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NYJM&HF: Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar, NYC, Sep 18

Jewish music and heritage festival
nalagaatThursday, September 18th
Eldridge Street Synagogue
12 Eldridge St. @ Canal
Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar
Adults $18 / Seniors & Students $15 -
Tickets or call 212.608.0555

Nalaga’at (Do Touch)
A stage for the deaf blind

Presented in association with F.E.G.S.


Greg Sqared - Clarinet & Sax
Matthew Fass - Accordion
Joey Weisenberg - Mandolin
Timothy Quigley - Percussion

Called "Rollicking!" "Rousing!" & "Rowdy!" by the NY-area media, The Zagnut Orkestar is a Brooklyn-based Balkan brass band that plays uptempo and soulful Jewish music as well as the music of the Roma (gypsy), Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian, Greek and Bulgarian people of Eastern Europe. They capture the sound of a Balkan village band walking from the groom's house to the bride's house on a warm afternoon in summer, gathering the guests along the way for the ceremony and the party afterward, playing music that is celebratory, uplifting and stirring. Bandleader Matthew Fass has travelled extensively throughout the Balkans and has collected tunes for this very special concert that will give listeners a taste of the musical life of the Balkans. Come enjoy it in a very special wine cellar setting of the Eldridge Street Synagogue.

The Zagnut Orkestar has appeared at the Brooklyn Library, the Brooklyn Museum, the Queens Library and has played for capacity crowds at New York bars and restaurants like Cafe Barbes, North Six, the Bowery Poetry Club, Cafe Moto, and Tagine; at weddings and parties; and for folk dancers at Zlatne Uste's Golden Festival, and Hungarian House, a cultural center that hosts events sponsored by the New York City Folkdance.

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