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David Buchbinder, NYC, Aug 22

New York debut
Friday, August 22, 2003

Festival of New Trumpet Music at

107 Norfolk Street (between Delancey & Rivington)
(212) 358-7501
$10 cover, 1 drink minimum

David Buchbinder Sextet (New York)

David Buchbinder (trumpet, composer, conductor)
Peck Allmond (reeds)
Dave Ambrosio (bass)
Andy Green (guitar)
Brook Martinez (drums)
Tomas Ulrich (cello)

Buchbinder’s music is a unique sound born of the earthiness of Eastern European Jewish, Romany and Arabic music, the scope and drama of film score and the freedom and harmonic sophistication of jazz. Buchbinder, best known as the leader of Toronto’s Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, also leads an 11-piece self titled ensemble which recently debuted SHURUM BURUM--a jazz circus—to sold out houses and rave reviews. He has written the music for 10 feature & short films including the Cannes Festival Prix de Jury winner, Stone of Folly.

The Festival of New Trumpet Music at TONIC
During the month of August, Tonic hosts an amazing diversity of current new music for the trumpet. Curated by friends and trumpeters Roy Campbell, Jr. and Dave Douglas, the inaugural event is called the Festival of New Trumpet Music and begins August 1st with a phenomenal conduction of trumpet music overseen by renowned composer and conductor Butch Morris followed by a trumpet improv session led by Douglas.

This unique festival is a culmination of the mutual admiration Campbell and Douglas have for one another as fellow trumpeters, composers, arrangers and recording artists, who have known each other since the mid-1980's. Moreover, it is a direct result of their admiration for what other trumpeters on the scene are doing.

Campbell and Douglas, who have played together for several years in a group called Alloy (along with fellow trumpeter Baikida Carroll), were remarking one day on the tremendous range of current new music for the trumpet. At that point, they were inspired to organize an event that could help draw attention to the exciting developments and players of the trumpet.

Says Campbell: Our mission is to present the trumpeters who have made a mark and a contribution to contemporary music. The wide variety of trumpeters, their bands and their music should be entertaining to all.

Says Douglas: Tonic was the birthplace for Alloy, and now out of that, a whole trumpet festival has evolved. We thank Tonic and hope this can be annual event for music fans and players alike.

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