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Yiddish Song Fest, Philadelphia, PA, May 23

"Lomir Ale Zingen" (Let us all sing) A Festival of Eastern European Yiddish Songs

Yiddish Singers from the Philadelphia Area including
Cantor Naomi Hirsch
Fran Kleiner
Sherm Labovitz
Richard Lenatsky
Toviah Eliezer and Dina Malka Botwinik
and Shira Hadasha (choir of Beth Am Israel)

musical direction by Alexander Botwinik with Marvin Weinberger, violin and Andrew Heller, piano

Sunday, May 23, 2004
4:00 PM
at the Stein Auditorium
Nesbitt Hall
Northeast corner of 33rd and Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Refreshments served (dietary laws observed) Free and Open to the Public

Made possible by grants from the Robert Saligman Charitable Foundation, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and the Louis and Bessie Stein Foundation.

For more details, contact: Kathy Carll, 215-895-6388, kathy.carll@drexel.edu



I am writing to you from Melbourne Australia, where we have a thriving Jewish community, made up predominantly of post-holocaust survivors and their offspring.
There are (still) quite a number of yiddish-speaking jews who,I am sure, would really welcome and enjoy the opportunity to attend a Yiddish fest here in Australia,
To that end, I am in the process of organising such an event, which I hope will attract not only people from around Australia, but also people from around the world.
At this point in time, I anticipate holding the event towards the end of 2005 (our early summer). This should give me enough time to do a really professional job in organising such an event, while at the same time give prospective attendees to plan time to attend and for prospective "presenters/entertainers" to make time available to join us.
If there is any way in which you can assist, I would be mopst grateful.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks and Regards
Michael Goldman
Pls repoly to: mikegoldman@hotmail.com


If you really want to organize, why are you doing so by posting an obscure comment to a single event? Join the Jewish-Music mailing list and open the issue up for discussion. Attend other festivals and/or contact their organizers. Post a call for such a festival on your own website and send out press releases. Do the organizing!

This comment, however much anyone wondering if someone commented about next week's (soon to be last week's, last month's, last year's) songfest in Philly might appreciate reading it, is NOT a step in a useful direction.

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