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Mikveh, NYC, Dec 5

featuring Alicia Svigals,Susan Watts, Nicki Parrott & Lauren Brody
Klezmer Music
5 pm
Admission $15

:::::: S A T A L L A ::::::
37 West 26th St. NYC
:::: 212.576.1155 :::::
Satalla.com :::: home

Supergroup Mikveh features the top women in Klezmer, including renowned Yiddish singer Adrienne Cooper, Klezmatics founder Alicia Svigals on fiddle, charismatic trumpeter Susan Watts of the Hoffman klezmer dynasty, ethnic accordion wizard Lauren Brody and jazz bass phenomenon Nicki Parrott. Together, they rock out with sizzling dance music and riveting Yiddish/English songs, both ancestral and brand new.

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