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Silent Film showing w/Klezmer Score, Columbia, MO, May 7

Klezmer and Yiddish swing orchestra The People's Republic of Klezmerica
May 7, 2004, at the Missouri Theatre in Columbia, MO:
Time: 8pm

$8 for adults, $6 for children under 12.
tel: (573)446-0608

will present their original score to "Pass the Gravy," enlivening our rediscovery of the agile and inspired silent comedian Max Davidson. Davidson was extremely popular in the late 1920s when he starred in a number of shorts at the Hal Roach Studios, playing the roles of Jewish tailors, pawnbrokers, and junk dealers. Nearly forgotten today, Davidson infused American slapstick with agile antics and a unique brand of Eastern European moxie. The original score, which combines early Yiddish swing, klezmer, vintage "photoplay" music, and popular melodies, may be the first Yiddish-themed work in the emerging trend of accompanying silent films.

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