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Israeli Dance, NYC, Labor Day Weekend

Dances set to the songs of Naomi Shemer z"l as well as Debkas & Yemenite dances by Moshiko and live music of the classic folk music of Israel featured on Labor Day Weekend

The 13th Annual
SHORASHIM-Roots of Israeli Folk Dance
Nostalgia Weekend on Broadway
Sept. 3-6, 2004
Labor Day Weekend
4 nights of parties/marathons & 3 days of workshops
Featuring 3 Special Guest Teachers
to Celebrate Our Bar Mitzva Year

Sat. Sept. 4, 2-4pm Repertoire Workshop with DANNY $15
4-6pm Workshop with MOSHIKO $15
8pm Dance Party/Marathon $20

Weekend Pass for entry to all events $130

This is the first appearance by Moshiko at Shorashim and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to review and learn his classic dances from the master himself. We are also honored that Moshiko comes to us as the elected head for this year of the Irgun Hamadrichim L'rikuday Am (Organization of Folk Dance Leaders), which represents those who teach and/or run sessions of Israeli folk dancing in Israel. Moshiko is the choreographer of numerous long-established classics such as Bosmat, Debka Beduit, Debka Uriah, Debka Kna'an, B'tof U'ztlil, Hahelech, Hora Yamit, Ki Hivshilu, Mechol Hadvash, Mishal, Tfilat Hashachar, Ya Abud, Yililat Haruach & Zafe, just to name a few.

This is also Shmulik's first time at Shorashim and he will make a cameo appearance in one workshop to teach some of his great classic dances. Shmulik is the choreographer of many later well-known classics such as Anavai, Ahavat Hachyalim, Eyzo Shemesh Mevorechet, Kol Nidarai, Lakum Vela-amod, L'chu N'ranena, Na'ale, Sajani, Shabchi Yerushalayim, Shir Hahaflaga & Stam Yom Shel Chol, which make up only a very small portion of his dances.

DANNY Pollock
Danny is a master dance teacher from New York who will lead his popular repertoire workshops at Shorashim, as he has done in previous years. At the two repertoire workshops Danny will be teaching, we will be honoring two great contributors to Israeli folk culture who we lost this year—choreographer Shalom Amar z"l, creator of Slichot, Yazmin plus other classics and song writer Naomi Shemer z"l, whose compositions have been used for over 70 Israeli folk dances.

Dance music for parties & marathons will be provided by BEN HOLE, ROB MARKOWITZ & others, plus live music presented by the SHORASHIM ENSEMBLE of musicians

Some Information about Shorashim 2004

Having been transformed into an "urban camp" 8 years ago, Shorashim remains on Broadway with all events at Bridge for Dance, a professional dance studio with a great wooden dance floor (especially for those who still love to dance barefoot). Shorashim continues the tradition of providing the best teachers at an affordable cost. Our rates are only somewhat higher than last year, with $15 for workshops as well as for the evening parties and $20 for the into-the-night marathons. But many discounts are available. We are again offering a special Weekend Pass at a reduced rate for entry to all 10 events for only $130 (a 19% discount), which will guarantee that you can attend all workshops and parties over 3 days and 4 nights, even if we close admission to others because we are full. We have also added a Daily Pass that will allow entry to all 3 events on any day at a $5 reduction (a 10%-11% discount). For the first time, we are also introducing a special $5 reduction (a 25% - 33% discount) for any session (space permitting) available to students, unemployed and seniors (ID required).

You can pick and choose the workshop(s) and party nights that are appropriate for you, which can result in a considerable savings. Make your plans based on the preliminary schedule listed above.

All registration will be on-site and there will be no pre-registration. Since space is limited, entry will be on a first come-first serve basis and latecomers will be admitted as space permits to each event (SEE FAQ'S ABOUT SHORASHIM 2004 BELOW).

A video will also be available of dances taught at the weekend from Ben Hole (who also has videos of previous Shorashim weekends).

FAQs about Shorashim 2004

Dancers from across the country (and outside the U.S.) have expressed great interest in coming to SHORASHIM 2004 in NYC. They had many questions, some of which are answered below and may be of interest to you or your friends.

How can I get a reduced rate if I come for the whole weekend?

Those who wish to come for the complete weekend will have entry with a Weekend Pass to all sessions at a discounted rate of only $130, which is 19% off the total cost for 6 WORKSHOPS & 4 PARTIES/MARATHONS. You can get this Weekend Pass starting on Friday evening, when the first session begins. But let us know if you are interested, so we can reserve a weekend pass for you that will allow you entry, even if we limit the number of participants to a specific event. Those who are SHOMER SHABBAT will be able to purchase the weekend pass either prior to Shabbat (we can be at the studio as early as 6pm on Friday) or after Shabbat ends (but receive the pass on Friday night).

Can I reserve in advance if I am coming for only part of the weekend?

NO, BUT!!!If you are not from New York City, please let us know which events you are planning to attend, so we can assure you entry to Shorashim in case we need to limit the number of participants to a specific event.

Can I get a list of hostels that are close to Bridge for Dance (2726 Broadway at 104th St.), where Shorashim 2004 will take place?

YES!!! Go to our website www.rikud.net & click on Yahoo icon. This will give You an extensive list of hotels in the local area at various price ranges as well as hotel reservation websites. But, you must make your Arrangements quickly, since Labor Day weekend is a very popular time for tourists in NYC. The least expensive and closest places to stay are the youth hostel, Hostelling International, one block away or the Malibu Hotel about a half block from the dance studio. But these are very rudimentary. You can also try the internet for more upscale hotels at reasonable rates. We used choicehotels.com and found good rates. You should definitely check out the other hotel reservation websites listed for comparative rates, which seem to change daily or even hourly. If you make such reservations, let us know how you make out so we can share the information with others.

Are there Shabbat Services available nearby?

YES!!! The Youth Hostel, ONE BLOCK AWAY on Amsterdam Ave. and 104th St., has Orthodox services on Shabbat morning. There are also many synagogues in the area -- Orthodox and Conservative - that have Friday night services. The closest one is Ansche Chesed, FIVE BLOCKS AWAY at 100th St. between Broadway and West End Avenue, a Conservative Synagogue which may have more than one Minyan on Shabbat morning.

Will there be free time for doing things in the Big Apple?

YES!! Much of the day is free so you can sleep late or take advantage of the numerous attractions in New York City during the early part of the day. There is a two hour break between the workshops and the start of the evening party, so you can have leisurely dinners at the local restaurants, that include many ethnic, kosher and vegetarian ones to choose from.


Hello from a sunny and cool New York City, quite a change after the frigidly COLD and blizzardous conditions we've had last week here! I am wondering if there is a way I could contact Moshiko Halevy directly, or to have him contact me, as to any info re whether he has re-recorded any of his old LPs into CD format, especially the ones that contain the two S'ee Yona-s, Ya Abud, Lema'ana (Arvolicos D'Almendra), Zakariya, Da'ase etc. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks! PS.: It has been MANY years since Moshiko used to teach Israeli folk dance workshops in New York---I do not know if he still remembers me! Thanks again! Martin Peck :-)


Thank you for the comment, but Moshiko Halevy has no connection to the event to which you posted this comment, and neither he nor the folks at the event are likely to be monitoring for comments on a past event mentioned on the KlezmerShack. You would need to contact someone connected with the event directly. From the event posting on which you commented, I was able to find only their website for contact: http://www.rikud.net. Try there?

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