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Klez Dispensers, NYC, Sep 8

New York Jewish Music and Heritage Festival, 2004
The Klez Dispensers
Klezmer Music
Admission $12

:::::: S A T A L L A ::::::
37 West 26th St. NYC
:::: 212.576.1155 :::::
Satalla.com :::: home

Formed in 1998 and considered one of the best of the new generation of klezmer bands, the KLEZ DISPENSERS perform a diverse repertoire spanning traditional klezmer, a wide variety of jazz styles, and original compositions. They are currently a 7-piece band, comprised of Alex Kontorovich (clarinet); Ben Holmes (trumpet); Amy Zakar (violin); Audrey Betsy Wright (alto & tenor saxophone); Adrian Banner (piano); Julian Rosse (bass), and Gregg Mervine (drums).

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