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Wholesale Klezmer, Hadley, MA, Jul 20

The Wholesale Klezmer Band
in a concert of Yiddish dance music and Songs

Sunday, July 20th at 3 pm
Our rained out concert has been rescheduled
The Porter Phelps Huntington Museum
130 River Drive (Route 47)
Hadley, Massachusetts
For information call 413-584-4699
directions can be found at:

We will be debuting two songs about our relationship to money-- one
is a updated old Yiddish vaudeville song, a biting satire about the
corrupting effects of money, and the second, it's antidote, is a
melodic comparison of money used for good or for selfish purposes.
As usual, we'll be using subtitles and other means for making sure
that the non-Yiddish speakers in our audience will understand
everything we're singing about.

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