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Yale Strom multimedia show, Hollywood, FL, May 5

"Klezmer: a timeless musical Journey..."

Wednesday May 5, 8:00 p.m.
Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center
1770 Monroe St., Hollywood, FL 33020
Tickets: $36 - $38; to purchase call: 954-924-8175


"Klezmer: a timeless musical Journey..." is a culmination
of Yale Strom’s achievements, comprising his work into a
multi-media show with Klezmer music and the Klezmer
musicians as its theme. Intertwined with pieces of his
documentaries, Yale Strom’s band, Hot Pastrami, will play
songs from their original and traditional repertoire. And
renowned actor Avi Hoffman (“Too Jewish?—a Mensch and His
Musical”)2, will perform dramatic readings and monologues
based on Yale’s interviews to klezmorim from the past.
Played by musical stars or beggars, Klezmer music never
missed a chance to lift us up in the good times or carry us
through the bad, always filling with meaning the saddest of
our moments or the happiest of our weddings. Let us not
miss this opportunity. Let us join Yale Strom’s “KLEZMER: a
timeless musical journey…” in this once in a life time

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