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Hip Hop Seder, BAM, NYC, Apr 3

Beyond Fiddler:
Jewish Tradition & Transformation
April 2—May 2, 2004

In celebration of Jewish Heritage Month, BAM presents the Fourth Annual Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival, live music, panel discussions, and special guests—all highlighting the innovation and diversity of Jewish-American culture.

Saturday, April 3 at 9:30pm
The So Called Seder

No cover. $10 food/drink minimum.
30 Lafayette Avenue . Brooklyn, NY

Quirky. Unique. Witty. Outrageous and groundbreaking. For one special night
unlike any other night, Montreal native, DJ So Called, (aka Josh Dolgin)
will unleash a hip-hop infused remake and remodel of one of the holiest
ceremonies in the Jewish calendar. Featuring beloved Pesach ditties that are
set to bumping rhythms The So Called Seder is a memorable musical experience
that is definitely not your bubbe's Passover.

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