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"Laughter through Tears," Hernen Castle, the Netherlands, Apr 10

Zun mit a regn (sun and rain)—laughter through tears is part and parcel of Yiddish music. Jewish composers devoted a great deal of attention to it and so did Shostakovich.

Jewish Music Projects Foundation presents works in this style by Shostakovich (1908-1975) and his friends Weinberg (Vainberg) (1919-1996) and Veniamin Basner (1925-1996) in a series of concerts in the Netherlands.

World War Two and the reign of terror in the Soviet Union had a deep impact on the composers. They expressed themselves in their music. The music of the persecuted Jewish people was their source of inspiration - an act of courage in a period when open pronouncements could have fatal consequences. It was often years before the works could be premiered. Now these extraordinary and intense works will be performed in the Netherlands by an ensemble of specialised musicians:

Sovali (Sofie van Lier) - soprano
Boris Goldenblank or Alexej Pevzner - violin
Alexander Oratovski or Wladislaw Warenberg - cello
Sander Sittig - piano


24 October 2004, 7:30, Enschede Synagogue. Tel. +31(54) 432 4507
6 February 2005, 2:30, Nijmegen Synagogue. Tel. +31(24) 345 2572
6 March 2005, 3:00, Delft Synagogue. Tel. +31(15) 256 3371
18 March 2005, 8:15, De Nieuwe Veste, Breda. Tel. +31 (76) 529 9600
10 April 2005, 2:30, A.A. Brediusstichting, Hernen Castle. Tel. +31(487) 531 387
4 May 2005, 9:00, Uilenburger Synagogue, Amsterdam. Tel. +31 (20) 662 3675
8 May 2005, 11:30, De Lawei, Drachten. Tel. +31 (512) 513 344
29 May 2005, 7:00 u. De Buitenplaats Museum, Eelde. Tel. +31 (50) 309 2072

The concerts are supported by the VSB Fund, the SNS Reaal Fund and the M.A.O.C. Gravin van Bylandt Foundation.

For more information, please call Sofie van Lier, tel. 020-6623675; or email her.

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