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4th Helsinki Klezmer Festival, Mar 31 - Apr 2

The fourth Annual Helsinki Klezmer Festival at the Savory Theatre offers a versatile program. Concerts start each night at 17:30.

Der Mames Klezmorim, Finland
Freilach Mit Kneidlach, Finland
Visiting artists
HILLEL TOKAZIER, vocals, piano
DANIEL KATZ, clarinet

For further information: www.klezmeryhdistys.com

The Helsinki Klezmer Festival, the festival of Jewish folk music or klezmer music will take place for the fourth time in Finland. The objective of the festival is to make klezmer music known and to give people an opportunity to get acquainted with one of Europe’s most interesting cultural traditions. Klezmer music dates back to medieval Europe where East European musicians traveled from town to town playing at weddings and other festivities. By the end of the 19th century klezmer music had become a far-developed style of music influenced by Jewish culture and other cultures, too.

Nowadays klezmer music is played all over the world, mainly however, in Europe and the United States of America. It is also being influenced by other music styles, such as jazz and pop music. Yet, it is important for the preservation and continuation of the style that there are bands which strive to search for the origin of the music and to keep it as authentic as possible. The original music will not bring back the cultural community which lived in Eastern Europe, but it will give the listeners an opprtunity to get an understanding of that community's way of life.

For this year's festival invitation was extended to Slavic klezmer bands in countries where the music came about.

One of the surprise names is Daniel Katz, a well know Finnish author, who will play the clarinet at the festival. Collaboration with Daniel began last summer at his son's wedding where he played together with Freilach mit Kneidlach band.

In addition to the concerts the festival will this year offer a course in Jewish folk dancing. Mr Simo Muir will give a lecture on Jewish popular music in Helsinki 1850-1950 and about theatre in Yiddish and revues in Helsinki between the world wars.

In cooperation with the Sibelius Academy master courses in klezmer music will be offered. Also, every evening after the concert the night will continue with klezmer jazz sessions.

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