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Zoyres, San Francisco, CA, Feb 7

band photoZoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment
Monday February 7th
@ the Revolutionary Café
3248 22nd Street at Bartlett
(between Valencia and Mission Streets),
Mission District


The musicians:
Mike Perlmutter - alto and tenor saxophone
Josh Sirotiak - tuba
Olivier Hamant - clarinet and bass clarinet
Liam Staskawicz - trombone
Dave Mairs ­ drums

The word "Zoyres" comes from the Yiddish word "zoyers" which refers to "sours" - soured vegetables (like pickles and sauerkraut) that are common to Eastern European food. These foods not only cross borders, but represent organic change, ferment - somewhat akin to Zoyres' music, which has also made its way across borders and has been transformed through the filter of the band's aesthetics and culture. The music's roots are still recognizable in klezmer and Balkan music, but so is the transformation into something new (much in the same way that a pickled cucumber is visually recognizable as a cucumber, but is quite different to the taste buds).

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