Sanda Weigl

trite type, interesting picture Sanda Weigl
Gypsy Killer

Knitting Factory Records, 2002


From the opening, percussion-accompanied "Trenule masina mica", Weigl grabs attention and never lets go. Her voice is expressive, strong, beautiful. The music is amazing.

With an all-star band including Basya Schechter, Alicia Svigals, Matt Darriau, Marc Ribot, Robert Rodriguez, Alex Fedoriouk, Anthony Coleman, Roy Nathanson, and the rest of the Knitting Factory crowd, this the perfect blend of unusual (to American ears) songs and rhythms and wonderful instrumentation. Listen to Alicia Svigals and the keyboard players as they catch fire on "Ciulaendra" as Sanda sings and calls out. In a similar vein is "Butelcuta mea", more shouted than sung, but brilliant. Still, there are plenty of occasions to consider Weigl's lovely voice, as on the haunting, quieter "Lume, Lume" or the dreamy "Pina cind nu te iubeam," an ancient gypsy song "lamenting the pain of love." The play between her lament and Alex Fedoriouk's cimbalon on "Cine iubeste si lasa" is incredible, as well.

This is traditional music at its best: crisply, wonderfully performed by a brilliant exuberant singer, and an incredible band comfortable with the edges. And like the music I like to write about best, there is a life overflowing on this CD that makes one stand up and dance joyously around the room. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 5/24/04

Personnel this recording:
Sanda Weigl: vocals
Anthony Coleman: piano, organ, sampler
Marc Ribot: guitar
Glen Velez: hand percussion
Ted Reichman: accordion
Roy Nathanson: soprano saxophone
Douglas J. Wieselman: clarinet, eb clarinet
Brad Jones: bass
Curtis Hasselbring: trombone
Alexander Fedoriouk: cimbalom
Roberto Rodriguez: drums, percussion
Jim Pugliese: percussion
Hans-Jorn Brandenburg: piano, organ
Noah Joffeld: cello
Alicia Svigals: violin
Matt Darriau: kaval, gaida
Briggan Krauss: alto saxophone
Curtis Folkes: trombone
Basya Schechter: hand percussion
Ken Dunlap: electric guitar


  1. Trenule masina mica 3:20
  2. Lume, lume 4:35
  3. Ciuleandra Recrutii
  4. Butelcuta mea 1:47
  5. Pina cind nu te iubeam 4:29
  6. Cintec din Oasi 2:50
  7. Cine iubeste si lasa 4:03
  8. Bun ii vinu ghiurghiuliu 3:19
  9. Valeleu 2:22
  10. Cintec de leagan 4:04

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