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First International Klezmer Festival, Moscow, Russia, Feb 17-20

The first international klezmer event in Moscow will take place February 17th-20th.

The idea of this event came from the Jewish ensemble "Dona" (Moscow) and their producer Anatoly Pinsky, so the seminar has also become known as "Dona-Fest". The festival will bring together more then 60 musicians from the former USSA and Europe. The gala concert of the First International Festival of Jewish music in Moscow will consist of completely new material which will be prepared during the 3 days of seminar. It will take place at the Jewish Theatre Shalom.

The leading teachers of the event are Merlin Shepherd (world known klezmer musician, who has developed a unique method of teaching klezmer instrumentalists by ear) and Polina Shepherd (leading Jewish choir composer in the former USSR who bases her vocal teaching on instrumental ornamentation and Jewish modes).

Amongst the organisers and teachers there will be representatives of the "old" Yiddish tradition (Arkady Gendler, Ukraine) and of the newest generation of Russian and ex-Russian klezmorim (Mark Kovnatsky, Germany; Alina Ivakh, Kazan; Alexey Rozov, Evgenya Slavina, Moscow).

Now in Moscow ­ Celebration of Yiddishkeit!

More info (in Russian only): www.dona-dona.ru

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