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Sally Fingerett, NYC, Aug 9

New York Jewish Music & Heritage Festival

Sally Fingerett of The Four Bitchin' Babes
Musical Comedy - Jewish Festival Contemporary Musical Review
Admission $15

:::::: S A T A L L A ::::::
37 West 26th St. NYC
:::: 212.576.1155 :::::
Satalla.com :::: home

"One of the best lyricists on the singer/songwriter circuit. Her song 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' ought to be required listening." THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE "A thoughtful, tuneful collection of keenly observed narratives, poignant ballads, giddy lovestruck odes." THE WASHINGTON POST

SALLY FINGERETT, a self-proclaimed "Mental Yentl," and founding member of the Funny Female Folkestra, The FOUR BITCHIN' BABES, performs selections from her one-woman show "Faces on the Wall." Take Joan Rivers & Nora Ephron, Bette Midler & Carol King, Victor Borge & Jackie Mason, put them all in a microwave, blow them up, realign their molecular structure, re-do the nose and - voila! - SALLY FINGERETT, one quirky Jewish Diva.

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