Schikker Wi Lot / Ganovim-Lider

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Schikker Wi Lot / Ganovim-Lider
Oriente Musik, DANZ109, 2016

When Accordionist/singer Franka Lampe passed away decades too soon earlier this year she left behind an amazing body of Yiddish music in Germany. She was a member of the legendary band, La'Om in the late '90s. Among many memorable projects is her collaboration with singer Fabian Schnedler (more commonly known for his "YidPop" ensemble, "Fayvish"), "Schikker wi Lot" ("As drunk as Lot). This final, posthumous release captures a live performance of their Ganovim-Lider ("Thief's songs"), from a collection gathered by Jewish folklorist Shmuel Lehman, published in 1928. Lehman had gathered the songs from among criminals and prisoners, capturing their lives, their loves, their alienation and isolation.

Driven primarily by Lampe's accordion and Schnedler's voice (with Lampe mostly on harmony and chorus) the songs are made current and vital. They capture a moment in time, between the two World Wars, a world captured in books such as Alfred Döblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz. The duo's engaging stage presence is successfully captured and serves as a reminder of how much we lost when Lampe passed away.

In the meantime, this recording captures a moment in time that memorialized an earlier moment in time—the lives captured by Lehman … a double memory, exemplified. Enjoy the the pathos of "Oy, firm firt men mikh" or "Ikh hob gehat a khavertorin" (I have a girlfield), or the cabaret-ish "Ikh bin gevorn a marvikher" medley, mixed with instrumentals such as Lampe's "Kholomeyke". There are a few rare guest spots, such as Michael Winograd's lovely clarinet on "Ikh hob far keynem keyn moyre".

A sweet recording. A pleasure for all aficionados of Yiddish folk song, and a welcome capturing of a seldom-heard repertoire.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 25 August 2016.

Personnel this recording:
Franka Lampe: accordion, vocals
Fabian Schnedler: vocals

Michael Winograd: clarinet (8)
Benjy Fox Rosen: contrabass (4, 5)


  1. Ikh hob arumgerayzt / Vintsht mir a bisele glik (trad/Ben Tsion Witler) 4:41
  2. Hert oys, mentshn (trad) 3:29
  3. Oy, firn firt men mikh (trad) 3:17
  4. Farsholtn bin ikh (trad) 4:16
  5. Kh'volt geven (trad) 3:39
  6. Kolomeyke (trad) 1:34
  7. Farlibt, farlibt (trad) 3:40
  8. Ikh hob far keynem keyn moyre (trad) 3:20
  9. Oy, shoyn haynt a yor (trad) 4:28
  10. Ikh gey mir aroys (trad) 4:11
  11. Shvester un brider (trad) 2:59
  12. Ikh bin gevorn a marvikher / shneler gikher (trad) 4:54

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