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Adrianne Greenbaum, Jason Rosenblatt, NYC, May 23

Jason Rosenblatt and Adrianne Greenbaum of Shtreiml and FleytMuzik hope that y'all will come down to Satalla and spend a blast of an evening with us on May 23 at 7:00. Dancing to be sure, we promise! And CD's a-plenty....

Located at:
37 West 26th St.
Parking is fairly easy for the patient, and not so difficult for the not-so-patient...

Visit www.satalla.com for further info. Only $12 cover for the entire evening! (+ a minimal food/drink cover as well...)

Two Internationally known super-groups of klezmer: FleytMuzik and Shreiml! Both on the same night! A rare opportunity to hear both traditional and new klez at its very best!

The incredible flutist, Adrianne Greenbaum on vintage instruments, with monster tsimblist Pete Rushefsky, phenomenal fiddler, Lisa Gutkin and multi-talented bassist Paul Morrissett, begin the double bill with "FleytMuzik", the freshest, traditional klezmer currently rocking both the flute and klezmer scene! "[Adrianne's] flute playing is inspired. It rocks.This is the sort of playing that makes clear how much of a difference amazing musicianship makes." "FleytMuzik is fresh, marvelously joyous and soulful at once - it's everything the best klezmer music, and the best music per se, should be; music that not only the ears listen to but the heart as well, and music that delights both." www.klezmerflute.com

While firmly in touch with the roots of Klezmer music, Shtreiml performs an electric mix of the centuries old genre. The group features, Jason Rosenblatt on diatonic harmonica, the inimitable Josh Dolgin (aka SoCalled) on accordion, Philly's queen of the slide trombone, Rachel Lemisch, and batteur extraordianire Thierry Arsenault. Shtreiml showcases Jason Rosenblatt's unique ability to play chromatically on the 10-hole diatonic harmonica or "blues harp." Rosenblatt, a Howard Levy protege, bends, twists and coaxes all manner of Jewish-inflected sounds from the instrument most often associated with the blues. www.shtreiml.com

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