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Golden Land Presents 2005 APAP Showcase, NYC, Jan 10

Golden Land Presents its 2005 APAP Showcase
Monday January 10th
Madison Room - 2nd Floor, NY Hilton Hotel

We are looking forward to this year's conference, and to visiting with you at our booth in Rhinelander 200, and at our showcase in the Madison Room of the New York Hilton and Towers on Monday afternoon from 2:30pm to 6:40pm.

Note: This event was previously scheduled for the Clinton Room. It has been moved to the Madison Room.

Full Showcase Schedule

2:00pm - The GERARD EDERY Ensemble
Steeped in the multi-lingual, many flavored traditions of Sephardic Jewish music, Morocco born singer/guitarist Gerard Edery leads a virtuoso ensemble in a thrilling journey over the cultural landscape of the Jews whose roots begin in pre-1492 Spain. Joined by soprano Nell Snaidas, Oud great George Mergadichian, Sean Kupisz, bass guitar, and percussionist Rex Benincasa, Edery brings audiences closer to the Sephardic world which has spread over many countries throughout Africa, Asia and Euorpe.

(also Monday at 8pm at The Cutting Room 19 W 24th St.)
"Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad" is a a refreshing mix of comedy, music, spoken-word and show-stopping burlesque, told by the gals who learned to smoke at Hebrew School, got drunk at their Bat-Mitzvahs... This ain't yo' mama's "Fiddler".

The internationally renowned Strauss/Warschauer Klezmer Duo introduces "Living Yiddish," an interactive experience of Yiddish music, song and culture featuring virtuoso, accessible concert performances and grass roots educational programs for all ages. "Terrific." –The New York Times.

3:10 – GOLEM
Fronted by bandleader, accordionist and singer Annette Ezekiel - presents its new show, Homesick Songs: snapshots of shtetl life through the filter of a much younger generation. The band presents a bill of "lovesongs to towns," evoking different parts of Eastern Europe (Zlatopol, Bukovinsky, Belz) with energy, sexiness, and humor.

(also Sunday 1/9 at 5pm at Satalla, 37 W 26th St.)
"Towering, pan-cultural jazz-cabaret diva," Theresa Tova's performances are an inspired marriage between Yiddish and Jazz. "Classy, jazzy and deliciously sensuous performer", she is one of Canada's major Yiddish Diva's/cabaret stars who has begun to garner international attention with her gorgeously delivered velvet contralto.

Greek-born tenor, Alberto Mizrahi, one of the world's leading interpreters of Jewish music, is Cantor of the historic Anshe Emet Synagogue, Chicago. Affectionally known as the "Jewish Pavarotti," Mizrahi's repertoire, spanning nine languages, makes his performances unique in the field.

(also Thursday 1/6 at 9:30pm at Satalla, 37 W 26th St.)
SOULFARM consists of four guys from New York who are forging an exciting new sound by combining the musical roots of their heritage with a shared passion for melodic song writing and modern, progressive arrangements. Live, the band's riveting world-beat energy turns heads and makes every audience take notice.

Dr. Maria Krupoves of Vilnius, Lithuania, is internationally acclaimed as an interpreter of the folksongs of Central and Eastern Europe. She performs songs of many cultures, some near extinction, some undergoing revivals, and performs them with uncanny authenticity - in Yiddish, Lithuanian, Belarussian, Gypsy (Roma), Karaim, Tatar, and other languages.

Klezmer fiddle virtuoso Alicia Svigals, a founder of the Klezmatics who has worked with Itzhak Perlman, Led Zeppelin, Tony Kushner, Eve Ensler and many others, brings a power rock rhythm section on board to create high energy klezmer like you've never heard it before. Unique and exciting, this show is a must-see.

"During a recent gig at Manhattan Showcase club The Bottom Line, Carlebach's dark hued spiritually evocative soprano drew comparisons to the likes of Sheryl Crow and Linda Ronstadt, while the haunting melodies, glistening pop sophistication of her band's arrangements, and religious nature of her material were reminiscent of Amy Grant". -Jim Bessman, Billboard Magazine

We will be sharing the space with Sefarad Records, which will present showcases at:

3:50 PM - The Ivory Consort - "Music in the Land of Three Faiths"
4:10 PM - Grisbe - "Piaf, Brel & Beyond"
5:10 PM - Flamenco Sepharard with The Gerard Edery Ensemble

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