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Prof. Martin Schwartz, London, UK, Jun 22

You are invited to attend a talk by
Prof. Martin Schwartz of the University of California on the topic of

DATE: 6.00pm on Wednesday 22 June 2005
VENUE: Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG
ADMISSION: Admission free. Open to all interested parties. A collection will be taken.

RESERVATIONS: All places must be reserved in advance. Please E-mail Ed Emery.

Professor Schwartz is a long-standing collector of Greek, Turkish and traditional klezmer music. In this fascinating talk he will examine the common musical heritage to be found in Greek music and klezmer music. He will introduce musical examples from early/archival recordings of rebetika and demotika, and klezmer instrumentals and Yiddish vocal music, arranged into various categories and discussed in a historical context.

This is a sampling of the results of an innovative research project that Professor Schwartz has been pursuing for over 35 years.

Martin Schwartz has been a seminal figure both in the international revival of klezmer music and in North American interest in rebetika. We are delighted to have enticed him to this side of the Atlantic to give this lecture.

His publications on music include the following collections:

  • Klezmer Music: Early Yiddish Instrumental Music, The First Recordings, 1910-1927, From the Collection of M. Schwartz. Edited by Professor Martin Schwartz and Chris Strachwitz. [1983 ] (Arhoolie-) Folkloric Records, LP/Cassette 9034. 3 pages of annotations.
  • Greek-Oriental (Smyrnaic-Rebetic) Songs and Dances, 1925-1935, From The Collection of M. Schwartz. Edited by Professor Martin Schwartz and Chris Strachwitz. (Arhoolie-) Folkloric LP 9033. 3 pages of annotations.
  • Greek-Oriental Rebetica: Songs and Dances in the Asia Minor Style, 1911-1937. (Arhoolie-) Folkloric CD/Cassette. (Some selections repeated from 1983 LP above, with substantial expansion of material, and new 24- page booklet of history, personnel notes, literal and poetic translations by M.S.) [1990]
  • Yikhes: Fruehe Klezmer Aufnahmen aus der Sammlung von Prof. Martin Schwartz. Trikont (Germany) CD US 0179 (with contributions to 25-page booklet; selections reproduced for the first time).
  • Klezmer Music: Early Yiddish Instrumental Music, 1908-1927, From the Collection of Dr. Martin Schwartz. With (22 pp. of) annotation by Martin Schwartz. Arhoolie-Folkloric CD 7034. [1997]

This seminar is a joint venture by the Institute of Rebetology [London] and the Jewish Music Institute [SOAS], as part of the Rebetiko Summer School (SOAS, 22-25 June 2006).

It is organised in partnership with "Greece in Britain" (www.greeceinbritain.org.uk), a nationwide series of events presented by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture.

Article about Prof. Schwartz: www.berkeley.edu/news/berkeleyan/2003/03/12_klez.shtml

Website: www.geocities.com/Rebetology

Inquiries: E-mail Ed Emery.

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