Meshugga Beach Party

guitar-playing, surfin' rebbe type Meshugga Beach Party,
Halakahiki Records 30-2, 2003

Halakahiki Records
3145 Geary Blvd. #739
San Francisco, CA 94118
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And now for something completely different. If you don't have your copy of "Tummelin' the Freilachs," from the '60s handy, Jewish surf music is back. "Hava Nagila" does really well as a Dick Dale masterwork. "Siman Tov" was born to surf. "Hatikva" is much improved. "Zemer Atik", picked up a bit, makes a great transition. But, dig "Dayenu". Now that's a party! And "Ose Shalom", especially with the perfect organ fade? Oy!

Occasionally, as on the "Kol Nidre", it isn't clear to me that that the commodification of Jewish prayer by turning it into surf music is entirely appropriate. I think it needs a little more work. And this is not the place for a funereal drum roll fused with chiming surf guitar. But, hey, "Avienu Malkainu" works fine!"

I, myself, have a limited tolerance for a 1-2 1-2 thumpa thumpa beat, but the guitar and cheesey organ are so perfectly of the genre that I find myself really enjoying this. It has no redeeming social value, particularly, but it's a lot of fun, and you can dance to it. And most people would transliterate "Rock of Ages" as something like "Ma'oz Tsur". Halakhic surf music for Waikiki, indeed. Need I say more?

Reviewed by Ari Davidow 3/23/03

Personnel this recording:
Mel Waldorf: all instruments except
Shig "Shecky" Komiyama: drums


  1. Hava Nagila 2:12
  2. Shalom Alechem 2:12
  3. Zemer Atik 2:06
  4. Oh Hanukkah 2:14
  5. Dayenu 2:20
  6. Ma Otsur 2:05
  7. Ose Shalom 2:12
  8. Hine Ma Tov 2:03
  9. Kol Nidre 2:15
  10. Avienu Malkainu 2:26
  11. Zum Gali Gali 2:31
  12. Baklava 2:13
  13. Siman Tov 2:20
  14. Sherele 2:15
  15. Mayim 2:31
  16. Hatikvah 2:18

All songs alleged "traditional"; arrangements by Mel Waldorf. Further research may be helpful in avoiding copyright issues and crediting known authors and composers.

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