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David Krakauer at Helsinki Klezmer Fest, Oct 25

Helsinki Klezmer Festival, the festival of traditional instrumental music of the Yiddish-speaking people is organized for the third time already in Finland. Savoy Theatre as its venue, the event aims to make klezmer music better known in general and to give people a possibility to get to know one of the Europe’s most interesting cultural traditions. Klezmer music has its roots in the medieval Europe, where the Jewish people of the Eastern Europe traveled from town to town in order to play in weddings and other events. By the end of the 18th century klezmer music had become a well-developed music style, gathering influences from the Jewish culture and from outside of it.

Nowadays klezmer music is played almost all around the world, but mostly in the United States and in Europe. Klezmer music is constantly evolving and mixing with other music styles such as jazz and pop music. In order for the style to survive it is still important that there are also bands trying to find out the origins of klezmer music and ways to maintain it as authentic as possible. The authenticity of the music will not bring back the culturally rich community that once lived in the Eastern Europe but will give the listeners a possibility to get a bit closer look at the life of the society that lived at that time.

Sat 25 October 2003 at 7 p.m.
David Krakauer “Klezmer Madness!” (United States)

Virtuoso clarinet player David Krakauer from New York is one of the most influential names in the new Klezmer music scene, blending contemporary jazz into his music.

The concerts will be performed at the Savoy Theatre (Kasarmikatu 46-48). In addition to concerts the program of Helsinki Klezmer Festival will include evening clubs that are held at Kunsthalle Helsinki (Nervanderinkatu 3) right after the music performances.

Freilach mit Kneidlach will be the house band in the evening clubs.

More information at: www.popzoo.fi/klezmer

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