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Maria Krupoves CD release, NYC, Feb 8

band photoSongs of Stateless Peoples

Maria Krupoves Trio
Tuesday, February 08, 2005 @ 7pm
Admission $12
The temple of world music
37 West 26th St.
New York, NY [6th & Broadway]

Dr. Maria Krupoves, vocal artist and folklorist, is internationally acclaimed as a singer and interpreter of the folksongs of Central and Eastern Europe, especially those of her native Vilnius. She has traveled extensively to find songs in Yiddish, Polish, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Gypsy (Roma), Karaim, Tatar, and other languages. Multilingual herself, she sings her entire repertory in the original languages.

Recently the Maria Krupoves Trio recorded a new CD, "Without a Country." Joining her were Joey Weisenberg (mandolin) and Travis DiRuzza (bass), both from New York City. The album presents songs of European stateless peoples in 8 languages: Yiddish, Ashkenazic Hebrew, Ladino, Karaim, Tatar, Roma (Gypsy), Russian (Russian Old Believers) and Belarusian. This concert will be its New York record release.

"Maria Krupoves sings each language, and portrays each culture as though she was born into it. She is a gifted and charismatic performer."
— Moishe Rosenfeld, President of Golden Land Concerts

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