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Klezmerfest at 14th Annual Cape May Music Festival, NJ

An outstanding band in the great Eastern European tradition, Klezmerfest celebrates the joyous sounds of celebration. From festive dance music to Yiddish instrumental music to, old favorites from the days of Yiddish theater, the group performs an enjoyable, heart-warming foot-stomping evening of music for the whole family.

For further info, www.capemaymac.org or call 800-275-4278.


Please, send to me information about klezmer fest.
Thank you.


To get information about the Klezmer Fest you must contact the festival organizers. They are not going to come here and view your comment to my news item.

The information you need was in the article, itself:

"For further info, www.capemaymac.org or call 800-275-4278."

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