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Josh Kun a bit skeptical on the Milken Archive?

Jeff Klepper writes the Jewish-music mailing list:

Most of you undoubtedly missed pop-culture critic Josh Kun's musings in last week's Boston Phoenix, so here it is:

Gangsta wraps: The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music

Kun is a Berkeley PhD in Ethnic Studies who authored the introduction to the re-publication of Papa, Play For Me, Mickey Katz's autobiography. His first book, awaiting publication, has the tantalizing title, Strangers Among Sounds: Music, Race, and America (UC Press).

I detect a note of sarcasm in his suggestion that a cover version of "Boyz N the Hood" might belong on a future Milken release. But on the whole he is asking the right questions, and his name-checking of Perez Prado and Slim Gaillard doesn't hurt either.

[I have been delighting in Kun's criticism of Jewish music, published in the Boston Phoenix for years. My only problem with this article is that it isn't long enough. ari]

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