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Casco Bay Tummelers, Bar Mills, ME, Oct 11

The Casco Bay Tummlers will be performing a concert of emotionally charged klezmer music, danceable folk melodies of Eastern Europe, Yiddish "favorites" and original tunes at The Saco River Grange Hall on Saturday, October 11th. Back by popular demand - this is their third annual appearance at the Saco Grange. For those who haven't been there, the Grange is a wonderful, friendly room with great acoustics, right on the Saco River and just a 20 minute drive from Portland.

Over the last year the Tummlers have been working with a new clarinetist, Steve Gruverman. Steve has an extensive background in international folk dance music. As a result, the Tummlers have been broadening their repertoire, learning music which is closely related to klezmer and comes from countries such as Macedonia and Bulgaria. They've also added some beautiful Ladino songs from the Jewish community of Salonika in Greece which feature Julie Goell on vocals. The concert will include original music by bandmembers Carl Dimow and Hayes Porterfield, lots of joyful klezmer standards and the classic Yiddish theater showstopper, "Roumainia, Roumainia," sung by the delightful Nancy 3. Hoffman.

The concert is at 7:30 pm, $10 for adults, $8 for children and seniors. Call the Grange at 929-6472 for reservations and directions, or get tickets at the door.

Saco River Grange Hall
Salmon Falls Road
Bar Mills, Maine


Would like to know about future entertainment in September

There is currently no automatic notification for events (nor is it clear from a comment on an event almost a year ago what type of event you wish to be notified about where). All I can suggest to you is that you (a) write the band and ask to be on their mailing list, and (b) continue to check out the Klezmer Calendar.

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