other part comes from Rubin's breadth, and hearing so many songs for the first time. The Klezmer revival goes beyond the traditional music, of course, but without those anchors to tradition, what would it be? It typifies Ottens' and Rubin's sense of balance that this is just the middle of a set of three recordings, and that it covers so much, so well. This is probably the best introduction to the world of traditional klezmer as it is played today, anywhere.

  1. The Klezmorim: "Bucharest" (trad; arr. The Klezmorim) 2:35
  2. Zev Feldman and Andy Statman: "Gypsy hora and sirba" (trad; arr. Feldman/Statman) 4:17
  3. Dave Tarras: "Opshpiel far di Makhutonim" (trad; arr. Tarras) 4:18
  4. The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra: "Another Glass of Wine" (Dave Tarras; arr. Statman) 4:46
  5. Kapelye: "Moldavian Hora" (trad; arr. Kapelye) 3:01
  6. Joel Rubin with the Epstein Brothers Orchestra: "No name sirba" (trad; arr. Rubin) 3:30
  7. Klezmer Plus!: "Husid'l medley" (trad; arr. Peter Sokolow) 4:29
  8. Klezmer Conservatory Band: "Dovid, Shpil es nokh amol" (trad; arr. KCB) 2:42
  9. Joel Rubin Klezmer Band: "Ot azoy" (trad; arr. Rubin) 5:09
  10. New York Klezmer Ensemble: "A doinele" (comp. and arr. Ray Musiker) 2:34
  11. The Epstein Brothers Orchestra: "Hora and sirba" (trad; arr. Peter Sokolow) 4:59
  12. Musa Berlin: "Meron arabesque" (trad; arr. Berlin) 4:22
  13. Rubin & Horowitz: "Shabes nign" (trad; arr. Rubin & Horowitz) 3:57
  14. Muszikás: "Greeting of the bride" (trad; arr. Éri, Hamar, Sipos, Csoóri) 3:45
  15. The Ukrainian Brass Band from Vinnitsa: "Freilik" (trad; arr. Sergei Goncharuk) 3:08
  16. Chicago Klezmer Ensemble: "Oy, di kinderlakh!" (trad; arr. Kurt Bjorling) 3:09
  17. Kapelye: "Unzer toyrele" (trad; arr. Kapelye) 3:11
  18. New Shtetl Band: "Oy tate / Serbe Romanya / Lebn zol Palestina" (trad; arr. New Shtetl Band) 5:13

Reviewed by Ari Davidow 5/11/96. Editing changes 3/15/97.

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