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Wholesale Klezmer, Simsbury, MA, Oct 3

as part of it's celebration of the Isaac Bashevis Singer Centennial
presents a

Celebration of Klezmer Music
with Members of the Wholesale Klezmer Band

October 3, 2:00 PM

Family event
Free admission

Boy Scout Hall
Simsbury, Connecticut

Members of the Wholesale Klezmer Band will be appearing at Boy Scout Hall in Simsbury on Sunday, October 3rd at 2:00 p.m. The concert will be for families and will last about an hour.


View a map at: www.simsbury.lib.ct.us/map.gif

The Simsbury Public Library is located on Routes 10/202. It is the third building on the LEFT northward past the intersection of Route 167. Boy Scout Hall is very close to the Simsbury Public Library on the same side of the road. It is just south (actually the next building to the library, but set back from the road). It is between the Simsbury Public Library and the large white Congregational Church which is on the corner of Rtes. 10 & 202 and 167. Boy Scout Hall shares the same driveway as the large white church.

Via I-91: Take Exit 35, Bissell Bridge. Turn onto West Wolcott Avenue (a RIGHT turn from I-91 South, a LEFT turn from I-91 North). Follow West Wolcott Avenue to the intersection of Route 185, and turn RIGHT onto Route 185. Follow Route 185 to the intersection of Routes 10/202, and turn RIGHT onto intersection of Routes 10/202, and turn RIGHT onto Routes 10/202.

Via I-84: Take Exit 39, Route 4, Farmington. Follow Route 4 to the intersection of Routes 10/202 (Waterville Road), and turn RIGHT onto Routes 10/202 North. At the intersection of Route 44, turn LEFT onto Route 44 West. Continue a short distance, and turn RIGHT onto Routes 10/202 North (Hopmeadow Street).

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