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David Stein Tribute, Canadian TV/Bravo!, Feb 2

February 2, Tribute to Filmmaker David A. Stein (1970-2004)

Wednesday February 2, 7:30pm
Bravo! Television Network (Rogers channel 40 in Toronto)
Featuring David’s four Bravo!FACT-funded short films.

Eric Stein writes:

David A. SteinI would like to express thanks on behalf of myself and my family for the overwhelming amount of condolences we have received since my brother David's tragic death on December 12. His loss is incredibly painful to us, but knowing the impact he made in this world makes us proud. David lived a very full life. In his 34 years he experienced and accomplished more than many people do in a lifetime. He was truly one-of-a-kind. Soulful, warm-hearted, charismatic, adventurous, creative, intelligent, talented, funny...the list goes on. David followed his dreams and inspired and touched so many peoples lives, including many in the Jewish cultural world. From my own perspective, aside from him being an amazing big brother, role model, and friend, I owe David for my current career – it was his interest in Yiddish culture and music that ultimately led me to pursue my musical career in klezmer.

It would take me thousands more words to adequately pay tribute to my brother. In lieu of that, I want to at least announce that there will be a tribute broadcast in Canada on Bravo! TV on February 2, 7:30pm est (4:30pm pst) featuring 4 of David’s short films, 2 of which I was privileged to contribute music to with Beyond the Pale. All details about the broadcast are below. Many other memorial efforts are being planned, including tributes at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival in May and at KlezKanada in August. My family and I also have ambitious plans for lasting memorial tributes to David, including an endowment or awards of some kind for young artists involved in Jewish culture. If anyone would like to help honour David’s memory and keep his spirit alive, please donate to David’s memorial fund (info below). And if you have personal stories or remembrances of David that you would like to share we would be very happy to hear them.

David A. Stein Memorial Donations c/o The Benjamin Foundation
3429 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6A 2C3
Tel: (416) 780-0324 Fax: (416) 780-0638
E-mail David A. Stein Memorial
Web: www.benjamins.ca/Static/foundation/default.htm

Bravo!FACT presents:

A Tribute to Filmmaker David A. Stein (1970-2004)

Wednesday February 2, 7:30pm
Bravo! Television Network (Rogers channel 40 in Toronto)
Featuring David’s four Bravo!FACT-funded short films:

Needle and Tread (1998)
David’s tribute to the history of Toronto’s shmatte trade, and to his beloved Bubbie Ruth Stein. Recounting her days as an immigrant seamstress in Toronto sweatshops, Bubbie’s current life is juxtaposed with that of present-day immigrant garment workers from Asia. Set to Yiddish music with Adrienne Cooper.

At The Exhibition (1999)
Painting, movement, and spoken word collide in this expressionistic piece featuring well-known Canadian actress Sheila McCarthy, acclaimed Israeli cellist Rivka Golani, and the poetry of Shula Robin.

Soup (2001)
A filmic sonnet set in the early morning hours in a subway station, Soup explores lost love, chance meetings, and the micro-moments that make up everyday life. Featuring Lazar, Miranda Kwok, Brian Katz, and music composed by Eric Stein, performed by Beyond the Pale. Try to spot David’s Hitchcockian cameo.

KhasenJah: The Jamaican-Jewish Wedding (2003)
A mixed marriage between a nice Jewish boy and an equally nice Jamaican girl begins as a tense duel of cultures before evolving into a joyous celebration of love, life, and diversity. Featuring the music of Beyond the Pale, with choreography by Allen Kaeja and David Smith, and Michael Alpert as the badkhn.

Those who cannot tune in Canadian TV or catch the broadcast can view these films on the Bravo!FACT website: www.bravofact.com (search "David Stein" under "Find Shorts")

Or, here’s the direct URL


I only found out about David's passing today via the newspaper. I am deeply saddened. I had the priviledge of working with David in 2001 as an editor for a wacky TV series called "Game Attics" and enjoyed my time with him immensly. Bob Doughty.

Thank you for that memory, Bob.

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