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Glenn Dickson, W. Medford, MA, Apr 3

I am doing another of my Clarinetrics performances, this time in a
double-bill with the very excellent Oen Kennedy. It will be at the
Congregational Church of West Medford, Saturday, April 3, at 8:00pm. The
church is located at 400 High St., West Medford and admission is by
donation. Call me at 781-648-4282 for information. The Labyrinth will be
open for walking or you can just listen to the music which will be
meditative but an unusual sort of meditative. Oen will not be doing his
regular singer-songwriter show but a set of meditative music on piano,
tongue drum, bells, maybe some singing and guitar. Who knows what the muse
will bring? I will be playing my clarinet with electronics, ala Robert
Fripp. Hopefully Oen and I will also play together. It will be a very
unique evening. Please come.
I will print some background info below in case you are interested in more.
Glenn Dickson

Background info:
Oen and Glenn will each play solo sets and also play together in the hall
with the Labyrinth, which will be open for walking during the performance.
The Labyrinth is a spiritual work of art based on the 11 circuit labyrinth
in Chartres Cathedral, France - a labyrinth which has been in use now as a
meditative discipline for over 800 years. This labyrinth has a single path
to the center, and walking it is a basis for meditation.

Oen Kennedy, known best as a singer and songwriter on the local folk
circuit, will be performing on piano, vocals, guitar, Tibetan bowl and
tongue drum. He was weaned on West African and South Indian music, having
spent his early years overseas. He has been writing songs since 1969
covering manifold subjects, especially love. Besides birds, which are a long
standing chronic source of joy, his other obsessions have included: tunnels
(especially underwater tunnels), Bach fugues, vortices, Sequoias, blue-black
spider wasps, Vincent Van Gogh, sea otters, tsunamis, Mandelbrot images,
armadillos, perpetual motion, Glenn Gould, and mangoes.
In his solo clarinet performance, Glenn creates a powerful meditative and
mesmerizing soundscape of orchestral dimensions using electronic sound
processing techniques pioneered by composers Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. His
improvisations incorporate a cornucopia of musical ideas and influences from
his extensive experience playing Klezmer, jazz, and classical music.
Glenn Dickson, a mainstay in the Boston music scene for 20 years, has
performed internationally and recorded extensively with his two bands,
Naftule's Dream and Shirim Klezmer Orchestra to great critical acclaim.

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