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NYJM&HF: An Adventure to Little Odessa: Russian Music Experience, Brooklyn, NY, Sep 18

Jewish music and heritage festival
Sunday, September 18th
Pravda / Brighton Beach
Pravda is located at 281 Lafayette St.
An Adventure to Little Odessa: Russian Music Experience
$80 per person includes bus pass, dinner & entertainment, and lots of vodka
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New York, it seems, has become the world's virtual Jewish Epcot center. Within a 20 minute or less bus or subway ride you can experience many different forms of Jewish culture and heritage. Join us as we explore one of these Jewish subcultures as we take a trek to Brighton Beach — a bus ride into another Jewish cultural dimension. Brighton Beach inspires sympathetic nostalgia for regions its current residents left behind — whether last century's immigrants branching out from Manhattan or Ukrainian and Russian Jews escaping anti-Semitism in their home countries.

Let's explore this area rich in culture from years of cultural preservation through strong beliefs in creating a tight-knit community. The neighborhood is also called Little Odessa, after the Russian city on the Black Sea. It's been labeled as New York's last true homage to the old world. Spending some time in the old neighborhood can be daunting and confusing as it is not exactly a pure and uncomplicated experience, with its borscht, babushkas, and blini not to mention the strange syllables and unusual alphabet scrawlings. We are going to demystify this little slice of Russia for you as you join us on the first annual Field trip to "Moscow and the Hudson."

On our trip to Brighton Beach we will discuss some of the importance of Russian Jewish and Yiddish Culture on music, as well as give you a brief history of Russian Music. We will be partaking in some classical Russian beverages (VODKA) and enjoying a performance of Russian Jewish or Yiddish inspired music. Our trip to a Russian Supper Club will immerse you in Russian Culture, music and food. Space is limited, the vodka is not.

The event will begin at Pravda with a Vodka toast and musical performance. We will arrive at Brighton Beach's Taitiana Supper Club after the bus ride and discussion to enjoy more music, food and, of course, vodka!

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